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Sunday, January 8, 2012

WWPD News From the Front Episode 30

"Her Majesty's Version 3"

The dudes talk Version 3 with Battlefront's own Mike Haught!  Get the skinny here first, and get ready to wage war with an updated version of Flames of War!  The guys also discuss New Years Resolutions, upcoming events, Wargames, Soldiers, and Strategy magazine, and continue drooling over Red Bear and Grey Wolf. 

  • 0:00 - Intro/General chat/What we have coming up
  • 0:26 - Mike Haught From Battlefront Miniatures Interview
  • 0:53 - The Version 3 Discussion
  • 1:31 - New Years Resolutions 
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CGR Painters

We had an awesome opportunity to chat with Mike for a long time after the interview.   Our lips are sealed on that top secret discussion, but trust me when I say V3 is going to be awesome!


cbaxter said...

oh sweet mother this is going to be awesome!

vincent clive said...

Well I'm glad that I get up early for work! Downloading now :D

Hein said...

Thanks for a new episode.

Jester_prince said...

Awesome episode guys well worth the wait! All I could think of when Mike was talking about that surrounded mission was Winters in Band of Brothers

"were paratroopers lutenant were supposed to be surrounded"

Really looking forward to seeing whats happened to assault now, sounds like they made a special effort to get it to work.

Luke said...

I'm going to be usting off the old recon company

pudson said...

Here's hoping the infantry love works.

relaxed dave said...

Wow, these rules changes sound awesome. Seems that most of the cheese has gone

Hein said...

Thanks for the podcast.

Hpt.Hamma said...

Great podcast, thanks for getting the rules teasers out there. I'm sure that there will be other issues introduced but it really sounds like they are cleaning things up and tying up loose ends.
One thing I have to say is that bailing out to a flamethrower sounds, in reality, sounds like sheer madness. "Let me get out of here and take a 1000 degree burn to my face, that's better than staying in this tank". I would fire up those engines and get my roll on...

Anatoli said...

Superb episode guys, I saved listening to this one until I was healthy enough to paint again. It was well worth it :-D

Keep up the great work!

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