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Monday, January 2, 2012

Soviet Forward Detachment Slams Into German Panzergrenadiers!

Tom was also looking to get an East Front game in, and was especially excited with the price drop in Panzergrenadiers. So I ran the list Joe used against me in our previous game, while he opted to try some Panzergrenadiers. After the board was laid out- we rolled The Big Push!

Tom is a softie and knowing the river gave him a massive advantage he A) Decided to make the river a bog check only (normally we run it as Very Difficult) and B) did not put mines/tank traps on the one bridge across the river. His forces were holding and waiting for friendly forces to cross before blowing the bridge- but the soviets advanced far more quickly!

Now- this won't have the usual turn breakdown. Frankly, I was way too exhausted to keep up with pictures after a very long day! So the pictures will tell the story!

Steven's Forward Detachment
  • HQ (T-34/85 + 2iC Rifle + Komissar Rifle)
  • 10x T-34/85 w/ Tank Escorts
  • Full Tank-Rider Company
  • 3 SU-152s
  • 3 Decoy Stugs
Tom's Gepanzerte Panzergrenadiers
  • HQ + Panzerschreck
  • Full Panzergrenadier Platoon w/ faust
  • Full Panzergrenadier Platoon w/ faust
  • Pak 40s (3 guns)
  • 2 Tiger IE
  • 4 Panzer IV H
  • Nebelwerfers
  • Sporadic HS129B3s

The board. Tom decided to keep all of his halftracks on the board- a decision which paid off in spades!

The men hold the bridge, waiting for their comrades.

Panzergrenadiers are ready to mount up and pull back at a moment's notice.

Pak 40s keep a watchful eye on the bridge.

But the Soviet advance is going better than expected! The Forward Detachment comes to ahalt as it nears the river, calling in corps artillery to soften up the enemy.

Freshly captured Stugs are brought forward in an attempt to infiltrate the enemy position.

T-34/85s cram down the road, ready to slam themselves across the bridge.

The tank escorts hop on after a few shots of vodka for courage!

The infantry is able to sneak up and infiltrate the enemy positions!

The Germans weather the preliminary bombardment in relatively good shape.

With a Shout, the men race forward! SU-152s are brought up to clear the Pillboxes.

T-34s form a phalanxe and gun it for the bridge.

2 HS-129B3s swoop in! It doesn't look good for the soviets!

But only a single tank goes up in flames!!

The Soviet advance. The HMG pillboxes and remounted halftracks tear into the soviet infantry as they attempt to cross the river.

T-34s cross the bridge 2 by 2!

Soviets assault across the wire, driving panzergrenadiers back after knocking out a halftrack!

T-34s crash into the position.

A single HS129 fires MGs on the soviet troops, but cause no casualties!

The Pnzergrenadiers fall back into their secondary trench. Pak 40s tear open another T-34.

The situation is grim as no German reserves arrive.

A flurry of action occurs as Decoy Stugs slam into the Panzergrenadiers, but are annihilated in a counter attack!

Over the trenches!

T-34s again slam into enemy positions, this time breaking a unit and driving the others back.

At this point, Tom rolls for reserves- gets none and decides he can't possibly retake the objective held by the tanks.

Had Tom put a tank trap or mines on the bridge he probably would've won, to be honest. I thought my tanks had no chance of assaulting that position, but when they knocked out the Pak 40s, I knew they had to go for it! Pretty fun mission, though I do apologize for the bottleneck of the road (between difficult plowed fields) and the bridge forcing me to run my T-34s like a Roman shield wall.

The halftracks were pretty awesome! very few were lost in the actual combat, but they kept my tank escorts from swinging very reliably!

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