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Monday, December 5, 2011

Wespe Battery

By Dirty Jon
There is a really cool Mechanized list in Dogs & Devils for the Hermann Göring Division that has a Platoon of Pioneers and a Battery of Wespe as Core Units. Luke was lucky enough to find 2 dirt cheap Battlefront Wespe (GE141) blisters at Historicon and picked them up for me on a whim . I added 2 more to complete the battery so I don't have to re-roll hits. I painted them up in the standard 'Dirty Jon' Style German Camouflage.
I really like these guys with the 4+ Firepower in bombardments and the 2+ Firepower in direct fire. These are pretty similar to the Priests I run in my British lists.


In 1940, during the Battle of France, it was apparent that the main tank of the German forces, the Panzer II, was unsuitable as a tank; though mechanically sound, it was both under-gunned and under-armoured. Thus, when the need arose for a self-propelled artillery vehicle, the Panzer II was a natural choice, removing the vehicles from front line service and extending their usable lifespan. The design for the Wespe was produced by Alkett, and was based on the Panzer II Ausf. F chassis. Production of the vehicles was carried out at various plants, mainly in occupied Poland. The conversion process itself proved relatively simple, involving the replacement of the Panzer II turret with a 105 mm leFH 18 howitzer and a gun-shield.
A battery of Wespe self-propelled howitzers supporting German forces during the Battle of Kursk. The Wespe first saw combat in 1943 on the Eastern Front, and proved so successful that Hitler ordered all Panzer II production to be reserved for the Wespe alone, dropping other projects such as the Marder II self-propelled anti-tank gun. They were allocated to the armored artillery battalions (Panzerartillerie Abteilungen) of Panzer divisions along with heavier Hummel self-propelled guns. The Wespe stayed in production from February 1943 until mid-1944. By that time, 682 had been produced, with an additional 158 built as weaponless ammunition carriers.


Equipment and Notes
10.5cm leFH18M howitzer
 Firing Bombardments
Fully Tracked
Hull Mounted, Smoke
Smoke Bombardment

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