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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Dirty Jon's German Halftracks

I continue with the theme of transports, transports, transports! I got these in the German Panzergrenadier Box Set -- it's a great deal to get 4 Half-tracks, a platoon of Grenadiers and a TON of decals. I needed some additional guys for my platoons and decided that the price could not be beat for what you get in the box. I had the old box, so no info on the plastic tracks, wheels and guns.

I went for my standard German Camo again. I will use these guys for Earth and Steel and Dogs & Devils lists.

The platoon rumbles through a French village on the way to the front.

The commander points out potential areas of danger -- leading from the front!

The troops are alert for any sign of US or British forces.

A river crossing is always dangerous -- look out for Bazookas!

I went for a clean look this time. Some people like a muddy vehicle, some do not. I will decide if I want to mud these up later -- for now, they are just new vehicles rushed up to the front.


jmezz382 said...

Look great buddy, my bazookas like new targets :)

Anatoli said...

Looks great Jon, one question I've been meaning to ask is whether you guys keep the armored transports around and use them as fighting vehicles/support after they have dropped off their infantry cargo?

Dirty Jon said...

@Anatoli: Sometimes. If there are a ton of Stuarts around, they go to the rear. If I am facing, say, Paratroopers with limited AT, they stick around.

indierockclimber said...

What Jon said. Check out some of my batreps with panzer lehr and you'll see when they've stuck around. We also talked a lot about this in episode 26!

Anatoli said...

Yeah I listened to that episode as well and most of the time that is the only sensible thing to do (send them to the rear). But with German halftracks in particular I myself would probably be tempted to keep them around for the extra firepower :-D

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