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Friday, December 30, 2011

Soviet Guards Tankovy vs German Grenadiers

Continuing our christmas tradition, Luke and I played a game the day after Christmas this year (see previous here). I made 6 soviet lists and 6 German lists from Red Bear, and we randomly determined who played what and what mission!

The mission rolled was "Dust Up". This mission has seen the rounds quite a bit in these parts lately.

Luke's Grenadierkompanie
  • HQ + fausts + 2 mortars
  • Full Grenadier Platoon w/ faust
  • Full Grenadier Platoon w/ faust
  • Full Grenadier Platoon w/ faust
  • 3x Pak 40s
  • Looted T-70
  • Grenadier Platoon
  • 2x Tiger I
  • Nebelwerfers
Steven's Guards Tankovy
  • HQ T-34/85 w/ escort (fearless trained)
  • 10x T-34/85 w/ escort (fearless trained)
  • 10x T-34/85 w/ escort (fearless trained)


Initial Deployment. German defended objectives are in the fenced field and between the small woods lining the road. Soviet objectives are in the bottom left on the hill and near the T in the road.

T-34/85s. I apologize for not having the riders on, they were sliding off annoyingly and I didn't want to deal with it.

The Tigers (who rolled Every Shot Counts!)

The German deployment zone is crawling with Jerry and armed to the teeth!

And the other approach

The statue of Stalin stands proud.

Luke's Grenadierkompanie
  • Grenadiers
  • Pioneers
  • Nebelwerfers
  • Looted T-70
Steven's Guards Tankovy
  • 10x T-34/85s w/ escorts

Luke's Grenadierkompanie:Luke begins the game with 2 grenadier platoons, pak 40s, and his tigers. Grenadiers, Pioneers, nebelwerfers, and the T-70 begin the game in reserve.

Steven's Guards Tankovy:Steven starts with one company of T-34s. The other company is in reserve. duh.


The Tigers roll out as the rest of the company digs in.

Two hits at long range!

And two saves! Za Stalina!

The mass of Germans digs in.

The T-34s redeploy somewhat, probing towards the German deployment zone while staying anchored to their objectives.

Luke's Grenadierkompanie
    Steven's Guards Tankovy

      Luke's Grenadierkompanie:Everything digs. The Tigers open up on the T-34s but the shots bounce.

      Steven's Guards Tankovy:T-34s do nothing of value except a slight redeployment.

      TURN 2

      Turn two.

      Tigers climb the hill when one throws a track. The other comes and attempts to free him but is unsuccessful.

      T-34s begin to pull back, deciding instead to be a counter attack force.

      Luke's Grenadierkompanie
        Steven's Guards Tankovy

          TURN 2 SUMMARY
          Luke's Grenadierkompanie:Tigers get stuck on some trees.

          Steven's Guards Tankovy:T-34s fall back cautiously.

          TURN 3

          Turn three.

          The stuck tiger frees itself and the two move down the hill for shots.

          One T-34 is bailed while the rest of the company pulls back further.

          Luke's Grenadierkompanie
            Steven's Guards Tankovy

              TURN 3 SUMMARY
              Luke's Grenadierkompanie:Tigers continue to harass the T-34s at range.

              Steven's Guards Tankovy:The T-34s pull back.

              TURN 4

              Turn four.

              Nebelwerfers arrive from reserve.

              The Tigers again open fire and knock out the bailed T-34.

              The main strike force arrives!

              1st Company moves at the double to reposition themselves.


              The grenadier platoon is hit and forced back suffering some casualties.

              Luke's Grenadierkompanie
              • Grenadier 1: 2 stands
              Steven's Guards Tankovy
              • 1st company: 1 T-34/85

              TURN 4 SUMMARY
              Luke's Grenadierkompanie:Nebelwerfers arrive as the Tigers knock out a T-34. Luke realizes his pak 40s have been deployed just a bit too far back and can't provide defensive fire for the forward grenadiers.

              Steven's Guards Tankovy:Reserves arrive and slam into the Grenadiers!

              TURN 5

              The game is now afoot! T-34s missing to the left behind the hill.

              The counter attack comes! The CO, 2iC, and remainder of Grenadier 1 charge!

              The looted T-70 sneaks through the wheat, ready to snipe an objective!

              Nebelwerfers open up.

              But the rounds bounce harmlessly off the soviet steel.

              The assault is quick and bloody. Effective defensive fire knocks the grenadiers below half, but does not stop the assault. The grenadiers still go on to win the assault, knocking out 2 Tanks (while a long range tiger shot knocked out the third). But the big grenadier unit is below half and flees with the CO and 2iC!

              But 2nd company is now able to swing around behind the pak 40s.

              While 1st company moves out.

              And knocks out the T-70!

              The tanks charge in!

              And win the assault!

              But 3 tanks wind up bogged!

              Luke's Grenadierkompanie
              • HQ: DESTROYED
              • Grenadier 1: DESTROYED
              • Looted T-70: DESTROYED
              • Grenadier 2: 2 stands
              • Pak 40s: 1 Gun
              Steven's Guards Tankovy
              • 1st company: 1 T-34/85
              • 2nd company: 3 T-34/85

              TURN 5 SUMMARY
              Luke's Grenadierkompanie:A massive assault is launched on 2 isolated T-34s. The assault is succesful but the damage destroys the unit- taking the CO with them!

              Steven's Guards Tankovy:On the left, 1st company charges into the wheat, taking down the T-70 in the process. On the right, 2nd company swings wide into the defensive position's flank, and knocks back 2nd grenadier platoon!

              TURN 6

              The game is heated up now!

              The pak 40s do not unpin, but one shot is all that's needed to knock out the bogged T-34!

              Grenadier reserves arrive as nebelwerfers open up.

              1st company is mostly unphased by the rockets.

              2nd company hooks further to the right, catching one of the paks in the open, ready to assault

              But machine gun fire sees off the Pak 40 platoon

              Komissar Isabelle makes measuring a crapload of soviet tanks difficult.

              Shooting was too succesful! The T-34s go for it and charge the remainder, letting their tank escorts do the dirty work.

              The grenadiers counter assault!

              Sending one T-34 to hell.

              Only 3 T-34s survive, but being fearless they pass their check. Their Grenadier opponents are not so lucky, however.

              With 4 destroyed platoons, 3 on the table, and no CO remaining- the Germans quit the field.

              Luke's Grenadierkompanie
              • HQ: DESTROYED
              • Grenadier 1: DESTROYED
              • Looted T-70: DESTROYED
              • Grenadier 2: DESTROYED
              • Pak 40s: DESTROYED
              Steven's Guards Tankovy
              • 1st company: 1 T-34/85
              • 2nd company: 6 T-34/85

              TURN 6 SUMMARY
              Luke's Grenadierkompanie:Pak 40s knock out one of the marauding T-34s. Tigers race for the objectives.

              Steven's Guards Tankovy:2nd Company continues their wild ride, succesfully cripping the grenadierkompanie and ending the battle in victory.

              This was a fun game for being completely randomly generated! I like that the soviet list was 100% straightforward, no subtlety at all. Still, had a great time, and hope to continue the tradition next Christmas!

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              cbaxter said...

              i dont know if its happening for anyone else but the pictures are really really really tiny, like smaller than a finger nail.

              indierockclimber said...

              Blogger does terrible, mean things to images when I enter compose mode sometimes.

              I just made an edit- can you see if that worked?

              Alex Trenchard said...

              For me, only about half the images are showing up - of the first ten, 2, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 10 are working, and 1, 3, 4 and 7 not.

              indierockclimber said...

              Think I found the issue. Blogger appears to have changed the way they do their image "lightbox" and since I wrote that into my batrepper software it was incompatable. lame. I *think* it should be fixed now. Working in Safari, Chrome, and Firefox for me as of right now

              Tyler said...

              The pictures work fine in Firefox for me.

              From my experience, pioneer companies seem to be much better than grenadiers for the Eastern Front. I suppose that getting attacked by a Straf battalion or other all-infantry force wouldn't be so great but more Soviet players seem to run Tankovy (and a fair deal of those lists are exclusively AFVs). Maybe its just the huge scale of work needed to make Soviet infantry lists?

              SinSynn said...

              @ Tyler- Not only are Tankovy lists easier to get painted on on the table, but the list crushes (as witnessed above).
              My Grenadiers don't mind facing off against the odd infantry horde. Cuz, y'know- combat platoon MG attachments.

              Grenadiers tend to have more options in support, and can carry enough fausts/knackers to get the job done....usually.
              Still against that many tanks....ooofah.

              SinSynn said...

              Anybody else following this thread?
              Buncha misprints in Red Bear....


              Admin response start on page 3, I think.
              Stickers, incoming!

              I'll be waiting for a second printing of Grey Wolf, or just wait for an Easy Army add-on.

              jmezz382 said...

              Stalin is proud Comrade Steve. Great game guys

              cbaxter said...

              looks great now, awesome fight!

              hailkaeser said...

              for your tank riders - here is a thought. If you have a dremel, drill a small hole through your tank riders and attach a small post w/ glue. Drill a small hole in the back of each tank so your riders can be attached and stay on, but be removable as well. Just a thought I'm going to try myself when I paint up some tank riders.

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