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Friday, December 16, 2011

Red Bear vs Grey Wolf: Soviet Forward Detachment vs German Sperrverband

With the release of Red Bear and Grey Wolf, we were champing at the bit to get a game in! Joe hadn't been over for a game in a while and he was more than happy to push some Soviets. We tried to make fairly historical matchups that would both be fun and highlight some of the new rules from the new books. We rolled up Breakthrough!

Pak 40 RSOs by Panzerwerks Studios
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Joe's Soviet Peredovoye Otryad
  • HQ: 1x T-34/85, 2iC Rifle Team, Komissar
  • 10x T-34/85 w/ Tank Escorts
  • Tank Rider Company w/ 3 Platoons, HMG, Komissar
  • 3x Decoy Stugs
  • 3x SU-152
Steven's German Sperrverband
  • HQ w/ Panzerfausts + Panzerschreck Team (attached to pioneers)
  • Sperr Pioneers w/ Supply Truck
  • Sperr Platoon +2 HMGs
  • Sperr Platoon +2 HMGs
  • Sperr Anti-Tank Platoon w/ 4 Pak 40s
  • Sperr Assault Gun Platoon w/ 3x Stug IV
  • Heer Nebelwerfers


The board. Soviets start with their T-34s and Decoy Tanks on the board. Germans put a mine field in the top center, with Stugs and RSO Pak 40s in reserve.

Nebelwerfers and Pak 40s deploy with an eye towards Joe's reserves.


A Sperr platoon prepares to move out and lock down the objectives.

Pak 40s watching the objectives

Pioneers watch the approach to the town along with 1 Pak 40 stretching his command range.

T-34s prepare to infiltrate.

One Sperr platoon is about to receive the brunt of the soviet steel!

The infiltration move is made!

Forward Comrades!

Joe's Soviet Peredovoye Otryad
  • tank rider company
  • SU-152s
Steven's German Sperrverband
  • Pak 40 RSOs
  • Stugs

Joe's Soviet Peredovoye Otryad:Joe starts with his tanks and his Decoy Stugs. He swiftly infiltrates forward, ready to push aggressively for the objectives!

Steven's German Sperrverband:Pioneers and one Sperr platoon deploy to box in Joe's deployment. Nebelwerfers and pak 40s keep a watchful eye on the objective area as another Sperr platoon prepares to move forward. Stug IVs and RSO Pak 40s are in reserve.


The game is ready to kick off

The horde prepares to strike.

Without fanfare, the soviet armor charges the treeline- stops, and lets their tank escorts assault the Sperr platoon!

The Sperr platoon takes heavy casualties, but survives and pulls back.

Soviet armor retains the tempo and crashes forward through the wood.

Pak 40 RSOs arrive from reserve, ready to snipe T-34s as they head towards the front.

Nebelwerfers fire a barrage.

Which lands harmlessly around the Soviet tanks.

Sperr pioneers keep their head down as a Pak 40 shoots at T-34s through the village.

The snipers knock out a T-34 at range!

Sperr moves up to the far objective.

The RSOs stormtrooper forward.

Joe's Soviet Peredovoye Otryad
  • Tankovy Company: 1 Tank
Steven's German Sperrverband
  • Sperr Platoon: 1 HMG, 2 Rifle/MG

Joe's Soviet Peredovoye Otryad:Forward! T-34s slam into the Sperr driving them back.

Steven's German Sperrverband:The assaulted Sperr platoon falls back into the city. Pak 40 RSOs arrive from reserve and snipe one T-34/85 at range.


Turn 2

Untersturmfuhrer Isabelle oversaw portions of the Sperr defense.

The T-34s are relentless in their pursuit of the Sperr!

The site of 8 T-34s bearing down on your position must be very terrifying!

Tank Escorts clear the buildings of all but one team. One tank attempted to crash in but bogged down.

The Sperr unit is wiped out and the Soviets have the village!

The pioneers move out under covering fire from the attached panzerschrecks firing from a window.

Pioneers position themselves to deal with the Decoy tanks.

RSOs and Pak 40s open up on the T-34s at range, but only manage to bail one tank.

Screaming Mimi's continue firing.

And continue doing no appreciable damage.

The Sperr pioneers launch an assault on the Decoy Stugs after the Pak 40s identify them and rip two of them to pieces!

The remaining Stug quits the field and the pioneers move towards retaking the town.

Joe's Soviet Peredovoye Otryad
  • Tankovy Company: 2 Tanks
  • Decoy Stugs: DESTROYED
Steven's German Sperrverband
  • Sperr Platoon: DESTROYED

Joe's Soviet Peredovoye Otryad:Second verse same as the first! The T-34s relentlessly crash forward and annihilate the Sperr platoon.

Steven's German Sperrverband:RSOs move forward to be in range of the objectives. Sperr Pioneers charge forward and wipe out the Decoy stugs while moving behind the Tankovy!


Turn 3

Tankovy swarms forward. For the first time, Joe feels the bitter sting of the new Hen & Chicks rules. All of his tanks now shoot with ROF 1 and a +1 to hit despite several remaining stationary.

The Gun Line is formed.

The objective is tantalizingly left unguarded.

Stug IVs arrive from reserve!

Everything opens up on the T-34s.

The Pioneers move forward, ready to blast the 2iC and Komissar. A Flame thrower moves into position.

Multiple T-34s are bailed, but only one goes down to the RSO Pak 40s.

The Sperr Pioneer flame thrower bails a T-34.

The 2iC and Komissar fall to small arms fire.

The T-34s have 4 dead tanks, and 5 bailed! Forcing a check which they easily pass.

Joe's Soviet Peredovoye Otryad
  • HQ: 2iC, Komissar
  • Tankovy Company: 4 Tanks
  • Decoy Stugs: DESTROYED
Steven's German Sperrverband
  • Sperr Platoon: DESTROYED

Joe's Soviet Peredovoye Otryad:T-34s press on, lining up shots on the German AT assets.

Steven's German Sperrverband:Pioneers hook around behind the T-34s as Stug IVs arrive from reserve. The T-34s are surrounded and suffering casualties.


Turn 4

SU-152s arrive from reserve!

Most of the T-34s remount. This time the company remains stationary.

Shooting is very succesful! 3 of the Pak 40 RSOs are gutted, leaving one!

Effective MG fire knocks the pioneers to just at half strength.

Earning a "Hero of the Soviet Union" commendation, one T-34 swivels its turret around (suffering from Limited Vision) and wipes out 2 of the Sperr Stugs! Being reluctant, the remaining assault gun quits the field!

The lone Pak 40 RSO passes his morale check and fights on!

The remaining Sperr Pioneers charge forward!

The T-34s are severely depleted but can still fight on! But they fail motivation to counter attack. The Battalion CO joins up, and they again fail to counter attack! They are now below half strength with the Battalion CO attached...

So much for being Fearless...

Joe's Soviet Peredovoye Otryad
  • HQ: 2iC, Komissar, Battalion CO
  • Tankovy Company: DESTROYED
  • Decoy Stugs: DESTROYED
Steven's German Sperrverband
  • Sperr Platoon: DESTROYED
  • Sperr Stugs: DESTROYED
  • Sperr Pioneers: 3 Rifle/MG Teams
  • Pak 40 RSOs: 3 Tank Hunters

Joe's Soviet Peredovoye Otryad:SU-152s arrive from reserve. Combined fire guts the Pak 40 RSOs. A single T-34/85 wipes out the Sperr Assault Gun Platoon. MG fire whittles away at the Pioneers.

Steven's German Sperrverband:The pioneers are our last hope! Our company is nearly below half strength and we're looking at reluctant checks! But the pioneers bring it home- launching a succesful assault on the T-34/85s and knocking them below half.

That was a great game! I truly believe if Joe had passed his company morale he would've had the game. His SU-152s would get volley fire on my Pak 40 RSO- likely knocking it out and costing me a platoon. Then all he'd need to do is finish off my severely depleted Pioneer unit and I am then making a 5+ Company morale check! All that before Joe's massive blob of infantry arrives to sweep my forces away like locusts. Failing 4 morale checks in a row while being fearless! What are the odds?

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