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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

US 3rd AD vs 21st PD Panzergrenadiers in Breakthrough

Sean was eager to try running US armor in preparation for Fall In, and I was happy to oblige by running some 21st Panzer Panzergrenadiers! The mission is Breakthrough.

US 3rd Armored Tank Company
  • HQ- 2 M4 Shermans + Recovery
  • 4x M4 Shermans
  • 4x M4 Shermans
  • 4x M4A1 Sherman 76
  • 5x M5A1 Stuarts
  • 5x M5A1 Stuarts
  • Priest Battery + AOP

21st PD Panzergrenadiers
  • HQ w/ fausts
  • Panzergrenadier Platoon w/ faust
  • Panzergrenadier Platoon w/ faust
  • Scout Platoon
  • Nebelwerfer Battery
  • 2x Tiger IE
  • 3x Panzer IV H, 1x Captured Firefly
  • 3x Pak 40s
  • 10/5 SPAA


I begin with my Tiger Is on the board dominating the center. Pak 40s cover the bridge in the south. Panzergrenadiers hold the church and farm in the top left, blocking for the nebelwerfers behind them. The recon unit is deployed far forward to limit american deployment. Objectives are visible in the top right. Sean puts his 76s and a platoon of Shermans in reserve.

The yanks prepare to roll out.


Panzergrenadiers hold the church.

Nebelwerfers prepare to fire on the advancing Americans.

Pak 40s hold the bridge.

The Tigers hold the center of the board.

Stuarts roll out!

Stuarts push for the church!

Fire is largely ineffective with the Germans hunkering down. The Stuarts assault! 2 bail on the wall, and 1 is bailed by a panzerfaust! The Germans suffer no casualties, but fail to counter attack.

German Panzergrenadiers start moving towards the objectives.

One of the tigers rolls out while the other stays stationary, sighting on the Stuarts that assaulted the church.

The nebelwerfers fire a barrage

The nebelwerfers slam into the Stuarts.

The Tigers laser beam the Stuarts as well. The remaining Stuarts quit the field!

Panzergrenadiers assault the 2iC and Observer sherman!

The two independent teams counter attack!

The Germans gain the upper hand! The 2iC breaks off through the Panzergrenadiers, leaving the observer sherman behind to be captured.

The AOP flies low to observe the enemy.


1st Stuart Platoon: DESTROYED

"Church" Panzergrenadiers: 2 stands


USA: The US advances cautiously for the most part, except where a Stuart platoon slammed into the panzergrenadiers in the church!
GERMANS: Return fire from the Tigers and nebelwerfers knock out the Stuarts. The rest of the army hunkers down or moves towards the objectives.


Stuarts press the right flank, MGing the hell out of the pak 40s, who make it through unscathed.

Shermans move up, machine gunning the recon troops.

The 2iC moves forward, harassing the nebelwerfers.

The Tigers begin backing up towards the objective, taking pot shots at Stuarts at range.

The pak 40s site in on the Stuarts.

Tigers and Paks rip the Stuarts apart.


1st Stuart Platoon: DESTROYED
2nd Stuart Platoon: DESTROYED

"Church" Panzergrenadiers: 2 stands


USA: The US continues a slow advance. The other stuart platoon finds themselves caught in front of the Paks. The 2iC goes solo on the nebelwerfers.
GERMANS: Tigers and Pak 40s annihilate the Stuarts while the rear panzergrenadiers and Tigers move towards the objective.


Shermans change their trajectory of attack.

The Tigers move into the small village to hold the objectives.


1st Stuart Platoon: DESTROYED
2nd Stuart Platoon: DESTROYED

"Church" Panzergrenadiers: 2 stands


USA: The US repositions, but mostly waits for reserves.
GERMANS: Nebelwerfers go to ground to avoid fire from the 2iC. The rest of the army shifts towards the objectives.


Sherman 76s arrive from reserve, licking their chops at the exposed side armor of a Tiger I!

The other US reserves arrive as well!

The Tiger on the bridge is surrounded!

The AOP lays smoke on the other tiger. Unfortunately, the Tiger is only bailed.

The German reserves arrive as well- relieving the nebelwerfers!

The Church panzergrenadiers move towards the priests!

The captured firefly knocks out the American 2iC.

Nebelwerfers fire on the Shermans in the wheat, but fail to catch any.

The Tigers and pak 40s return fire on the 76s, taking 2 down.

Tigers pull back.

Panzers move forward, remaining behidn the hill.


1st Stuart Platoon: DESTROYED
2nd Stuart Platoon: DESTROYED
Sherman 76s: 2 tanks

"Church" Panzergrenadiers: 2 stands
"Objective" Panzergrenadiers: 1 stand


USA: The US reserves arrive and all fire is focused on the tigers- only bailing one!
GERMANS: Panzers arrive and knock out the 2iC. Return fire knocks out 2 76s.


The 76s press the attack!

Shermans move into a wood

105s rain down on the nebelwerfers and panzers, but do no damage.

A tiger is again bailed, but return fire wipes out the 76s.

A sherman brews up from long range fire from the Panzers.

Panzergrenadiers attempt to assault the priests.

But the .50 cals keep them at bay.

At this point the Americans are at half strength, but the objective is fairly solidly held. Sean decides he's seen enough carnage, and calls the game.

6-1 to the Germans.


WEBGriffin said...

Great AAR (as always)!

I would be interested in a "closing" section where each of you review the tactics and strategies that were used. Think of it as a "if I could do it over" section. That allows us (the audience) to learn along with the players.


Chris from Model Dads said...

Good read, nice maneuvers

indierockclimber said...

WEB- we've done that before, and I definitely think it's helpful! But, especially in games like these, it can be a challenge to force yourself to revisit your mistakes!

But I'll try to start adding some game summaries :)

Samulus said...

Those Americans took a hell of a pasting. Can't help but think the Stuarts were thrown away, especially against the Tigers and Paks - they're light tanks!

Private Snafu said...

Trained US Armor = an exercise in futility.

indierockclimber said...

@Samulus- yeah, it was Sean's first time running them and I guess didn't quite realize just how vulnerable they are

@private snafu- 100% disagreement! I've won several tourneys with trained US armor!

W.DesertForce said...

Holy cow... who painted that US armour? It's easily the best painted stuff I've seen on WWPD!

indierockclimber said...

Why thank you sir, that was me :) It has won me a best painted award a time or two!

WEBGriffin said...

@Trained Armor - I am with Indie / Steve. CT USA Armor is a strong force. The list that Sean played seems to be a good list. The German force is also a strong list, so I really like to see how these play out.

I am guessing Sean will see that smoke, smoke, smoke is the way to go.

Private Snafu said...

@indierockclimber - You may play it well but data would prove otherwise. It's not impossible just very difficult when many heavy tank armies are about (my local meta). I play trained mostly and veteran occasionally and not surprisingly have a higher win ratio with vets. I like his list but would try to squeeze in mortars and 5 76's.

J. said...

Where did you buy the incredible church from?

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