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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Want to Join the 1st WWPD Panzer Division?

World of Tanks Wednesdays by Christopher Hecht!

So you came over to the dark side of things and decided that you want to play World of Tanks with the WWPD staff and subscribers, well here is how you can go about getting into the clan so you can platoon up with your fellow WWPDers, meet up on TeamSpeak3, and have a group to play with! Here I will show you the quick, down and dirty, way to apply to the clan!

First things first though, you must go to the World of Tanks Forum Page. From there you will be prompted to either Create an Account (which is separately created from your initial log in but still linked together), or if you already created an account, you can Log In!

Once you create your account or log in you will then have full access to the WoT's forum page. There is plenty of useful information in there, but for the purposes of this article, none will be used or discussed.

Now that you have logged into the forums we can then direct you to the 1st WWPD Panzer Division clan page. Here you will again be prompted to log in with your game account information this time.

Once you have logged in the option to apply to the clan will appear on the right hand side in the box below the arrow in the previous picture. An application will appear once you click the submit application link prompting you for your reasoning why you want to join the clan. Here is where most of the more hardcore clans filter their applications by asking for certain information. Simply give a short message saying who you are from the WWPD site and then eagerly wait until on of the senior staff members can check the applications. Once we receive the application we will send you a private message in the forums which we had you log into earlier. That message will be a simple questionnaire to more or less verify that you are indeed interested in WWPD instead of a random application spammer (believe me, it happens). Most of the higher end clans will ask for important information such as your statistics in the game, play style, etc. We are not like that, we simply want to make sure you are a friendly person who will have a great time playing the game and hanging out with us. Fill out the form, return it to whomever PMed it to you and then wait.

Within a day or so the senior staff will review it and accept you into the clan. We are a friendly bunch and you would have to try seriously hard to not get accepted, but once that is through we will send you another welcome PM containing all the information related to the TeamSpeak3 server, information, etc. From there, the next time you log in, you will notice the clan chat window at the bottom of your screen. Welcome aboard and we cannot wait to see you in game!

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