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Monday, January 16, 2012

Top Five Late War Medium Tanks

5) The Cromwell: Ok, so it’s basically a Sherman – FA 6, AT 10, FP 3+ gun but it is a light tank, so it moves 16” at a time. Cromwells are great at concentrating force and flanking the enemy for side shots. Depending on the list you chose, you can buy it at C/T, C/V, F/V, or (my favorite) R/V. Plus, it has that beautifully ugly British look. Giant rivets! Boxy turret! Like Dalek with treads. Exterminate!

4) The Firefly: By Late War, the Sherman 75 had become a bit of crap. Both the US and the British tried upgrading the main gun. The British 17 pdr armed "Firefly" was the best of these variants. With AT 13, it can kill just about any German tank. On the downside, you can only take them in mixed platoons, and, meh, it's still a Sherman hull.

3) Panther: The Panther was officially classed as a Medium Tank, despite its size. Its front armor renders it largely invulnerable to allied tanks, and its AT 14 main gun will punch through almost any armor. Against many opponents, the Panther isn’t just better, it’s superior. It only ranks as #3 though, because of its high point cost and a number of minor annoyances – weak side armor, merely normal top armor, and lack of Protected Ammo.

2) T-34/85: The upgraded Soviet medium boasts a bit thicker armor (7 FA) and a much heavier gun (AT 12) than its mainstay counterpart. Granted, it suffers from Hen and Chicks, but you can buy it cheaply and in ludicrous quantities. Tank escorts make it even better.

1) Panzer IVH: The Panzer IVH almost perfectly balances cost and effectiveness. At just about every level, it surpasses its Allied counterpart, the Sherman. They have the same FA, but the Panzer IV sports a notably better gun (AT 11). It has shürtzen to protect against bazooka fire, Protected Ammo to remount after being bailed, and best of all, like all German tanks, it can Stormtrooper. Only its SA is inferior to the Sherman.  Who cares?

What do you guys think?  What tanks were left off the list?  How would you order them?


Joey Carbone said...

Switch 2 and 3 and you've nailed it.

Tyler said...

Sherman 76s are incredible as well, though I don't know if they rank top 5 (maybe #6?)

SinSynn said...

Panthers are overpriced for a tank with side armor 5- even more so since you have to buy 3.

Tigers are a better value with side armor 8.
When faced with allied tanks, there will almost always be too many to shoot, and some will get flank shots.
It's virtually inevitable.
I'd rather have a tank that can survive that kind of attention.
Plus, I can by two if I need them.
Tiger ace skills are just gravy.
Panthers are over rated.

And the Stug easily surpasses the Panzer IV.
Even with a 5 point decrease in points in Grey Wolf, and the wacky new turret rules that are coming, an extra pip of front armor is an extra pip of front armor.
Stug wins....for now.

This was clearly written by an allied player.
Tigers and Stugs oh my!

indierockclimber said...

oh you must be in the wrong place :P Those belong in the top 5 heavy tanks and top 5 assault gun threads! :)

Chevalier de la Terre said...

Pretty much my thoughts as well...though I'd rate the T-34/85 above the Panther for better all-round ability, especially considering cost. One-on-one the Panther might come out on top, but then, I never fight one-on-one...

Tiger I in LW: jack of all trades, master of none. I still like them, but there are better options IMO. I want to try the new Hungarian Tiger list especially.


Retro said...

Stug is an assault gun, not a medium tank, and therefore not eligible. Same with the tiger (heavy tank).

Joyous_Oblivion said...

Another vote for the Sherman 76. FA 7, AT 12 (and stabs) make it a pretty fearsome counterpart to the #1 tank on the list. Yeah, the FA isn't great but it's about the best the allies had for this size.

Not sure why it wouldnt be right up there with the Panzer IVH.

pudson said...

Pz.IV at the top of a "best" list.

Trolololololololololololol De Mayo.

indierockclimber said...

Hey now- while I agree that Sherman 76 should be up there (such a phenomenal tank), I agree that the Panzer IV H is just a good solid reliable workhorse.

I've won a few tournaments with a Panzer IV list! Don't underestimate the German Sherman!

Colonel Saber said...

Do not forget that the Cromwell has protected ammo.

Tom de Mayo said...

Yeah, the Sherman 76 is a great tank. It's not on the list only because it is so similar to the T34/85 and the Firefly. I wanted some variety.

As for the Panzer IVH, I think I have killed more units with Panzer IVs than with any other model in the game. The Panzer IV is the German workhorse tank.

Samulus said...

I like that, 'the German Sherman', I can see it sticking as a nickname, at least with me.

SinSynn said...

Lol @ the Panther being classed as a medium.
Ah, silly- boy, did someone ever get that wrong!

And until Battlefront fixes the 'field of fire' rule, the Stug is as much of a 'medium tank' as the Panzer IV.
180 degree field of firee, where I can 'turn in the shooting step'?

Sorry, I think in 'game terms,' and 'historical definitions' do not concern me, as they have little to do with the actual game we're playing.

Since the Jag IV has the exact same stats (and cost) as a Stug, why bother calling it a tank hunter?
Oh, right...cuz it's in a separate column...

indierockclimber said...

I disagree on the stug vs the Panzer IV. That extra MG that's turret mounted has saved my bacon more than once. 1 front armor isn't all that great really- especially considering you're usually taking hits from AT 12. Vs AT 10- I agree it's better. But even an extra die of MG is worth it to me!

Now that the PzIV is a hair cheaper, it's even more attractive to me!

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