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Monday, October 31, 2011

LRDG Raiding Action! (L Patrol Part IV)

Sean and I were very excited with the redo of the raiding forces in Burning Empires. So we picked up where we left off with L Patrol! To see the previous battles, take a look at the batreps page!

The mission was "The Convoy" and would see the LRDG Forces attacking at dusk, ready to wreak havoc on German supply lines!

L Patrol Part III
L Patrol Part II
L Patrol Part I

Note: We fudged the captured M13. The LRDG don't have access to that in BE, but we thought it was cool. We last left L Patrol as they were surrounded by a platoon of M13s!
They clearly escaped that situation and have a trophy to show for it. We affectionately referred to the captured tank as "Bella".

2nd Note: This battle report is being generated by a piece of software I wrote to take the tedium out of it. I will release it for general use in a few days.

LRDG Raiding Party
  • HQ (2 Jeeps w/ extra MGs)
  • 3 LRDG Trucks (all w/ extra MGs, 1 upgraded to .50 cal)
  • 3 LRDG Trucks (all w/ extra MGs, 1 upgraded to .50 cal)
  • "Guns" Patrol: 3 LRDG Trucks- 1 with upgraded breda AA gun and the other 2 w/ .50 cals
  • "Bella" Captured M13/40.
  • Limited Interdiction Raiding (5 dice to intercept reserves!)
German Motorized Infantry
  • HQ
  • Schutzen Platoon (Full Strength)
  • Schutzen Platoon (Full Strength)
  • Schutzen Platoon (Full Strength)
  • Mortar Platoon
  • Light Panzerspah Patrol
  • 2x Panzer IV E
  • Limited Stukas


As the sun begins to set in the West, the raiders prepare to descend on their prey.

"Alright Boys, we'll bring up the rear!"


"Tally Ho!"

Bella lurches forward. "Jerry will be surprised to see this!"

The Convoy drives on, oblivious to the approaching dust clouds.


With practiced precision, the raiders strike all at once!

"Open Fire!"

Guns Skids into the road blocking the lead car's path.

All at once incendiary rounds tear into the Schutzen's trucks. The carnage is almost unbelievable.

Only the platoon leader manages to weakly pull himself from the wreckage.

The convoy trucks have no choice but to gun it, scarcely avoiding the burning wrecks in their way.

LRDG Raiding Party:the raiders strike with deadly efficiency!

German Motorized Infantry:The Germans mostly die this turn.


The raiders get stuck in.

The intended targets now begin going up in flames.

"Job Well Done boys!"

A Stuka swoops in overhead as the last remaining convoy truck tries to make a break for it!

LRDG Raiding Party:Incendiary rounds light up the convoy, knocking out 4/5 objectives.

German Motorized Infantry:Stukas swoop in, but can't find their targets. The last remaining convoy truck makes a break for it!


The raiders make a break for safety as the sun starts to slip below the horizon.

Guns' patrol and the skipper remain to mop up and nab the last truck.

"Alright Boys, that's Mission Accomplished."

The Sun begins fading.

LRDG Raiding Party:Guns' Patrol wipes out the last of the objectives.

German Motorized Infantry:In the distance, a Schutzen Platoon arrives.


Panzergrenadiers arrive in the North West just as the light disappears.

The raiders gun it while they can still see where they're going.

"Kill the lights."

Panzergrenadiers search for the raiders in the darkness.

O'Hara's ears perk as he thinks he hears diesels in the darkness.

Germans fan out as they start to make out shapes in the distance.

LRDG Raiding Party:All of the patrols gun it for safety.

German Motorized Infantry:The German Schutzen starts to fan out.


The LRDG's interdiction raids have largely kept the jerries away, but with nightfall it's anyone's guess where the Germans are!


"Hear that boys?! Tally Ho!"

The men of L2 scan for targets.

LRDG Raiding Party:Bella and L2 patrol are nearly on top of the Schutzen, but no shots are exchanged.

German Motorized Infantry:Germans continue to widen the net, but lay low in the darkness.


L2 and Bella are nearly on top of the Schutzen!

A Viscious firefight breaks out- 2 tanks of L2 burn, with another disappearing wildly into the desert! Return fire pins down the Schutzen!


Bella acts as the patrol's spearhead.

"Tally Ho!"

The attached T1 Patrol links up with O'Hara and lays down covering fire.

Guns and the Skipper bring up the rear.

T1 and Bella lay down impressive amounts of fire, gutting the Schutzen!

Bella charges in!

And is almost to safety!

The Germans, desperate to stop the tank, surge forward, but can't follow through.

LRDG Raiding Party:T1 Patrol and Bella gut the schutzen. Guns' patrol lags behind

German Motorized Infantry:The survivors attempt to assault Bella but fail.


So close but so far!

Bella could escape, but hangs back to cover T1's advance.

Guns and the CO navigate the terrain in the darkness.

The Schutzen is shot to pieces!

As a 3rd Schutzen platoon arrives!

LRDG Raiding Party:Bella and T1 finish off the Schutzen in front of them.

German Motorized Infantry:More infantry and Mortars arrive from reserve!


The German reserves are arriving more quickly now!

Guns leads the way through a treacherous gap.

"CRIKEY!" - Light Panzerspah nearly crashes into T1!

One of the trucks of T1 goes up in flames!

Freshly arrived Schutzen fan out.

LRDG Raiding Party:Bella escapes to safety...

German Motorized Infantry:Light Panzerspah arrives directly in the path of T1!


Things are looking very grim!

The Schutzen arrive just in time to see T1 gun it and race past the armored cars to safety!! Just by the skin of their teeth!

Panzer IVs arrive from reserve, navigating a wadi in the darkness.

But Guns' and the CO have yet to escape!

The Panzerspah and Guns' patrol exchange fire, but no casualties are taken by either side.

The Mortars fire a barrage.

Shells fall all around them when suddely guns goes up in a fireball!

But the momentary distraction is just enough time for the rest of the patrol and the skipper to escape!

LRDG Raiding Party:The rest of the raiders miraculously escape, though Guns is sadly not at the rondezvous.

German Motorized Infantry:Vee Vill Get You Next Time MacCall!

What a great game! 3+ saves for the raiding trucks was a huge help. So close! Each time the patrols escaped they were within 1cm of not making it off the table! So with all 5 objectives destroyed, and fairly minimal casualties (3 trucks KIA, 1 truck MIA), the LRDG can be proud of a job well done!

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