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Friday, January 20, 2012

Soviet Motorstrelkovy vs Finn Pioneers (Big Push)

Sean and I decided it was high time we played some Firestorm Bagration. Ultimately we expect it to take years to play through, but decided the payoff would be worth it!

We also decided we'd allow Sean's Finns to play a central role in the campaign- with German Firestorm troops being allowed to act as integral platoons (and not considered allies).

With that said, we kicked off the campaign and my soviets won the initiative! I immediately knew I had to attack Berezino- success there would mean Bykhov, Orsha, and Mogilev were all knocked out of supply.

Berezino is forested, and we decided to truly play up the terrain aspects of the campaign, and so went with heavy forests.

The mission wound up being The Big Push, which we found very appropriate.

Steven's Motorstrelkovy
  • HQ + 2iC + Battalion Komissar
  • Motorstrelkovy Company (2x Platoons) + Komissar
  • Motorstrelkovy Company (1x Platoon) + Komissar + Maxim HMG
  • Medium Mortar Battery
  • 5x SU-85 + Tank Escorts
  • 3x SU-152s + Tank Escorts
  • Spetsnaz w/ 3 captured halftracks
  • 3x T-34/85 + Tank escorts (firestorm troops)
  • 5x T-34 + Tank escorts (firestorm troops)
Sean's Finn Pioneers
  • HQ + Panzerfausts
  • Pioneer Platoon + Panzerfaust + supply wagon
  • Pioneer Platoon + Panzerfaust
  • Pioneer Platoon + Panzerfaust
  • 3 T-34/85
  • 3 Sturmi
  • Armored Panzergrenadiers (firestorm troops)
  • 5 mine fields
  • 6 trenches
  • 6 barbed wire
  • 2 AT obstacles
  • 2 pak 40 pillboxes



Finn pioneers on the Soviet left.

Sturmi deploy in a wood, covering the fortifications.

Motorstrelkovy waits for the bombardment to begin.

Assault guns, tanks, and spetsnaz are ready to attack.

The soviet left.

The deafening bombardment begins. 1 Sturmi is knocked out.

2 Pioneer stands from the left platoon are wiped out.

And 2 from the center platoon as well.

Just as the guns let up, the motorstrelkovy and spetsnaz infiltrate deep into enemy positions

Steven's Motorstrelkovy
    Sean's Finn Pioneers
    • Pre-game losses do not affect morale later

    Steven's Motorstrelkovy: The large motorstrelk + spetsnaz + assault guns + T-34s deploy on the right flank. Motorstrelk and spetsnaz infiltrate deep into the forest. On the left flank, the rest of the armor and small motorstrelk deploy ready to capture the hill and push into the woods below.

    Sean's Finn Pioneers: One pioneer platoon deploys forward in the center. Sturmi and another pioneer platoon deploy on the soviet Left.

    TURN 1

    The left flank moves out.

    Tanks begin crossing the ford. The rest of the bridges have been mined, so this is the best crossing point available.

    The motorstrelkovy were able to get right up to the mines in their infiltration move, and so attempt to clear them this turn.

    Miraculously, both minefields are removed, and no one is killed! The unit is pinned, however, as several mines are set off.

    T-34s crest the hill.

    The soviets failed to remember a pak 40 bunker was covering the ford, and 2 assault guns are left burning.

    Steven's Motorstrelkovy
    • Assault Guns: 2 SU-152s
    Sean's Finn Pioneers

      Steven's Motorstrelkovy: Large motorstrelk removes the mines on the right. Tanks begin crossing the ford. Everything advances on the left.

      Sean's Finn Pioneers: All of the troops keep their heads down, but the pak 40 bunkers knocks out 2 SU-152s.

      TURN 2

      Top of 2!

      Comrade Komissar Isabellesky oversees the soviet operations.

      The large motorstrelkovy moves up to the wire

      The rest of the armor pushes across the ford.

      All of the armor on the left crests the hill, and fires on the Sturmi- scoring one hit and a bail!

      After remounting, Sean pulls the 2 sturmi back.

      Steven's Motorstrelkovy
      • Assault Guns: 2 SU-152s
      Sean's Finn Pioneers

        TURN 2 SUMMARY
        Steven's Motorstrelkovy: Everything moves forward!

        Sean's Finn Pioneers: Everyone stays put, except for the Sturmis who pull back slightly.

        TURN 3

        Turn 3

        One wire obstacle is removed, while another is crushed by a T-34!

        Motorstrelkovy prepares to assault the pak 40 pillbox.

        Armor pours through the gap in terrain.

        On the left, motorstrelkovy moves up to the minefield.

        The pak 40 pillbox is knocked out, and the soviet infantry surges forward!

        The first Finn reserves arrive.

        MGs tear into the motorstrelkovy.

        Steven's Motorstrelkovy
        • Assault Guns: 2 SU-152s
        • Large Motorstrelkovy: 4 stands
        Sean's Finn Pioneers

          TURN 3 SUMMARY
          Steven's Motorstrelkovy: Breakthrough on the right! Infantry surged forward, and knocks out the pak 40 bunker. Infantry prepares to clear the way on the left.

          Sean's Finn Pioneers: T-34/85s arrive from reserve, ready to help shut down the soviet breakthrough! Pioneers leave the trench line to move into the woods on the Soviet left flank.

          TURN 4

          Breakthrough achieved on the right flank!

          T-34s immediately crash into the pioneers' position.

          The pioneers suffer heavy casualties in the initial charge.

          But the remaining soldiers bravely counter attack!

          Leaving one burning T-34 and one bailed!

          This spooks the T-34s who quickly fall back, leaving two burning tanks!

          The motorstrelkovy then moves in to mop up after the tanks.

          The soviets consolidate their position on the right flank, and contest the objective.

          Captured T-34s swarm, with shots tearing into the remaining T-34s.

          2 more T-34s burn, with another bailed. The remaining tank passes motivation and fights on!

          Sturmi move out from the woods, ready to assist if need be.

          Steven's Motorstrelkovy
          • Assault Guns: 2 SU-152s
          • Large Motorstrelkovy: 7 stands
          • T-34s: 4 tanks
          • Small Motorstrelkovy: 2 stands
          Sean's Finn Pioneers
          • Center Pioneers: DESTROYED
          • Left Pioneers: 1 stand

          TURN 4 SUMMARY
          Steven's Motorstrelkovy: The right flank explodes with action as tanks then infantry slam into the pioneers, wiping them out! The right flank is then consolidated as strelkovy swarms into the enemy trenches!

          On the soviet left flank (and not pictured) the Motor strelkovy attempts to clear the minefield, but is met with disastrous results! 2 dead stands and the minefield remains!

          Sean's Finn Pioneers: Sean's T-34 85s aggressively counter attack, nearly wiping out the soviet T-34s! Sturmi moves out of the woods as the soviet Left flank is at a dead stop.

          TURN 5

          We're in the thick of the fighting now!

          Infantry on the right flank consolidate their gains as the lone SU-152 drives forward desperately trying to stop the T-34/85s

          In the center, a force from the large motorstrelkovy company wipes out the pak 40 bunker, and subsequently launches a breakthrough assault on the Finn pioneers!

          The assault goes back and forth and is extremely bloody.

          The company komissar and Battalion commander eventually find themselves on the front line!

          The Finn company commander is the last stand!

          The soviets suffer heavy casualties, but are victorious!

          The small motorstrelkovy platoon manages to get most of their teams across the wire. The large motorstrelkovy very nearly breaks, but the Komissar takes matters into his own hands, and keeps the troops "motivated".

          T-34/85s surround the remnants of the large Motorstrelkovy company.

          Sturmis pull back.

          Captured T-34s knock out the last assault gun.

          Steven's Motorstrelkovy
          • Assault Guns: DESTROYED
          • Large Motorstrelkovy: 11 stands
          • T-34s: 4 tanks
          • Small Motorstrelkovy: 2 stands
          Sean's Finn Pioneers
          • HQ: DESTROYED
          • Left Pioneers: DESTROYED
          • Center Pioneers: DESTROYED

          TURN 5 SUMMARY
          Steven's Motorstrelkovy: The large motorstrelkovy shifts momentum to their left, with a small force contesting the right objective. This force wipes out the pak 40 bunker and then crashes into the finn Pioneers- barely eking out a victory and knocking out the Finn company commander!

          Sean's Finn Pioneers: Sean is left with Sturmi and T-34/85s, keeping both objectives alive. T-34/85s finish off the last of the soviet assault guns.

          TURN 6

          The fight is now a desperate scrap. Finns await reserves, but the Soviets are at a dead stop.

          Finally, Komissar Isabelle decides losses from mines are acceptable, and the soviet armor crosses into the woods. Only 1 SU-85 is destroyed.

          Finn Pioneers arrive from reserve, and race at the double through the trees to reach the front!

          Sturmi moves into the woods, but one throws a track!

          Steven's Motorstrelkovy
          • Assault Guns: DESTROYED
          • Large Motorstrelkovy: 12 stands
          • T-34s: 4 tanks
          • Small Motorstrelkovy: 2 stands
          Sean's Finn Pioneers
          • HQ: DESTROYED
          • Left Pioneers: DESTROYED
          • Center Pioneers: DESTROYED

          TURN 6 SUMMARY
          Steven's Motorstrelkovy: Armor crashes through the woods and minefields and wire on the left flank!

          Sean's Finn Pioneers: reserves arrive as Sean braces for the last chance the Soviets have to capture the objective. On the Soviet right, T-34/85s open up with their main guns, knocking out another stand and continuously focing the remnants of the large strelkovy company to check morale!

          TURN 7

          This will be the last turn, one way or another.

          All of the soviet armor moves to the edge of the woods, and opens fire on the stugs- scoring 1 lucky hit and forcing a bail result.

          Motorstrelkovy assault the Sturmi, and wipe them out! With that, Sean's company is below half strength with no company commander, and the game goes to the soviets.

          This was truly an enjoyable game, and a fun start to our campaign! With that, Berezino is captured and the Panzergrenadier firestorm troops (who never even saw the table!) are destroyed. Orsha, Mogilev, and Bykhov are now all cut off from supply.

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          Chevalier de la Terre said...

          Bloody, but great report.


          Justin said...

          Great AAR, easy to follow, exciting, loads of actions, great photos. Nice one chaps!

          Samulus said...

          Great report! nice to see one not go entirely Steven's way (at least at the beginning)... Also, it'll be nice to see how the Firestorm campaign works out.

          indierockclimber said...

          Thanks guys!

          jmezz382 said...

          Comrade, My troops are moving forward and need direction. Orders please.

          Chris from Model Dads said...

          You've produced a great AAR here, the photography is excellent and easy to follow, and a baby along the way :p

          Uriah said...

          Excellent AAR and it's nice to see fortifications in actual play.

          pudson said...

          Quote from Chris: "You've produced a great AAR here" ... "and a baby along the way"

          Sportsmanship award goes to Sean for not getting mad at Steve for producing babies during their game.

          indierockclimber said...

          Maybe Sean helped?

          Yeah, fortifications are awesome! Just gotta learn how to face em/use em

          Rhinexing said...

          Great Bat Rep... thanks for sharing!

          grumpus said...

          What a joy to read, just one question?
          In a nutshell, what is Firestorm Bagration?
          I saw the game board and all the little pieces, is it just a large scale campaign, with actual FoW battles determining the progression?
          If so thats really cool and has my interest peaked.
          Great stuff as always Steve.

          indierockclimber said...

          Yep! That's exactly what it is:

          minutiaeofwar said...

          Fantastic battle report, quite easy to follow and as always looks gorgeous with all the nicely modelled terrain and minis. Disastrous result for the Germans, cut off from supply and reinforcement; don't worry Goering will make sure that they are supplied from the air ;)
          Hmmm look at the number of pieces on that board, stacked in favour of the Russians much?

          Ben said...

          Great Report guy! (well they are always good)

          Think I'l have to see about picking up Firestorm Bagration and play with my normal opponent, seems a nice way to make all of our games mean something.


          indierockclimber said...

          Firestorm is pretty awesome- I do think with a 1 on 1 game the Axis player needs to be ready to get it handed to him for the first several games. The soviets have a massive amount of firestorm troops that can really swing the battle.

          BUT as long as your German commander is willing to be in it for the long haul, it starts to even out a bit. I also suggest playing at 1500 points for the core. I've seen groups play at 1200 or even less, but in those cases the firestorm troops are just too much of an inbalance which definitely sways to the soviets' favor.

          Ben said...

          I can imagine the firestorm troops would be far to powerful at 1200pts.

          Well I spoke to my friend and from March we're going to start the campaign. But as I very fre Germans I'll be mainly using Finnish and Hungarians. He can put together 4 or 5 different Soviet lists so we should be able to mix it up a bit.

          Thanks for the advice and for running such a good blog/web site.


          indierockclimber said...

          Thanks for the kind words- keep us up to date on the campaign!

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