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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

World of Tanks: A Look at the End Game

With many of us fast approaching the end of the tech trees with some of our tanks, we find ourselves asking; "What's next?"

There are currently a select few ideas of options for what is possible for can be accomplished once you have completed all that you can complete.

The first of the options is the current, small 3 man platoon public games. This is where most people currently reside to grind their tanks, earn credits, level up their crew members, etc. We have all been there and done that for quite some time now, and playing your hard-earned tier 10 tanks in these games can be frustrating at times or nothing special other than being the top tank.

That brings us to our second, and most preferential to the WWPD's stature, choice: Company Battles.

Currently, Company Battles allow for up to 15 players (per side) to participate in a large scale, end game battle. There exists a hard limit of 90 points, where each tier a tank is represents the point cost to run that tank. This limit helps to keep things on a level playing field, were as to prevent an entire team from running all tier 10 tanks. This does make things quite random though, but as a clan, we try to fit everyone in into the best way possible, thus getting everyone involved. We would rather have more people have a fun few games than a select few running all top tanks, excluding those who are on the cusp of reaching the end, so as to give the a taste for the cooperation required and to give them that push to achieve the tank that they so desire.

These Company Battles are exactly what WWPD should be doing as the clan currently stands. Learning the maps, the tactics, and what it takes to win against some of the best of the best. The clan conducts these battles on a weekly basis as a form of practice, experience, and fun. Times and signups can be found in the World of Tanks section of the WWPD Forums.

Following Company Battles comes the end of the end, the Clan Wars. Currently Clan Wars is dominated by the best players out there, and not only does this consist of the best clans owning territories, but there are several alliances and pacts at work to keep everyone holding their piece of the pie.

Picture from

A goal for the clan will be to achieve the ability to participate in Clan Wars at some point in our future. Currently to "break in" to Clan Wars, we need to have a lot more players with a lot higher level of tanks. On average most dominating clans have around 40 total tier 10s, numerous tier 9s, and infinite tier 8s. This should not be discouraging but rather a goal for us to achieve at some point in our future.

With all of this said, in a future (read: soon) patch, there will be plenty of changes to the game that will affect the way these work. The Company Battles will feature different tier/point limits which should make things more exciting and manageable for all, and Clan Wars is becoming a larger scale operation with more places to venture to and attempt to control.

Expect some interesting changes in the next few months for this game, keep working towards those end of the line tanks, and look forward to what awaits WWPD in the future!

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