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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Dirty Jon's German Halftracks

I continue with the theme of transports, transports, transports! I got these in the German Panzergrenadier Box Set -- it's a great deal to get 4 Half-tracks, a platoon of Grenadiers and a TON of decals. I needed some additional guys for my platoons and decided that the price could not be beat for what you get in the box. I had the old box, so no info on the plastic tracks, wheels and guns.

I went for my standard German Camo again. I will use these guys for Earth and Steel and Dogs & Devils lists.

The platoon rumbles through a French village on the way to the front.

The commander points out potential areas of danger -- leading from the front!

The troops are alert for any sign of US or British forces.

A river crossing is always dangerous -- look out for Bazookas!

I went for a clean look this time. Some people like a muddy vehicle, some do not. I will decide if I want to mud these up later -- for now, they are just new vehicles rushed up to the front.

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