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Thursday, February 23, 2012

German Captured Armored Train

Choo Choo!
This project started as a review of Battlefront's new Battlefield in a Box Train Tracks and the Tank Hunter cars.  But of course, I am a wargamer.  That means my wargamer brain said "look- we already have the tracks, the tank hunter cars, and spare 38(t)s.  It just makes sense to buy the train!".  So I did.

Since this post was intended to be a review of the tank Hunter cars, I will get that done quickly- everything is very nice.  The large flat resin pieces were not warped, the casts were all crisp and clean, and everything fit together nicely.  And you can't argue with how cool it looks!  The wheels are the perfect size for the track, and the Panzer IV turret without zimmerett is very cool.  The spots for magnets are already drilled into the resin, and were a cinch to do!  In short- not a thing wrong with the model itself.  Clearly, it isn't a must own since I doubt every German player is champing at the bit to get a train... but if you have a train for your Grey Wolf forces (either the Polish one or the forthcoming BP44), you would not regret picking up this box!  19/19 Smoke Stacks

Originally, I was going to borrow a friend's airbrush to give this train the cool camo it deserves, but some complications lead me to decide to just do it my traditional way.  Besides, that fits more with my painting technique- sitting down for multiple short stints rather than one long stretch.  So I decided I would do it in solid Dunkelgelb (Vallejo Middlestone), but make it look old and worn out.  I used most of the techniques I practiced when painting my Imperial Guard Chimera.

Overall, I am happy with the way it turned out.  The assault car was a bit of a pain to get right, and still looks a bit... "wibbly", but it's close enough for me.  Painting it started off being a lot of fun, but by the end I was very happy to be done.

I had a few 38(T)s sitting around for my Early War guys that I hadn't gotten to yet, so I requisitioned 2 of them just to have every option.  I think 70 points is a good buy for 2 38(t)s in late war.  Plus, they count as an extra platoon to be put in reserve, leaving space to "front load" with better options, while ensuring you get TWO platoons for the price of one when you successfully roll reserves!

In game terms, I don't think it's *that* bad of a buy if you get a stripped down version.  The artillery cars are basically veteran 25 pounders, at a fairly reasonable cost.  Of course, this thing can't even survive the worst AT in Late War, so the train is definitely relegated to the back line.  Unfortunately, this can be problematic as the train is so large it can block reserves, or restrict your own fields of fire.

I'm curious if the AA machine guns will be any good at knocking down AOPs or Jabbos!

I'm not sure I'll ever really use the Assault Car since the platoon inside must start as passengers.  Seems like a good way to lose an entire platoon of infantry in one lucky shot.  

It may not see much table time, but it sure is a cool part of my collection!

At full strength (as pictured) with a platoon of Panzergrenadiers (not pictured)

The way I'll probably wind up taking it:

As always- thanks to Easy Army!

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