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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Some hot T-34 on T-34 action!

Sean and I wanted to get in a relatively quick game, and I had just finished up the last of my soviet T-34s. So we decided to go T-34 crazy! The mission was Clean Sweep. Sean controlled the Germans and I the soviets.

German SS Beute Panzerkompanie
  • HQ (Hans Von Dietrich) (2x T-34s)
  • 1st Zug: 4x T-34s
  • 2nd Zug: 4x T-34s
  • 3rd Zug: 2 8-rads
  • 4th zug: Panzergrenadiers
Soviet Red Army Tankovy Battalion
  • HQ (Ivan Doyenev) - T-34
  • 1st Company: 10x T-34 w/ Tankriders
  • 2nd Company: 10x T-34
  • 3rd Company: Tank-Rider company (1 platoon + HMG and komissar)
  • 4th Company: Heavy Assault Guns (2x SU-152)


The board! Soviets start with the tank rider company and the company with tank riders (heh). German start with all of the T-34s. Objectives are in the top right (in the orchard) and the bottom left (just out of frame).

SS T-34s with their 2iC prepare to move to secure the objective. The ground is muddy with the recent rains.


Hans Von Dietrich deploys with 1st company, ready to cross the bridge toward the "soviet objective".

Heroes of the soviet union prepare to roll to the near objective.

The tank riders plan to take advantage of the rains and hoof it to the far objective or at least get to the safety of the ruins!

The Germans have the first turn. The Panzers roll towards the objective! The 2iC bogs in the muck.

Von Dietrich and his men race forward in a tight formation, hoping to catch the soviets offguard!

And catch them they do! One Soviet T-34 goes up in flames as shouts cry out from its former defenders.

The 2iC's detachment stormtroopers forward, nearly making the road.

The Soviets rumble forward!

Tank riders surge forward!

German SS Beute Panzerkompanie
  • none
Soviet Red Army Tankovy Battalion
  • 1st Company: 1 T-34, 2 tankriders
  • none

German SS Beute Panzerkompanie:The Panzers aggressively move forward in both directions! Von Dietrich's platoon knocks out the first soviet T-34 of the day!

Soviet Red Army Tankovy Battalion:The soviets lumber forward, attempting to gain control of the situation.


The situation.

The 2iC remains bogged, but the Panzergrenadiers arrive from reserve to ensure his safety

As a huge cloud passes overhead, the 2iC's platoon reaches the road, ready to intercept the soviet infantry.

The German panzers take up defensive positions after opening up on the soviets.

Take cover, men!

The soviets move into position and score 2 lucky hits! 2 SS Panzers go up in flames!

While tank riders assault the other isolated vehicle!

And are succesful in the sticky mud!

Assault Guns arrive from reserve

The aftermath. Von Dietrich's platoon is down 3 tanks! The remaining tank survives, and the two resolve to hold the line.

German 8-rads arrive from reserve

German SS Beute Panzerkompanie
  • 1st Zug: 3x T-34s
Soviet Red Army Tankovy Battalion
  • 1st Company: 3 tankos, 1 T-34
  • none

German SS Beute Panzerkompanie:Panzergrenadiers arrive from reserve as beutepanzers push both flanks.

Soviet Red Army Tankovy Battalion:return fire followed up by an assault guts Von Dietrich's platoon of captured tanks! The SU-152s arrive.


The situation

8-rads arrive from reserve

Von Dietrich and his comrade retreat into a wood.

The other T-34s encounter the tankriders, and open up with MGs blazing.

Severe casualties are suffered!

2nd Company arrives from reserve, but unfortunately the ground is not yet hardened.

1st Company are like hounds on the trail of their quarry.

1 T-34 holds the soviet objective.

The tankrider platoon hugs the terrain.

German SS Beute Panzerkompanie
  • 1st Platoon: 3x T-34s
Soviet Red Army Tankovy Battalion
  • 1st Company: 5 tankos, 1x T-34
  • Tankriders: 3 stands
  • none

German SS Beute Panzerkompanie:8-rads arrive from reserve. Dietrich's group retreats as the other beutepanzers open up on the soviet infantry.

Soviet Red Army Tankovy Battalion:1st company chases Von dietrich tirelessly as the 2nd company arrives behind them.


Bird's eye view

Smelling blood, the Panzers continue to harass the infantry.

Von Dietrich's command keeps falling back after laying down suppressing fire.

Panzergrenadiers dig in on the German objective.

The 8-rads hang on the other side of a bridge, observing the soviet first company.

The Panzers assault!

The tankriders are crushed neath the fascist treads!

It is at this time that I realize the objectives go hot on turn 6 and I am nowhere near the German objective. (He is nowhere near mine either, but Sean went first and thus is poised to win it). Nothing to do but CHARGE!

Von Dietrich will be ours, comrades!

The T-34s moving at the double.

German SS Beute Panzerkompanie
  • 1st Platoon: 3 T-34s
Soviet Red Army Tankovy Battalion
  • 1st Company: 5 tankos, 1x T-34
  • Tankriders: destroyed
  • none

German SS Beute Panzerkompanie:The 2iC's panzers break the tankrider company.

Soviet Red Army Tankovy Battalion:Soviets charge wrecklessly at the objective, knowing defeat is at hand.


The situation is now impossible for the soviets. There is no way they can reach the German objective by turn 6, but still they fight on!

Von Dietrich personally knocks out another soviet T-34.

Despite return fire on a company that moved at the double, the only casualty is one T-34! The one T-34 that could block the bridge...

Knowing he has cinched the victory, Sean races forward with the 8-rads just to see what happens.

The soviets muster every shot they possibly can on the 2iC's group (which has now stormtrooper back towards safety)

Predictably, the 8-rads are destroyed.

Tankos from 1st platoon attempt to assault Von Dietrich!

But the assault fails!

1 Beutepanzer burns, but the game is now lost!

Far from the action, the Panzergrenadiers hold the objective.

German SS Beute Panzerkompanie
  • 8-rads: Destroyed
  • 1st Platoon: 3 T-34s
  • 2nd Platoon: 1 T-34
Soviet Red Army Tankovy Battalion
  • Tank riders: Destroyed
  • 1st Company: 2x T-34, 7 tankos.
  • 2nd Company: 1x T-34
  • none

German SS Beute Panzerkompanie:Panzers return fire on the double moving soviets, blocking the bridge with wreckage.

Soviet Red Army Tankovy Battalion:The soviets have lost it, but continue to hound the Germans!

While technically a 5-2, clearly the 8-rads were a "DO IT LIVE!" decision. Classic case of me not keeping my eyes on the objective! I didn't even think about them going live on turn 6! I should've started with all of my T-34s, and rammed 2nd Company down some kraut-throat! Hindsight is 20/20 and this was a very stylish game. We had a good time!

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