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Friday, November 4, 2011

A Whole Mess o' T-34s (and other Soviet armor)

I finished the last 6 T-34s (by The Plastic Soldier Company) I had to do. That brings my total to 22 Soviet T-34s (all with 76 or 85 option- thank you Plastic Soldier Company!), and 12 German T-34s.  The German T-34s can be used as an SS Beutepanzer Company in the Flames of War book "East Front".

With 34 vehicles, T-34s are now officially my most numerous type of tank! Just 1 ahead of Shermans with 33. (17 for the Americans, 2 for the Germans, 14 for the 8th Army Brits).

Here are all 22 of the Soviet tanks!

And now adding in the German SS T-34s for good measure!

And now all of the soviet armor I have painted right now!  This is a mix of The Plastic Soldier Company, Game Models, and Battlefront Miniatures.

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