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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Captured Stugs by Game Models

I recently placed a big order with Game Models to try some new stuff out. I grabbed 4 of their Stug Gs. They look pretty decent, but next to Battle Front Stugs they just look like toys. So I decided to paint them as captured soviet Stugs so they won't ever really be side-by-side.

I will say for $4 a piece I am quite happy with them, but for such an iconic and cool vehicle, I think it's probably worth spending the extra.  Click here to see my previously done Battlefront Stugs.

You can use captured Stugs in Flames of War as part of the Decoy Tank platoons in the various East Front books.

And here is one side by side with a Battlefront Stug:

And lastly, with the 4th one, I decided to paint it as a gift to Dirty Jon. This is the captured British Stug the artillery can buy in one of the Market Garden Books!

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