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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Arnhem Update: Some Buildings

This is just a quick update on Arnhem! I was lucky enough (annoying enough?) to convince our buddy Eric Lauterbach of the i95 gaming group to make me some of his very cool buildings. Eric sells a couple here and there, but mainly turns them out for the i95 tournaments. I told him I needed 'a few' (read: ~30!) and he foolishly agreed to make me some.

Well, I picked up a horde of them at a tournament last year and got started.
My plan is to get all the buildings painted up and then polish off the surrounding terrain.

TIP: If you have to fill in stuff with spackle, let it dry totally then go over it with a 50/50 mix of white glue and water. This will keep the spackle from chipping and falling off the model.


Rabid Monkey said...

Very cool! Do you have any ruins in the works? Do you know how he does the windows, are they scratch built or pre made?

zed said...

Very good. Are they solid casts?

Dirty Jon said...

@RB: I dont think he has any ruins. He makes everything, so I'm sure he made the windows.

@Zed: These come apart so that you can put guys inside.

Hatchitt said...

Very nice. How long did it take him to make them?

Eric said...

Your right Jon on the spackle I have been using liquid green stuff which works great but can get pricey. I should try your method.

We have made ruins but it requires modeling they are more pieces you add stuff to. Our big "block parties" are made out of them. Jon has never asked for those.

SinSynn said...

30 buildings?

That battlefield is gonna be epic!

Chuck M said...

I wish I had the opportunity to pick up buildings that awesome. I need to move to the i95 group.

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