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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Updated Man Cave

Staples had 30" book shelves on sale for $20, so I took the opportunity to revamp my man cave!  I bought 4 of them to sit the game table on, offering me a lot more storage space!

In the past month I've built more furniture than I've built in my entire life- between the nursery and the man cave!

And here's a bonus pic of the nursery.  Luke and his wife Cynthia very generously helped us paint it! 

For those of you concerned with brain rot- the TV is for mom and dad.  It will be removed once we aren't spending tons of time in there.


jmezz382 said...

Just how it looked in our details meeting ! Awesome dude

Neal Smith said...

It's so clean! Are you sure it's really a "man cave"? :)

Love "bookshelf tables". Slab doors make good toppers for bookshelves too if you need a workbench or something like that.

Andrew said...

Really? Nothing WW2 related, what kind of nursery is that?

W.DesertForce said...

I seem to remember something about painting the nursery up as a "hatchery." Guess that idea didn't fly with the boss eh?

Anatoli said...

Looks great!

Chris from Model Dads said...

You're all set, good luck with the new arrival.

Take a book to the hospital delivery room dude, you can be in there hours :P

PMGeuze said...

I would love to see what/how those black boxes work/fit that I can see on the shelves.

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