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Friday, October 7, 2011

Dirty Jon's Horde o' Transports: Game Models and Battlefront

by Dirty Jon

I have been painting up some transports for use at Fall-In, and I thought I would share a few pictures of my work. This will be a semi-review, but mostly just an update post.

The horde of transports advances! Steven just sees victory points crawling across the board! Ted and I are playing Grenadiers and want to be able to move quickly across the board on Blind Domination.

This is the Citroën truck by Game Models. I got some of these to see how they were, and I am pretty happy with them. My thought was that if I paint them up generic enough, I could use them for just about any army, or use them as decoration for missions. These come with covers for the back which can be glued on if you wish. I chose not to for a couple of reasons. First, I thought that civilian work/farm trucks would not have them and second they are very, very pitted casts and I was too lazy to clean them up. I can always add later!

I am not sure I am happy with how dark the blue is. I was going for that French blue vehicle color that leaps into my head - I think this is too dark.

Above, see the Opel truck from Game Models. I am really happy with these. You can see the pitting of the cover, but from 3-5 feet it looks fine. I got the 4 new ones without covers to help with identification of who is in what trucks - again, I can attach the provided covers later if I want. I really like that these Game Models trucks have no integrated base -- it just looks cool.

If you want to know how I painted the camo, see this post: German Camo Painting

Now, I did have some trouble with the inside of both truck beds. The surface is so smooth that the paint ended up peeling off in some cases. I went back and re-painted the inside with a mixture of PVA glue and paint. This seemed to help adhesion of the base coat.

This is the Battlefront Kfz.. something halftrack. I think these are for the Nebs... or PAK 40s. Anyway, these are a little ho-hum. I painted these grey so they look ok in Mid or Late War, but they just look like grey blobs. I think next time I will go for Dunklegelb and to hell with it. Also, I hate the integrated base.

Battlefront RSO Tracktor. Again, a grey blob. This is what they were, so....

The Battlefront stuff has much, much better quality and detail. Also, the resin holds the paint much better.

The Game Models stuff has no integrated base and costs about $2.50 less per model. The recesses on the models are very deep and hold shade very, very well.

Also, some of the Game Models transports come with 'open tops' and no crew - I will not order any of those. For me, this is a no-go -- Dirty Jon ain't buying no drivers for transports.

Depending on what you need, I think both companies offer some great options and I will continue to buy from both.

- Dirty Jon

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