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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Top Five Mid War Tanks

5) The Churchill:  Probably the FoW fan-favorite MW Allied tank, the Churchill is much sturdier than a Sherman with a comparable gun.  In an environment that favors German tanks so heavily, British players can rejoice in a behemoth of their own.  Still, the Churchill suffers from the usual problems of Infantry tanks:  it's slow and it's expensive.

4) The T-34: The T-34 sports good armor and a decent AT 9 gun, but its real strengths lie in its numbers and its mobility. As a fast tank with wide tracks, it can close quickly with the enemy for assaults or close range fire. But at either Conscript or Trained, don’t expect it to live for very long.
3) The Tiger: The early Tiger is largely invulnerable to MW allied AT weaponry. Its AT 13 main gun will cut through any allied armor like a fist through cheese whiz. On the other hand, it is ludicrously expensive and prone to breakdowns. Plus, you’ll never be able to take them in quantities to defend against infantry assaults.
2) The Stuart: Statistically, the Stuart is a bit of poo. Weak armor and a weak gun: why take one? Because sometimes all you need is a tank, and the Stuart is cheap and fast. Its AT 7 pop gun can still hurt most German tanks on the side armor, it can machine-gun infantry, and blast guns out of their holes. And it assaults just as well as a Panther. TA 1 is TA 1.

1) The Panzer IV F2: The Panzer IV F2 sports a really excellent AT 11 gun, but it does not pay the price premium that later models pay for FA 6. As a sniper tank, it is almost unsurpassed. Keep them at distance and kill any number of Shermans you want.

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