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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

How To: Use the Battle Recorder in WOT

Many people have asked about using the "Battle Recorder" that was recently implemented into World of Tanks. As a note, only users that experience relatively decent frames per second, subjective to the individual user, should enable this open. While most experience no noticeable drop in performance, a select few feel as though it may effect their game client's performance to varying degrees.

The Battle Recorder by default is disabled, and so to enable the recorder, on must open their Game Menu, select Settings, and then from the Game tab in the Settings Menu, check the "Enable battle recording" option. After this, click Apply and then OK; from this point on all games that are played will be saved to your computer.

The replay files are all saved as a proprietary file type with the extension ".wotreplay". These files typical will take up anywhere from a few hundred KB to a single MB of storage space, and so are relatively small. These files are always stored in the World of Tank directory, under the "replays" sub-directory (Typically: C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\replays).

To view a replay, the World of Tanks client must be closed. Simply double click to open any replay that you wish to view and a new Wold of Tanks client instance will be opened for the selected replay. In order to determine which replay you are wanting to view, all files are stored in the format of yyymmdd_time_nationality-tank_map. Once opened, the replay will load and the game as seen by the "saving replay player" will be shown. A list of limited controls of the replay are given at the very beginning of the replay, and at the end one must exit the client to either view another or resume playing World of Tanks.

Take what you may learn from viewing your replays, and those of others as guidance to help improve your play style, viewing of combat footage has helped pilots improve for future missions since the first cameras were placed in planes, so why shouldn't you do the same thing? Review your replays to see where you excelled and where you may have come up short in order to improve yourself for future matches.

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