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Friday, October 14, 2011

Foxhole Terrain Review by Chris

Review by Chris Miller
Dan and Janet at sent us extra items along with an order I placed to be reviewed.   All their terrain is resin that is thick enough to be solid without being bulky.  You can order from a nice variety of buildings, roads, rivers, fences  unpainted or talk to them about having your order sent painted. 

Here are just 3 different examples of buildings with a T-34/85 and a Soviet SMG team for scale reference.  I like the overall paint job with the exception of the blue on door and windows.

The roofs come off with room for two infantry stands in the square building and one infantry stand and a command stand in the narrow building

Both River and Road sections come in 2 inch and 4 inch widths with straight, curved and forked sections available.  The dirt part of the road is darker then shown in the picture.  The grass is firmly attached and is holding up well to handling.

Stone walls should be a support option for Soviets. 

Here a Neb crew is situated in a nicely painted gun pit.

These are two unpainted trench sections sent for review.

3 different sizes of ruins for cover  that will be easy enough to paint.

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