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Monday, January 23, 2012

Battlefront's new Desert Buildings Reviewed!

This is one of those reviews that can afford to be pleasantly short.

The summary is: these buildings are affordable, durable, and "game-able".  Oh, and they come pre-painted.  This is another example of Battlefront's Battlefield in a Box line coming out with a knockout product.

The buildings are spread across 2 boxes at $25 US each.  The first comes with both of the smaller buildings and the walls.  The second box comes with the large building and the well.  So you get a good amount of wall sections, 3 buildings, and a well for $50.  You'd be hard pressed to get all that unpainted- throw in the prepainting and it's clear that this is a hell of a deal.

Like all of Battlefront's previous buildings, these are a strong, sturdy resin.  These are more than adequate to last you many years on the game table.  Don't go throwing them at a brick wall when your Afrika Korps gets beaten back to Halfaya though!  I will say the roof piece of the long building I got was just slightly warped (see picture below).  That's not at all surprising with long, flat pieces of resin.  A little time under a hair dryer and it should be easy to straighten right out.

This is really the most important part in my mind.  These buildings are perfect for Flames of War.  They're designed around medium bases, removing any ambiguity about how many teams can fit in each building.  The roofs are likewise perfect size.

Honorable mention to the well.  I've long wanted a well piece for my little Oasis towns, and this guy fits the bill just right!

I don't love the color these come in- it's just a little too grey.  I would've preferred a more sand color, but this is clearly a nitpick that I had to reach pretty far for.  The grey doesn't look bad against my sand table, and it's definitely nothing a quick drybrush couldn't fix in just a minute or two.

The big building is built very smartly, and it all fits together just right!  Very nice.

So in conclusion, these are another knockout in a long list of great Battlefield in a Box terrain. Combine this with Battlefront's very complete line of desert terrain and you can put an entire table worth of terrain together without ever spending any time making terrain!  And all that without breaking the bank too hard.

9/10 Camels.

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