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Monday, October 17, 2011

WWPD News From the Front Episode 26

"They Mosthly Come out at Night... Mosthly"
The 3 amigos are back and getting started early! Join the dudes as they discuss Fall In, Flames of War news, Burning Empires, Grey Wolf/Red Bear, some basing tips, and advice on how to use your transports! Plenty to sink your teeth into this time around. So jump in, crack a cold one, and hang out with your gaming pals!
  • 0:00 - Intro/contest info/etc
  • 0:15 - Fall In Details and Discussion
  • 0:28 - Luke's Editorial re: Battlefront as a Company
  • 0:40 - Battlefront News & Burning Empires Preview
  • 1:04 - Discussing Basing
  • 1:19 - Southern Front AAR
  • 1:25 - Grey Wolf/Red Bear
  • 1:34 - N00B ZONE: Transport Teams
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Links discussed in this episode:
Flames of War News
Easy Army
Triangle Simulation Society's Southern Front
WWPD on Facebook
Wounded Warrior Project

Whew, another early one! Check out the video on Youtube to see why we're radio personalities, and not video stars! (Except for Luke's side business....)


Jeff Hewitt said...

Hey guys!

Good show! Thanks for mentioning the triangle simulation society re: Southern Front. Raleigh is a mere 8 hours away from Chattanooga (per google maps, anyway) and that's a gaming convention I could actually attend. Maybe my US Paratroopers will see some action at Spring Fever! Burning Empires sounds very cool.

Gnomish_Gamemaster said...

Great show!! You guys recently advised me to e-mail their editor about a PDF briefing that was under review. If anyone needs proof as to whether Battlefront listens, within 2 days of the e-mail, I received an e-mail from Battlefront with the updated official PDF. I look forward to many years of gaming with this company's products.

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