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Friday, January 6, 2012

British Armoured Regiment vs German Stutzpunkt

Luke and I had the luxury of a second game this week and decided to get the stutzpunkt and armoured regiment on the board. I made both lists and we then rolled to see who ran what.

I came up as the British and Luke as the Germans. We rolled for the mission and got Hasty Assault.

Steven's British Armoured Regiment
  • HQ: 2x Cruiser A9s, 1x Cruiser A13
  • 1st Squadron: HQ 2x A9 CS, 1x A9
  • 3x Cruiser A9
  • 3x Cruiser A9
  • 2nd Squadron: HQ 2x A9 CS, 1x A9
  • 3x Cruiser A9
  • 3x Cruiser A9
Luke's Stutzpunkt
  • HQ
  • Stutzpunkt Strongpoint w/ full infantry, 4x wire
  • 8.8 nest *attached to stutzpunkt*
  • Full Leichte Pioneer platoon
  • 2x Panzer IV D
  • 5x Panzer II C (late)


The stutzpunkt is deployed in the center with commanding views. One objective is in the middle of the strongpoint, the other in the open on the right.

The mighty 8.8 completely shuts down one entire flank.

The 5cm gun looks over the other objective.

The entire strongpoint.

The CS tanks deploy on the rocky ridge ready to provide cover. Hopefully they never have to navigate down the craggy rocks!

CS tanks.

Cruisers- Tally Ho!

Panzer IVs emerge from immediate ambush, but the rest of Luke's turn is uneventful.

Steven's British Armoured Regiment
  • One squadron is held in reserve
Luke's Stutzpunkt
  • Pioneers
  • Panzer IIs

Steven's British Armoured Regiment:One squadron and the HQ begin on the board.

Luke's Stutzpunkt:Luke begins with the strongpoint and the Panzer IVs (in immediate ambush)


Tally ho!

Steven's British Armoured Regiment
    Luke's Stutzpunkt

      Steven's British Armoured Regiment:advance!

      Luke's Stutzpunkt:wait.

      TURN 2

      Tally Ho!

      The first reserves arrive

      Another platoon arriving from reserve deploys on the left to make sure nothing comes after the lone British objective.

      Smoke shuts down the 5cm nest

      Panzer IVs crash through the palms to shoot at the cruisers.

      One A9 blows to pieces!

      Steven's British Armoured Regiment
      • Red One Troop: 1 A9
      Luke's Stutzpunkt

        TURN 2 SUMMARY
        Steven's British Armoured Regiment:Advance! Smoke knocks out the 5cm nest by ranging in on an adjacent infantry team

        Luke's Stutzpunkt:Panzer IVs maneuver inside the wood and blast apart one A9.

        TURN 3

        Turn 3

        Cruisers hug the wall of the rocks, just out of range of the 8.8

        One Panzer IV falls to 2 pounder fire!

        Panzer IIs surprise the cruisers by crashing their way through the woods!

        Another A9 goes up!

        Steven's British Armoured Regiment
        • Red One Troop: 2 A9s
        Luke's Stutzpunkt
        • Panzer IVs: 1 tank

        TURN 3 SUMMARY
        Steven's British Armoured Regiment:Cruisers swarm forward and knock out a Panzer IV.

        Luke's Stutzpunkt:Panzer IIs arrive and knock out another cruiser.

        TURN 4

        Turn 4. Note- these "turn markers" are slightly out of order. Luke had the top of the turn, but I got off sync a bit becuase of those 2 turns where he didn't do anything. Sorry if it seems like I had the top of the turn- we played it right!

        The Panzer IVs are finished off, as well as 2 Panzer IIs.

        More cruisers drive towards the fight

        The cruisers originally sent to guard the other objective move at the double- with one breaking down!

        Pioneers arrive at just the right moment!

        armor saves for return fire from Panzer IIs on a lone Cruiser- this would have big impact shortly.

        Flame throwers tear into my cruisers leaving only one active!! The cruisers are spun around in case they needed to fire their deck turret MGs at the other infantry- uh oh!

        But the ensuing pioneer assault is stopped!! Why? Because the one cruiser that was unable to be knocked out by Panzer IIs was in one of the assaulted platoons giving me 8 shots in defensive fire- which I passed! The pioneers could have severely crippled my entire army right here, but I got incredibly lucky. The strongpoint platoon tries to assault where the pioneers failed...

        But are also stopped in defensive fire.

        Steven's British Armoured Regiment
        • Red One Troop: 2 A9s, 1 attached A13
        • Blue Two: 1 A9
        • Blue One: 1 Broken Down A9
        Luke's Stutzpunkt
        • Panzer IVs: DESTROYED
        • Panzer IIs: 2 tanks
        • Strongpoint platoon: 3 stands
        • Pioneers: 3 stands
        • HQ: CiC

        TURN 4 SUMMARY
        Steven's British Armoured Regiment:The cruisers push all the way to Luke's board edge, and knock out more tanks.

        Luke's Stutzpunkt:Pioneers arrive from reserve and very nearly gut the entire British company. But they are barely stopped due to some insane luck.

        TURN 5

        Turn 5. The British miraculously survive, and rally fully.

        And they swarm like hornets- annihilating the Pioneers and 2 more Panzer IIs.

        Combined fire from the HMG nest, Panzer II, and 5cm nest knock out 2 more tanks.

        Steven's British Armoured Regiment
        • Red One Troop: 2 A9s, 1 attached A13
        • Red Two: 1 tank
        • Blue One: 1 Broken Down A9
        • Blue Two: 1 A9
        • HQ: 2iC
        Luke's Stutzpunkt
        • Panzer IVs: DESTROYED
        • Pioneers: DESTROYED
        • Strongpoint platoon: 4 stands
        • Panzer IIs: 4 tanks

        TURN 5 SUMMARY
        Steven's British Armoured Regiment:With renewed vigor, every single tank remounts.

        Luke's Stutzpunkt:Combined fire knocks down two more A9s, but it's nearly hopeless now.

        TURN 6

        The end is nigh

        Cruisers tear into the strongpoint platoon and grab the objective. With only a single Panzer I and a handful of teams from the strongpoint left, Luke decides to call it.

        Steven's British Armoured Regiment
        • HQ: 2iC
        • Red One Troop: DESTROYED
        • Blue One: 1 Broken Down A9
        • Blue Two: 1 A9
        Luke's Stutzpunkt
        • Panzer IVs: DESTROYED
        • Pioneers: DESTROYED
        • Strongpoint platoon: 4 stands
        • Panzer IIs: 4 tanks

        TURN 6 SUMMARY
        Steven's British Armoured Regiment:Cruisers light up the strongpoint infantry and grab the objective.

        Luke's Stutzpunkt:With not much left, and smoke coming in reliably from 2 CS batteries, Luke decides to call the game here.

        Seriously, Luke almost gutted my company in turn 4. I Can't believe that my front armor 1 vehicle took 3 AT 5 hits and wasn't even bailed!

        I can't say this was a super fun battle- it looked more interesting than it was. Nothing really clever going on, just cramming cruisers down Luke's throat. I need a good swirling tank battle for these tanks, dammit! Thanks to Luke for the game though, alwaysa pleasure!

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        Hein said...

        Thanks for the battle report.

        Tyler said...

        It seems like Luke lost in the deployment phase. If the 88 had been positioned where the forward AA gun was, it would have been placed to defend both objectives and certainly could have turned the tide of the battle. Even still, a close and entertaining game to read!

        indierockclimber said...

        Tyler- I half agree- I think it could've been deployed better. BUT had he deployed it far forward, I would've deployed all my CSes (which now have HE) and had a pretty good shot of knocking that nest out on turn 1. But, yeah, the 88 deployment definitely hurt him!

        Anatoli said...

        I envy the amount of FoW games you guys get to play! Damn nice report as always.

        pudson said...

        When a Stutzpunkt wins or loses, isn't the answer always deployment?

        "Damnit, if only I'd assaulted better with my gun teams..."

        Tyler said...

        @ pudson
        Point taken, though I think that's somewhat of an exaggeration especially considering the number of assaults in this game.

        SinSynn said...

        Bloody battle.

        That sure looks like a Terrain Guy mat!

        Kinda agree about the 88, but deploying them is always tricky, and I've messed it up a bunch of times.
        At the very least, they cause some consternation in your opponent.

        Luke said...

        yeah this game was ALOT closer than it looked. I had steve by the short hairs. The pioneers not assaulting due to DF was a game breaker. I do love it when it comes down to a roll of the dice.
        The 88 deployed there was the best spot possible. Deployed forward and it would have died on turn one. the AA has the shortest range so putting it u close was about my only option. Had I known I can deploy bunkers in No mans land it would have been a bit different.

        Tyler said...

        I suppose that just reveals the weakness of static guns in FoW and the vulnerability of any force that relies heavily upon them.

        Luke said...


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