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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Update from the Left Coast

Brian has been painting his hippy keister off out in California.  He sent me an update a few days back!  Here they are in all their glory!


Dirty Jon said...

Lookin' good, Hippie! =)

Secret Squirrel said...

So here is my write-up. The above pictures represent a fraction of what I have done with the plastic bases. So far I have busted through 3 packs of the bases and have some pointers.

I followed the battlefront method for using these bases. To that end I ended up going through 12 bottles of my super glue of choice. So for each pack of bases I spent and equal amount on the glue. An alternative method can be found on the Kerr and King website:

They use a combination of putty and PVA glue. If you are going to go the super glue route I found that the gel based worked better keeping the sand in place.

Painting was pretty strait forward and I followed the BF tutorial. What I was amazed with is how fast the process went. So far I have based.

3 full FJ Platoons
1 Mortar Platoon
1 MG Platoon
1 LG40 Platoon
1 AA Gun Platoon
HQ w/ all the options

On the PAK40s I wanted the camo look that was seen on the Peter Pig PAK40s. To duplicate that on my ho hum Old Glory 15s I just used thin strips of toilet paper dunked in a mix of water an PVA. I just laid the strips on around the gun shield a barrel, let them dry and painted them up. I am going to use this method on the Stugs and PZIVs tonight and will have some pics this weekend.

grumpus said...

Greetings from Santa Cruz California , the hippiest place on earth. besides maybe vermont and parts of oregon...anyway, very nice job, i'm really liking the tissue and pva deal, looks great.
carry on.

Secret Squirrel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Secret Squirrel said...

I just TP'ed 4 StuGs and 3 Panzer IVs tonight. I will snap a few pics before and after I paint them up tomorrow night.

Lachlan Cannard said...

Always good to see more FJ!

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