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Monday, December 12, 2011

US Rifles vs German Panzergrenadiers in Dust Up

Now that I am home and all settled with the new little one, I started getting a little stir crazy sitting around the house between diaper changings. Since I still have a few days before I go to work, I invited Ted over for a game so he could try out his tournament list for the I-95 tournament coming up on Saturday. We decided to do Dust Up again just to make sure it's all fresh in our minds.

Ted's Panzergrenadiers
  • HQ + 2 panzerknackers
  • Panzergrenadier Platoon + knacker
  • Panzergrenadier Platoon + knacker
  • Panzergrenadier Platoon + Knacker
  • Mortar Platoon w/ 4 tubes
  • Nebelwerfer battery
  • 4x Panzer III Ls + schurtzen
  • Panzergrenadier HMGs (combat attached)
Steven's US Rifles
  • HQ + 2 Bazookas
  • Rifle Platoon
  • Rifle Platoon
  • Weapons Platoon (LMGs all attached to rifle platoon 1)
  • Mortars w/ 6 Tubes
  • At Gun Platoon w/ 3 57mm
  • Combat Engineers (full w/ 3 bazookas + supply truck)
  • 105 Battery
  • 5x M5A1 Stuarts
  • Sporadic P-38s


The board. I started with 1 rifle platoon (with both HQ bazookas and all 4 LMGs attached!), 105s, Engineers, and AT guns. Ted started with 2 Panzergrenadiers and nebelwerfers.


The USside of the board. The deployment markers were to help keep the units separated! note to self- mark the back of my US bases finally.

57mm Guns deploy intermingled with the Engineers, keeping an eye on Ted's reserve deployment zone.

Ted's corner of the board. Note the Panzergrenadiers in their trucks ready to make a wide flanking move.

An HMG watches a gap in the tree line.

Ted's Panzergrenadiers
  • Panzergrenadier Platoon
  • Mortars
  • Panzers
Steven's US Rifles
  • Rifle Platoon
  • Stuarts
  • 60mm Mortars from the weapons platoon
  • 81mm Mortars

Ted's Panzergrenadiers:Ted takes an offensive posture with his Panzergrens ready to roll out and his nebelwerfers ready to provide support.

Steven's US Rifles:I took a defensive position, making a fortress around the objectives. One mammoth US rifle platoon (17 stands worth when all the attachments were said and done) plus Engineers with HMGs and 57mms meant I was ready for the attack.


Ted's panzergrenadiers zip down the road.

With their CiC attached, Ted has committed to a strike on this flank.

P-38s swoop in after Ted stormtroopers to spread out and get out of his trucks.

105s dig in.

The lone P-38 knocks out a truck and an HMG stand with cannon fire.

Ted's Panzergrenadiers
  • Panzergrenadier 1: 1 truck, 1 attached HMG
Steven's US Rifles

    Ted's Panzergrenadiers:Ted's Nebelwerfers and deployed Panzergrenadiers dig in. His trucked panzergrens race forward.

    Steven's US Rifles:105s and Engineers dig in. A lone P-38 lights up Ted's deployed Panzergrenadier platoon.

    TURN 2

    The board.

    Despite staying pinned from the air attack, Ted is able to sneak forward as there is no visibility to the panzergrenadier platoon. The trucks are sent to the rear.

    Ted's other Panzergrenadier unit advances.

    Screaming Mimi's open fire.

    And slam into Rifle Platoon 1. No damage is done besides pinning the unit.

    Ted's Panzergrenadiers avoid the 2 LMGs deployed on the hill!

    P-38s again swoop in! But they fail to find their target.

    Rifle Platoon 1 unpins and digs.

    Ted's Panzergrenadiers
    • Panzergrenadier 1: 1 truck, 1 attached HMG
    Steven's US Rifles

      Ted's Panzergrenadiers:The pinned panzergrenadiers are able to sneak forward. The other panzergrenadier unit also cautiously advances.

      Steven's US Rifles:The US hunkers down as P-38s fly overhead. 105s counter battery the nebelwerfers. They succesfully range in, but do no damage.

      TURN 3

      The situation.

      My 2iC: Lt. Isabelle

      Ted now realizes he has nothing to stop my reserves and hastily redeploys Panzergrenadier 1.

      Panzergrenadier 2 attempts to dig in but fails.

      A lone P-38 targets Panzergrenadier 2 in the woods.

      One stand is knocked out.

      Ted's Panzergrenadiers
      • Panzergrenadier 1: 1 truck, 1 attached HMG
      • Panzergrenadier 2: 1 MG team.
      Steven's US Rifles

        TURN 3 SUMMARY
        Ted's Panzergrenadiers:Panzergrenadier 1 hastily redeploys. Nebelwerfers redeploy to avoid counter battery fire and do not fire this round. No reserves arrive.

        Steven's US Rifles:All teams go to ground. A lone P-38 again strafes the enemy. No reserves arrive.

        TURN 4

        The situation.

        Panzergrenadier 1 digs in.

        Panzergrenadier 2 digs in.

        Ted's Panzergrenadiers
        • Panzergrenadier 1: 1 truck, 1 attached HMG
        • Panzergrenadier 2: 1 MG team.
        Steven's US Rifles

          TURN 4 SUMMARY
          Ted's Panzergrenadiers:Ted again receives no reserves.

          Steven's US Rifles:The US do absolutely nothing. No reserves.

          TURN 5

          The least bloody game ever.

          US Rifles arrive from reserve! Ted's Panzergrenadier 1 is not pinned, but I think I can weather the 6 shots in defensive fire.

          More P-38s strafe the battlefield, but do no damage.

          I was wrong about the defensive fire! Ouch!

          Ted's Panzergrenadiers
          • Panzergrenadier 1: 1 truck, 1 attached HMG
          • Panzergrenadier 2: 1 MG team.
          Steven's US Rifles
          • Rifle 2: 3 Rifle teams.

          TURN 5 SUMMARY
          Ted's Panzergrenadiers:Ted receives no reserves. His nebelwerfers do not fire.

          Steven's US Rifles:US Rifles aggressively charge Ted's Panzergrenadier unit but are driven back in defensive fire.

          TURN 6

          The US Rifles (2) are in the bottom left

          Ted's Panzer IIIs arrive from reserve. They shoot at the 57mm guns but do no harm.

          Panzergrenadiers again open up on the US Rifle Platoon, knocking out 2 more stands.

          Stuarts arrive and spray the Panzergrenadiers with 37mm and MG fire.

          The nebelwerfer observer tried to get clever and sneak up, but 3 LMGs and 2 rifle teams see him off.

          The Stuarts get brave and assault. 1 team goes down.

          The Panzergrenadiers, despite the CiC's urging, fall back!

          Ted's Panzergrenadiers
          • Panzergrenadier 1: 1 truck, 1 attached HMG
          • Panzergrenadier 2: 1 MG team.
          Steven's US Rifles
          • Rifle 2: 5 Rifle teams.

          TURN 6 SUMMARY
          Ted's Panzergrenadiers:Panzergrenadiers open up on the US rifle platoon as Panzer IIIs arrive from reserve. Nebelwerfers try to isolate 57mm guns with smoke but can't range in!

          Steven's US Rifles:Stuarts pick up where the rifles failed and push back Panzergrenadier 1. 57mm guns open up on the Panzer IIIs, but only bail one. 105s smoke 1 Panzer III to minimize return fire.

          TURN 7

          Sorry for the bluriness

          Mortars and panzergrenadiers arrive from reserve.

          The panzergrenadiers move towards the house.

          Nebelwerfers range in on Rifle 2 and the Stuarts, but do no damage.

          Panzer IIIs knock out 1 57mm gun.

          The US corner.

          The German corner. Stuarts are lurking just off camera to the right.

          The 57mm Guns open fire on the Panzer IIIs. 2 are knocked out and a 3rd bailed.

          A lone P-38 follows up with cannons- knocking out a 3rd Panzer III as well as 2 mortar teams.

          Stuarts rush forward MGs blazing. The one nebelwerfer not dug in is gunned down.

          The Stuarts assault and after 2 rounds the nebelwerfers are left with a single gun.

          Stuarts are now clearly in posession of the objective.

          Ted's Panzergrenadiers
          • Panzergrenadier 1: 1 truck, 1 attached HMG, 1 MG team.
          • Panzergrenadier 2: 1 MG team.
          • Panzer IIIs: DESTROYED
          • Mortars: 2 mortars.
          • Nebelwerfers: 2 guns, commander
          Steven's US Rifles
          • Rifle 2: 5 Rifle teams.
          • 57mm ATGs: 1 gun.

          TURN 7 SUMMARY
          Ted's Panzergrenadiers:Mortars and panzergrenadiers arrive from reserve. Panzer IIIs open up on the 57mm guns but only knock out 1. Nebelwerfers fire on the approaching Stuarts, but do no damage.

          Steven's US Rifles:57mm guns and P-38s wipe out the Panzer III platoon. Stuarts slam into the Nebelwerfers and seize the objective.

          At this point, it's fairly clear that the Germans have little hope of pushing the Stuarts off of the objective, and we decide to call the game. 6-1 to the yanks. Ted learned some valuable lessons- as he was again burned by mobile units getting into his nebelwerfer territory (see this game for reference: British Heavy Armour vs Panzergrenadiers.

          All in all an enjoyable game that opened Ted's eyes to some new things. I always look forward to playing Ted and am looking forward to the upcoming tournament!

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          Anne said...

          Nice table here. Really like the heavy artillary and those P38's are my favorite. I'm Irish, but stateside and I'm used to seeing the war games from the European allies battles. It's a real treat to see an American table. I really enjoyed this. And you've a beautiful baby there. I hope you and your wife are getting some sleep :)

          indierockclimber said...

          Thanks very much! Where are you at in the states? I'm sure we could hook you up with a local club so you can get some games in!

          We are getting some sleep- she's a calm little lady :)

          Stormtrooper said...

          nice battle, poor ted he really gets owned by mobile units, is there no way for him to replace a Panzergrenadier platoon with something mobile?

          Isabelle is so adorable, god how i miss the football days, my son is a 3 year old terror lol

          indierockclimber said...

          Agreed! I think he's learned how important it is now though!

          Thanks- she is a cutie! that picture is a full week old- she's getting big!

          SinSynn said...

          Thanks for another lovely batrep, and good luck with the new 2ic!

          jmezz382 said...

          If you roll a six, does your 2IC burp some formula on the enemy teams that are not dug in ?

          Great battle ... and a beautiful picture of the little one.

          I look forward to tonights Eastern Front battle!

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