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Friday, September 30, 2011

What WOULD Patton Do?

As you all have noticed by now, we are no longer found at the address "".  It had been a goal of ours to move to "WWPD.Net" since the very beginning, and we've finally been able to snatch up that URL! which brings us to PHASE II.  Or maybe CASE PURPLE.  Something sinister sounding.

So keep your eyes open as there will be some slight website changes in the future to continually improve the site.  I'll be doing some research into our analytics to see what pages are working and what are not being used much to help drive these decisions, but again I am very much open to suggestion.  After all we wouldn't put as much effort into WWPD as we do if we didn't get great satisfaction from people enjoying the site!  It's a labor of love- and make no mistake it is a labor.  We work hard to make sure our podcast is top quality and our batreps are continually at the forefront! 

Anyhow, moving forward we are no longer "What Would Patton Do" but simply "WWPD".  It's easier to say, easier to type, and sounds a bit like a network callsign which I really like.  I got the idea from KFC who are no longer "Kentucky Fried Chicken" since people don't want to acknowledge that they're eating fried chicken.  As we ramp up our video and audio offerings, this blog will continue to showcase AARs, painting articles, and random musings.  Truly, we hope to be an all-inclusive wargaming media resource!  Which is jargon for "the place we want you to check out".

I am very much open to suggestions.  For example, I have been kicking around the idea of a forum for many months now.  Personally, I hate to see forums underutilized, and we already have comments and a facebook page, but it might be nice to have one centralized meeting place.  The chat room idea is likewise still on the table.  Let me know what you all might be interested in!

We will continue to bring batreps as they happen, and work to continually make them exciting and easy to follow.  We are also venturing into the realm of video, which is an effort in its infancy but will continue to ramp up until we're providing the best quality videos we can bring you!

Thanks again for everyone's generous support, and thanks especially to the guys on the WWPD team who make it happen!  


TLDR: We're now officially "WWPD".  More cool stuff coming.
NOTE: if you have a link to us on your site, please make sure it points to WWPD not WHATWOULDPATTONDO


Neal Smith said...

Congrats! Finally realizing your claim of the WWPD "media empire", eh? :)

locker.wheelie said...

I, for one, am a true fanboy. Keep up the good work!

A forum would be a great idea. I like the official Flames of War forum but I have been spoiled by better forum software on other sites. Something independant of the company and broader in scope regarding gaming in general would be awesome.


W.DesertForce said...

I agree with locker. I'd like a forum where I could be a little more forthcoming about models from other companies. For example: I recently bought and put together some 1/144 scale desert Hurricanes Mk.1s from Sweet Aviation Models. They cost 16$ for 4, rather than the $52 that BF charges for 3!

A forum's lifeblood is it's posters, and you guys probably know your site's traffic better than I and can judge for yourself if the numbers justify potentially splitting a (relatively) small interest group.

Neal Smith said...

I've always thought yet another forum would be huge overkill, but...

It would be nice to talk about other miniature sources and increasingly other terrain sources.

I like the Facebook page but I can't figure out to see when anyone posts to the page rather than just from the official WWPD user. :)

indierockclimber said...

Yeah my biggest concern would be it just sitting un-used. I'll keep thinking on it!

@locker- thanks for the kind words! Nice to hear some people would be down for a forum. I'll give it a shot!

jmilesr said...

Good luck on your expansion. I like the idea of a forum and more videos but would not suggest Facebook as a platform given all the issues with unclear IP ownership of content and their shifting internal policie. FB has one upside in that it is easy to prototype in but it's never a good long term vehicle for content expanding communities.

The big decision you will have is funding - can you generate enough cash to support the operation and yourselves from users buying content (after hours podcasts and/or subcriptions) or will you need to move down the line to accepting direct advertising support, which can limit editorial flexibility. These aren't bad choices but just a way marker of your growing internet presence.

I look forward to seeing and participating in the expansion of your galactic media empire!


Neal Smith said...

I know this is "late" since the forum is up already, but Miles does make a good point about FB. :)

WarHighlander said...

I still think a WWPD Ventrillo or Teamspeak server would be nice. For my non-BF forum time I mainly hang out on STCC.


Chris from Model Dads said...

I think the attraction of WWPD is the laid back nature and informal approach to your content, which i think encourages contributions on your blog, the variety of the posts, the frequency of AAR which is impressive and of course the overall energy you put in to making this all happen which should be commended. You do a good job and I hope you go from strength to strength.

indierockclimber said...

Warhighlander- that is still on my to do list. Hang in there!

Neal & Miles- absolutely! FB is fun for light little interactions, but not conversations. We definitely aren't using FB as a platform, more as a portal!

@Chris- Sir, that means a lot coming from you! Your AARs are truly something to aspire to, and updates to your blog always make my day!

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