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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

German Grenadiers vs British Infantry in the Bocage!

Jon and I got together for a game, and wanted to try out some of the new artillery rules for V3.  We also wanted to get back in the thick of the bocage.  While the game was fun, and the dice rolls were all tense- the action doesn't come across quite as well in the photos.  I started writing a traditional battle report, but lost interest in keeping track of each individual loss since really the battle was so static.  So here's a quick summary followed by a picture dump!

My List:

Jon's List:

As always, thanks to

 The mission we rolled was the new "Counter Attack".  As this mission meant I had to deploy using mobile reserves, I only had to put my Stugs in reserve.  The nature of the battle and the heavy terrain meant the Stugs had a slim chance of seeing any action!

I got to deploy everything else on the board- so we held the objective in my deployment zone with 105s, a unit of infantry, a unit of infantry with attached HMGs and Panzerschreck, Panzerwerfers, and Pak 40s.  The Pioneers were placed in ambush after utilizing their wagon to lay some wire.

A second platoon of infantry with HMGs were prepared to move laterally to my left to cover the "far" objective.  Jon began with everything on the board- most of his troops deployed just back from the edge of the Bocage so I couldn't see them.  His plan was to blow the crap out of me with artillery and planes and then sweep up!

As we predicted, the battle really didn't reach a conclusion.  In hindsight, we probably should've followed the advice of playing on a 4'x4' table, but I was afraid that would just be too crowded.  Our artillery traded shots with Jon's obviously coming out on top.  In the end he started sending in his infantry, but he still had a hard fight on his hands.  Though this was a defensive battle, we just called it FUBAR and decided we had a good game, and that was that.

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