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Monday, October 3, 2011

IS-2 Spotlight and Review


The IS-2 tank first saw combat in the spring of 1944. IS-2s were assigned to separate heavy tank regiments, normally of 21 tanks each. These regiments were used to reinforce the most important attack sectors during major offensive operations. Tactically, they were employed as breakthrough tanks. Their role was to support infantry in the assault, using their large guns to destroy bunkers, buildings, dug-in crew-served weapons, and other 'soft' targets. They were also capable of taking on any German AFVs if required. Once a breakthrough was achieved, lighter, more mobile T-34s would take over the exploitation.

In Flames of War

Equipment and Notes
IS-2 (obr 1943- no stats for later versions yet)
 122mm D-25T gun
Fully Tracked
Co-ax MG, Turret Rear MG, Slow Tank
Heavy Breakthrough Gun
The noble IS-2! Normally, I am not a huge fan of heavy tanks, but these guys seem like a pretty good buy for the price. I have yet to get them on the board, but I've faced them a few times always with disastrous results!

Game Models Review and Thoughts

As you all have come to know by now I am a huge fan of Game Models. For $4 each, Game Models is always a first stop for me. I am usually very happy with them and these models aren't bad- however for the majesty the IS-2s deserve I can't help but feel like I've short changed myself. That really is NOT a knock on the Game Models version at all! But the Battlefront IS-2 is just such an amazing looking miniature. I may seriously consider replacing these guys with some Battlefront ones in the near future- but these will do for now. With a little one on the way I am operating my hobby under severe austerity measures and the $4 price tag sold me!

The models themselves are what you expect from Game Models- very very good for $4 a piece, but they are still $4 models. The hulls themselves are really quite good, but the turrets are fairly pitted and the road wheels are not terribly crisp.

Overall, though, I think they came out pretty good. I absolutely recommend them if you're on a budget, but the Battlefront IS-2s are so good it's difficult to pass them up!

Personally, when making the choice to go with Battlefront or something alternative, it usually comes down to how much money is invested for how many points can be put on the table.  With some other considerations like how versatile the unit is.  The IS-2s are fairly widespread in late war, and they're fairly expensive points wise.  Conversely, a transport rarely sees the table and is worth very very little points.  Anyhow, I am rambling now.


Stormtrooper said...

have to agree with you, the Turrets and road wheels don't look very good, you paintjob is good and i like the hand painted numbers, still had these been BF i think they would have been much nicer.

Jester_prince said...

To me these models just dont look "solid", they look wobbly and flexible and dont do the IS-2 Justice. On the other hand, $4 a tank and I'd have myself the basis for another force, so when friends come round and want to try flames of war Id have myself another force.

Okay now you have tempted me...

indierockclimber said...

That's exactly it, Jester. They really are not replacements for the BF IS-2s by any measure. On the other hand, 40 bucks gets you what, like 1600 points with 10 of these guys? That's a damn good investment.

Private Snafu said...

It is a spoiler tank. Unless you have the right rock these scissors ruin pick up game play.

Jester_prince said...

Anyone know if this company ships accross the pond to UKland

indierockclimber said...

Good question, shoot em an email and let us know!

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