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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Panzergrenadiers and Grenadiers vs Strelkovy and IS-2s

Luke and I decided to kill several birds with one stone: play Luke's first Version 3 game, try a new mission, and give a shake down for a possible Cold Wars doubles list.

Thus, Luke would be running 2 soviet lists: Guards Strelkovy and Guards IS-2s. I ran a Panzergrenadier unit and regular Grenadiers.

The mission was Pincer- which is new in Version 3. It's essentially a No Retreat, except the defender's reserves are delayed.

*The Ruins & Roads are JR Miniatures
*The dark green hill was made by Luke
*The new shell crates are courtesy of Ron Bingham- they look awesome Ron!

*Most of the miniatures are Battlefront
*Except the IS-2s which are Game Models

Steven's Panzergrenadiers & Grenadiers
  • Panzergrenadier HQ (2x Panzerfausts)
  • Panzergrenadier Platoon w/ Panzerfaust
  • Panzergrenadier Platoon w/ Panzerfaust
  • 3x Panthers
  • 3x Pak 40s
  • Grenadier HQ (1x Panzerfaust)
  • 2x HQ Mortars + 2iC
  • Grenadier Platoon w/ Panzerfaust
  • Grenadier Platoon w/ Panzerfaust
  • 4x Marder III M
  • Sporadic HS-129B3
Luke's Strelkovy and Heavy Tanks
  • Guard sStrelkovy HQ + Sappers w/ Wagon
  • 2 Platoon Guards Strelkovy w/ komissar
  • 1 Platoon Guards Strelkovy w/ komissar
  • Scouts w/ 1 section
  • 3x AAA Gun trucks (proxied... ewww...)
  • 2x Flame Throwers
  • Guards Heavy Tank HQ: 1 IS-2 w/ .50 cal and tank escort
  • 4x IS-2s w/ .50 cal
  • 3x IS-2s w/ .50 cal


The board setup. I start with Panthers, Pak 40s, Panzergrenadiers, and Grenadiers on the board. Panthers in ambush.

The German defensive positions.

The Horde!


More IS-2s

Post Infiltration. Wow. I am now facing 23 fearless infantry stands w/ 2 flame throwers ready to crash into my lines. Ouch!

This is a terrible sight...

... And then I roll a 6. I get to go first! Luke's plans are foiled! Oh man. Could not believe it.

Steven's Panzergrenadiers & Grenadiers
  • Panzergrenadiers
  • Grenadiers
  • Marders
  • HQ Mortars
Luke's Strelkovy and Heavy Tanks

    Steven's Panzergrenadiers & Grenadiers: I started with Panzergrenadiers and Pak 40s holding my forward left objective. Grenadiers deploy in the center and Panthers are put in ambush ready to react.

    Luke's Strelkovy and Heavy Tanks: Flame throwers and Sappers are attached to the big Strelkovy blob and infiltrated. Ow!

    TURN 1

    And wouldn't you know- 3 planes show up!

    Panthers spring the ambush and drive forward ready to help hold the line and foil Luke's massive Strelkovy blob.

    Planes tear into the Strelkovy!

    IS-2s knock out a Panther! The Strelkovy blob has to go for it, so they charge forward! Only one flame thrower remains, but it's ready to squirt!

    The assault is launched! But the combination of ROF 2 MG teams and the 2 Panthers is enough to barely stop the assault.

    Steven's Panzergrenadiers & Grenadiers
    • Panthers: 1 tank
    • Pak 40s: 1 gun
    • Panzergrenadiers: 2 stands
    Luke's Strelkovy and Heavy Tanks
    • Huge Strelkovy Blob: 9 stands

    Steven's Panzergrenadiers & Grenadiers: We happen to get the first turn, and have no choice but to open up on the huge Strelkovy Blob!

    Luke's Strelkovy and Heavy Tanks: IS-2s move up and take pot shots on the Panthers, luckily scoring a kill! The Strelkovy tries to launch an assault, but is just barely stopped.

    TURN 2

    Turn 2 dawns.

    Planes arrive again, but their targets are limited. They risk flying near the AA guns to go for IS-2s.

    Panzergrenadiers and Panthers open up on the Strelkovy.

    The strelkovy roll with the punches, but they suffer extreme casualties.

    Pak 40s knock out an IS-2.

    Despite being flying tanks, the planes are shot down.

    Tanks and infantry keep coming!

    Steven's Panzergrenadiers & Grenadiers
    • Panthers: 1 tank
    • Pak 40s: 1 gun
    • Panzergrenadiers: 2 stands
    Luke's Strelkovy and Heavy Tanks
    • Huge Strelkovy Blob: 12 stands
    • Big IS-2 Platoon: 1 tank

    Steven's Panzergrenadiers & Grenadiers: Not much to do for the Panzergrenadiers but keep shooting!

    Luke's Strelkovy and Heavy Tanks: Everything drives forward, but the math doesn't support Luke being able to launch a good assault.

    TURN 3

    The Strelkovy advance has been stalled and they've been whittled down, but hangin on.

    Marder IIIs arrive from reserve- and since they can arrive from the flanks they arrive on the side of the small IS-2 platoon! I take a risk here, but feel confident.

    Grenadiers move to threaten the IS-2s from within the ruins.

    The Marders only manage to knock out 1 IS-2.

    Panthers open up on the IS-2s at range and knock out another.

    Panzergrenadiers keep pumping fire into the Strelkovy.

    Pak 40s open up on the IS-2s. They force a check and the Company Commander gets caught up in the retreat!

    The Strelkovy are a shell of their former majesty.

    IS-2s pull back and fire their .50 cals wildly into the Marders!

    One Marder goes up in smoke.

    Steven's Panzergrenadiers & Grenadiers
    • Panthers: 1 tank
    • Pak 40s: 1 gun
    • Panzergrenadiers: 2 stands
    • Marders: 1 tank hunter
    Luke's Strelkovy and Heavy Tanks
    • Huge Strelkovy Blob: 15 stands
    • Large IS-2 Platoon: DESTROYED
    • Small IS-2 Platoon: 1 tank

    Steven's Panzergrenadiers & Grenadiers: On the left flank more fire is poured into the Strelkovy. Pak 40s see off 3 IS-2s, including the company command. On the right Marders arrive and knock out an IS-2.

    Luke's Strelkovy and Heavy Tanks: IS-2s on the right flank pull back and knock out a Marder.

    TURN 4

    Top of 4.

    Marders pull back into the tree line as Grenadier move up behind to support them.

    1 IS-2 gets knocked out! A single IS-2 remains.

    Panthers come out with MGs blazing. Combined with fire from the MG teams, the Strelkovy is whittled down.

    Panthers come out determined to finish off the large Strelkovy!

    The Scouts are also assaulted as they were within 8".

    Only the Strelkovy Battalion Commander survives from the huge block of Strelkovy!

    But in the end both the Strelkovy AND the Scouts are wiped out.

    The AA trucks, IS-2s, and Strelkovy surge forward- Luke is determined to earn a point!

    1 Marder is destroyed and another bailed. The Strelkovy assault! The Grenadiers counter and the fight is on!

    The Strelkovy keep coming! The Grenadiers break off, and the Marders are destroyed.

    Steven's Panzergrenadiers & Grenadiers
    • Panthers: 1 tank
    • Pak 40s: 1 gun
    • Panzergrenadiers: 2 stands
    • Marders: DESTROYED
    • Grenadiers: 1 stand
    Luke's Strelkovy and Heavy Tanks
    • Huge Strelkovy Blob: DESTROYED
    • Large IS-2 Platoon: DESTROYED
    • Small IS-2 Platoon: 2 tanks
    • Scouts: DESTROYED

    Steven's Panzergrenadiers & Grenadiers: The Panthers roll out and eliminate the Strelkovy and the
    Scouts. Marders and Grenadiers consolidate and knock out an IS-2.

    Luke's Strelkovy and Heavy Tanks: Luke's clearly in dire straits now, and doggedly goes after the Marders in an attempt to score a point. He succeeds.

    TURN 5

    The situation at the end of the game.

    I truly think this game truly came down to that first die roll when I rolled a 6 and got the first turn. Had Luke been able to slam into my position on turn 1 with 2 flame throwers paving the way, and then launch an assault with 23 teams, I would have had a nearly impossible task of holding that forward objective. Once I was able to have the Panthers there providing an additional 12 dice of MGs, it made assaulting me no longer an option.

    Bottom line- I won this one by luck! But the V3 rules went very smoothly- we only had to look up a handful of rules and the assault rules weren't one of them!

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    zsavk said...

    Nice work guys! These AARs are like reading a comic book! Love them. Can I ask what kind of Camera you are using?

    LTC. J. Hatfield said...

    I love these multi-army battles where massive hoards assault each other en masse.

    jmezz382 said...

    Motherland's finest gave all ... nice AAR

    SinSynn said...

    heh heh heh.
    Die, rotten commies.

    Chevalier de la Terre said...

    Epic report.


    eviltediz43 said...

    Magnificent report! I was waiting for the first good one on version 3. Always love repelling assaults in a threadbare position with interlocking tanks as well. Well done.

    indierockclimber said...

    Zsavk- iPhone 4S

    Thanks everyone!

    jmilesr said...

    Great battle report

    I'm looking forward to my first game of version 3!

    zed said...

    Nice report of a good looking game. What size table are you playing on?

    wargamerabbit said...

    Excellent reporting. Been reading them for the last 6 months...just keep getting better. I expect soon to read turn "at the moment commentary" from the players in audio or better yet from the "miniatures" themselves at ground level viewing.....

    Michael aka WR

    Luke said...

    Steve failed to mention I made a critical error in my initial infiltration. i should have not only kept my unit in cover, but should have kept it completely out of line of sight just in case the infiltration failed. I would have only lost 3 stands from air.
    Even with my failed assault he only pinned me with two extra shots. Having two flamethrowers should have got me over the hump on dice and I would have had more infantry to shoot and swing.
    We actually calculated the initial shots had the infiltration gone off and he would have only had 9 total shots. That was really a heartbreaker. Another mistake was that i invested so much of my energy into the assault on my right flank I did not move the other group of infantry and IS-2s on my left. I definately should have put them in a better position to threaten the objective sooner.
    Steve played extremely well and did everything he should have done. Ultimately I could have erformed better with a little forethought, but I just put too much confidence that the infiltration would work.
    Again, I was ready to punch him in the ding ding when he rolled that six. So the moral of the stoy is never anger the dice gods! :)

    indierockclimber said...

    @Zed- 6'x4'

    @WR- perhaps someday! I play too many battles to spend that much time on AARS! Glad you're enjoying them!

    @Luke- yeah, that cost you 3 teams which isn't a big deal really EXCEPT one of those teams was a flame thrower!

    minutiaeofwar said...

    Hans do you hear something? Oh mein gott...
    The blob looked crazy scary. The whole south centre of the battlefield must have been piles of dead. What you don't get concealment for being behind a corpse stack? Don't mind Mr Morbid here, great battle report and AAR as always. Looking forward to more.
    PS. Still having that issue with the yellow intro section being covered by the ads and items on the right hand side. I had to copy the text into notepad to read it. Firefox 10.0.1

    Bcorpswriter said...

    Great report. As a side note, Luke should not have been able to put both FTs in the same strelkovy. In V3 you must allocate attachments evenly (not incl. HQ attachments).

    Enageotte said...

    Great job and looked nice as usual, although as a German player I was a bit nervous seeing that massive commie horde coming across you in the field. (was that a Crop Field?)

    I am not sure about the measurements or the angle, but in looking at the pictures and under the new rules, on Turn 2 when your planes came on again, could you not have come in on the flank of Tank 323 and perhaps been out of range of some or all of the AA guns?

    indierockclimber said...

    @Bcorps- yep we learned that one next game! Ouch!

    @Enageotte- that was my first placement, but I couldn't get the stand out of 16" from my frontline troops.

    @minutiae- grrrr I tried to fix it again, but if the issue remains I may just rewrite that section of batrepper and remove the cool colored table. No idea why it's having issues, but Blogger seems to frequently change what it does to html. If I write the post in pure html format, it auto-changes some things and evidently it's not always for the best!

    AMX said...

    Regarding the formatting issue:
    Both IE9 and IE8 display the page correctly if Compatibility Mode is activated.

    I'm pretty sure the problem is the image in the yellow box - it's the only one that does not have style="width: 100%;" and it's the only one that gets rendered at its actual size (all other images are scaled down to fit into table)

    indierockclimber said...

    Strange, CSS is supposed to cap images and normally does. I tried resizing it- that do any better?

    I really appreciate the help! Shoot me an e-mail and I'll hook you up with a free episode of After Hours of your choosing!

    Mwnciboo said...

    I love your Pizza markers, so many from that Strelkovy. Panthers vs IS-2's is always an interesting match up, suprised at the marders not killing more hitting the Side Armour of the IS-2's but sometimes the dice are unco-operative.

    minutiaeofwar said...

    All good now Steve

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