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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Top Five Mid War Tanks

5) The Churchill:  Probably the FoW fan-favorite MW Allied tank, the Churchill is much sturdier than a Sherman with a comparable gun.  In an environment that favors German tanks so heavily, British players can rejoice in a behemoth of their own.  Still, the Churchill suffers from the usual problems of Infantry tanks:  it's slow and it's expensive.

4) The T-34: The T-34 sports good armor and a decent AT 9 gun, but its real strengths lie in its numbers and its mobility. As a fast tank with wide tracks, it can close quickly with the enemy for assaults or close range fire. But at either Conscript or Trained, don’t expect it to live for very long.
3) The Tiger: The early Tiger is largely invulnerable to MW allied AT weaponry. Its AT 13 main gun will cut through any allied armor like a fist through cheese whiz. On the other hand, it is ludicrously expensive and prone to breakdowns. Plus, you’ll never be able to take them in quantities to defend against infantry assaults.
2) The Stuart: Statistically, the Stuart is a bit of poo. Weak armor and a weak gun: why take one? Because sometimes all you need is a tank, and the Stuart is cheap and fast. Its AT 7 pop gun can still hurt most German tanks on the side armor, it can machine-gun infantry, and blast guns out of their holes. And it assaults just as well as a Panther. TA 1 is TA 1.

1) The Panzer IV F2: The Panzer IV F2 sports a really excellent AT 11 gun, but it does not pay the price premium that later models pay for FA 6. As a sniper tank, it is almost unsurpassed. Keep them at distance and kill any number of Shermans you want.


Tyler said...

Excellent list. Almost no one plays Mid War at my flgs but I'm hoping to get more involved in the period as it seems like a ton of fun. What are the best variants of the Panzer III?

Phillip said...

Where's the T70? the ultimate anti-infantry tank?

Phillip said...

Pz IIIN 110pts/ a tank, by far the best german medium all purpose tank in MW

cbaxter said...

I love me some Panzer III too

minutiaeofwar said...

I seem to be noticing a trend in the top pick ;) I also was a little surprised that the Panzer IIIN didn't get a mention.
I really do like the look of the F2 model, that combined with the enormous range of camo schemes that it came in.
I am liking this new, informative, style of posts.

indierockclimber said...

Tom has a love for the Panzer IV :)

Personally, I think the Tiger shouldn't be on here- it's just too damn expensive. But that's what's good about these types of posts- it can spark discussion!

Eric said...

De Mayo is in the pocket of "Big Tiger"!!! Where is the Sherman? It rocks mid-war!

Sherman for Preisdent 1943!

indierockclimber said...

haha. I saw an early draft of this- Tom had the Sherman in, but replaced it with the Churchill :)

Tom "Mad Dog" de Mayo loves a big tank.

Uriah said...

I'm glad to see the Churchill in the list, if the Tiger makes it, the Churchill definitely should.

I agree, where is the Sherman? I would expect it over the Stuart. Perhaps you are comparing too many apples(Heavies like the Churchill & Tiger) with oranges(Medium tanks like the Sherman & T-34) with cherries(Light tanks like the Stuart & T-70)?

WEBGriffin said...

Can't. Help. It. Must. Reply.

First, agree with the Panzer IV. I absolutely think this tank just doesn't get the love it should.

Second, disagree on the Sherman. It should be on the list. In mid-war, the Sherman shines as a tank.

Third - when you drop in the heavies, then you get a skewed result. Sure, the Tiger is a great tank - just look at the stats. But when you count the cost, ouch.

Fourth - The Grant / Lee is getting a bit of love in our neck of the woods. Most people just move right over it in the arsenal, but as the great Rafiki told Simba "look again..."

Tom de Mayo said...

I hesitated over the Sherman. Statistically, it is a pretty good tank in MW. It has FA equal or better than most German tanks, and its longer-ranged AT gun gives it a superiority over the Panzer III series. It didn't make my final cut because, in MW, they are a bit pricey for their life expectancy. They die horribly to IVf2s, the various Marders, Tigers, and even 88s. Now, if you know you are going to face mostly Italian tanks or Panzer IIIs, they can dominate the battlefield. But if the Germans bring any of their AT 11+ guns (of which they have lots) the Shermans are doomed.

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