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Friday, November 4, 2011

A Whole Mess o' T-34s (and other Soviet armor)

I finished the last 6 T-34s (by The Plastic Soldier Company) I had to do. That brings my total to 22 Soviet T-34s (all with 76 or 85 option- thank you Plastic Soldier Company!), and 12 German T-34s.  The German T-34s can be used as an SS Beutepanzer Company in the Flames of War book "East Front".

With 34 vehicles, T-34s are now officially my most numerous type of tank! Just 1 ahead of Shermans with 33. (17 for the Americans, 2 for the Germans, 14 for the 8th Army Brits).

Here are all 22 of the Soviet tanks!

And now adding in the German SS T-34s for good measure!

And now all of the soviet armor I have painted right now!  This is a mix of The Plastic Soldier Company, Game Models, and Battlefront Miniatures.


Anatoli said...

Very impressive, fantastic job!

About that T-34 army, is anyone actually able to stop it in the game?

indierockclimber said...

It's stoppable! I once played in a tournament where I faced 3 different Tankovy lists and won all 3 games. That's anecdotal evidence I suppose, but you don't see the lists dominating the tournament scene.

It's a mean as hell list in late war though, no doubt about it!

Don M said...

It can be done, if the you have your 88s placed just right and the gaming gods smile!

Oh btw I have a really great web site about the Soviet Army in WWII has tons of photos and color pics of everything you can think of!

cbaxter said...

thats is one hell of of horde, nice work, comrade stalin would be proud of your factory workers output

Luke said...

I just pee'd a little when looking at that.

Kage said...

Very very nice

I'm not one for the "cartoon" style. Mostly because I can't pull it off. But I do like how the style looks.

I like those ones better then the other ones. the other ones are more my painting style.

these t-34's are my favorites of anything I've seen you paint.

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