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Monday, November 21, 2011

After Hours Episode 12- One Hour and Fifteen Minutes!

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After Hours 12- After recording episode 28, the dudes discuss player responsibility in a tournament, the new Hen & Chicks Rules, Movies, pizza and a ton of other stuff in the longest After Hours Yet!

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cbaxter said...

another nice after hours, when i was in high school i had a friend who loved horror movies and after parties he we would go to his house to crash and he would put on crazy horror movies to fall asleep too. the rest of us would be up all night half lit pissing our pants while he was asleep

crimsonexec said...

Great after hours!! One fo the better ones. One thing about in tournaments I like to do is to remind someone the first time they forget something then they are on their own. So, If they forget to shoot machine guns at tank riders I remind them the first time.

Andrew said...

Anyone else notice the reference to rules version 3? Right at about 1:01? What do the WWPD crew know that they're not telling us?

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