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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Red Army Tankovy vs Panzerkompanie (Heer) - No Retreat

World of Tanks Wednesdays with Chris Hecht!
Breaking from the norm, but not really. Here is a World of Tanks-ish battle in Flames of War. Simply put we were running with tanks only, minus the small exception of air, in a No Retreat scenario. This was a friendly list test for the annual Tanksgiving game between myself and Battlefront Staff-member Rob.

Tankovy - Red ArmyPanzerkompanie (Heer)
  • HQ: T-34/76 obr 1942
  • 7x T-34/76s & 3x T34/57s
  • 7x T-34/76s & 3x T34/57s
  • 7x T-70 obr 1942
  • 2x SU-152
  • Limited IL-2 Shturmoviks
  • HQ: 2x Panzer IV H
  • 3x Panzer IV H
  • 2x Pz3 G/H/Je, 1x Pz3 Jl, & 1x Pz3 N
  • 2x Sd Kfz 231 (8-rad)
  • 3x Sturer Emil

Turn 1 and Deployment


With half of his forces held in reserve, Rob was left with only 2 platoons to deploy, which one must be held in Ambush. Wisely he chose to hold the Sturer Emils in Ambush and deploy the Panzer IVs along with the CiC & 2iC at maximum range to stave off the horde. On the opposite side of the steppes, I was able to deploy my entire force, but with limited space and too many tanks, a parking lot was formed, oddly familiar to the start to any World of Tanks match. One objective near the rear was undoubtedly going to be ignored, but the objective near the small village would be the primary target.

Soviet Advance

Soviets roll out, with no targets they move at full rate and T-70s double. Shturmoviks fail to find targets and so are ineffective.

Pz4s advance to firing range

Panzer IVs move up to be at long range of the advancing horde, scoring 2 hits but only managing a single bail on the T-34s.


The Sturer Emils spring their ambush with the option of several targets. Weighing out the options, Rob decides that the flanking T-70s are a juicier target since they moved at the double than the massive horde in front.


With little doubt the Emils completely gut the T-70 company, leaving a single surviving member of what used to be a 7 tank flanking company.

As expected, the lone T-70 decides that running away in fear of his burning comrades is the wiser decision than sticking around.

Soviet CasultiesGerman Casulties
  • T-70 obr 1942
  • None!

Turn 2

Striking back

The Soviet horde continues their advance, but this time at shooting speeds, each company targeting their best bet, some shots at the Emils and some at the Panzer IVs.

Burning Emil

The T-34/57s scores a few excellent hits, killing one Emil and bailing another. In all the excitement the Shturmoviks range in but fail to land any hits.

Pz4s take aim

With reserves failing to show up for the 2nd turn in a row, the Panzer IVs take aim at the T-34 company nearing the objective. Unloading all the shells they could and scoring many hits, they manage to destroy a T-34/57 and a T-34/76 in addition to bailing 2 others.

Burning Soviets

The bailed Emil returns to his tank and both Emils unload on the single visible SU-152, who manages to only get bailed.

Soviet CasultiesGerman Casulties
  • T-70 obr 1942
  • 1x T-34/76 & 1x T-34/57
  • 1x Sturer Emil

Turn 3

Objective Held

The Soviet horde moves onto the objective and begins to form a large fire line to take advantage of the massive number superiority. Unloading all of their shots, the mass of T-34s manage to bail both of the Emils, forcing a check which they pass, and destroying a Panzer IV.

Planes finally manage to range in and hit something, but as luck would have it the Panzer IV that was hit by rockets was only bailed.

Back In!

Again the Germans are sleeping on the job and Rob receives no reserves. A single Emil returns to the fight and fires into the T-34s that are holding onto the objective, against all odds only one tank is bailed.

The Panzer IVs realizing they need to make a move to continue the game advance to contest the objective and walk into the jaws of the Red Bear. Taking all their shots, the German 7.5cms are no match for the Soviet armor as they gun-tank the T-34/57s and only bail 2.

Soviet CasultiesGerman Casulties
  • T-70 obr 1942
  • 1x T-34/76 & 1x T-34/57
  • 1x Sturer Emil
  • 1x Panzer IV

Turn 4

It is over

Standing their ground, the Soviet tank companies unload at any target they have. Focusing most of their fire at the Panzer IVs to knock them off of the objective. Landing 2 57mm and 6 76mm penetrating hits, the Soviets eliminate the entire Panzer IV platoon, yet the CiC manages to escape with only being bailed out.

They won't die!

With the remaining shots and Shturmoviks laying into the Emils, yet again the platoon survives only being bailed out and passing their motivation to stay.

At this point, with no platoons holding the objective, reserves seemingly lost to what was sure to be another flanking Soviet Battalion, Rob is forced to retire from the game as his turn provides nothing of value to his cause.

After Thought:

Being forced to tank his tanks into roles they were not suited for and reserves never making it onto the board cost Rob the game. Many options could have presented themselves had the reserves showed up at any time, but once the gun-line was formed by the Soviets, there was little that could be done. While not the best match up for a single army on army conflict, I feel both lists should present themselves to be excellent forces for the upcoming Tanksgiving battle held at Freezers Icehouse Gaming club in Newark Delaware when upwards of 5 or more armies will be on each side of the massive board.

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