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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Toilet Paper Camouflage by Brian.

I feel like a joke could be made about this post that references Brian's train piece adventure.  But I will abstain -Steven

1. Models not yet varnished
2. The TP plus PVA dries rock solid
3. Quilted TP gives a more canvas like effect, plus it feels nice
4. [In the last] pic, can you tell which of the canvas was
added as TP and which was sculpted on the original model
5. This is the best method of adding a camo look to a 15mm tank that I
have found or tried thus far


Jester_prince said...

Used to do just this to my spacemarine tanks back in the day.

Ill have to show this to my tread head friend.

Andrew said...

What is this supposed to represent? Random green blankets draped over their tanks? Camo netting? Do we have pictures of this at all?

SinSynn said...

That is sooooo cool....
Consider this idea stolen!
(with thanks, natch...)

As far as 'what it represents,' well...who cares? It looks cool.

Not being a fan of the German 'fluff,' I based my Germans off of nutty 'fringe' stuff like the Hellboy comics and the Hellsing manga/anime.
I've got little grey aliens and robots as my 1 ic and 2 ic...
No, I've never seen a picture, so...*shrug*
Sure is ccol though...

SinSynn said...

well, it's actually 'cool,' with one 'c' and TWO 'o's'

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