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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Southern Front AAR

To hear about my army list, check out News From the Front episode 25 here.

In short I ran Guards Tankovy with all T-34 85s. one company was massive with tank riders, one was just 5 strong. I then had 2 Decoy panthers and a battery of SU-85s.



HQ: 2 Tiger IE (Rapid Fire + Clever Hans)
2 Tiger IE (Rapid Fire)
2 Tiger IE (Clever Hans)
1 Tiger II (Clever Hans)

We each had to start with half on/half off. I started with all of my T-34s and Chris started with 2 Tiger platoons and his HQ! 6 Tigers vs 16 T-34/85s. Not gonna lie, I was a bit nervous!

Still, when I made the list I decided I would "just go for it" and go for it I did. I slammed my huge tank blob + Battalion HQ hard against Chris' right flank, while my small T-34s were essentially placed in an overwatch position in my center. Chris had his tigers spread pretty thin to cover both objectives, so I was able to essentially mass my 11 T-34s and tankos against just 2 Tigers. By turn 3 I had ran off his 2 tigers at a cost of 3 T-34/85s and 2 tankos, but my tankos were now holding the objective solidly from within concealing terrain. His Tigers could not quite get close enough to contest the objective and my turn 4 started with my holding the objective. I got my SU-85s in from reserve and used them to press the right flank, but they didn't have any impact. Likewise, Chris got in his King Tiger, but she wasn't able to turn the tide.

6-1 to the reds!

My T-34s and Tankos capture the objective in game 1



HQ: 2 Panzer IV H
5 panzer IV H (kamfgrupped 1 with the 2iC to form a 2nd 2-tank platoon)
3 Panthers
Motorcycle recon
Panzer Lehr Panzergrenadier Platoon
I've always found this mission to be particularly difficult on the attacker. A solid aggressive defender can often seize the initiative and counter punch the attacker! Chuck started with his infantry, Panzer IVs, and Panthers on the board. I started with all of my T-34s again. Not gonna lie, I was afraid of the Panthers but I knew if I could just surround them it was all over!

To start the game off, Chuck took a very aggressive stance and came out swinging. He moved his Panzer IVs up through a wood to get the opening volley off on my T-34s. Unfortunately, he underestimated the return fire, and I quickly eliminated the Panzer IVs and company HQ. His Panthers laser beamed a few T-34s, but didn't cause a huge dent. Some double-timing of my SU-85s arriving from reserve saw me starting to get side shots on his Panthers a few turns in. Eventually his 2 tank Panzer IV unit arrived and them combined with the Panthers shot my 5-tank unit down to just 2. Thankfully they were fearless, and fought on! I pulled them off the front line to guard my 1 objective in anticipation of Chuck's recon unit trying to sneak over there.

In the end my massive tank blob combined with SU-85s were able to bring down the Panthers. An assault from the Tanks also ran off the nebelwerfers leaving Chuck below half with no company command. Chuck and I then spent the next hour reminiscing at the bar. Excellent times!

6-1 to the reds!



HQ: +2 Bazooka
Nisei Platoon
Nisei Platoon
Armored Rifle Platoon (CV)
4 Shermans (CV)
M10 Platoon (1 section) (CV)
105 Battery (CV)

Yet again my round 3 was up against Bill Dorais! This is practically a running joke now. Bill and I may as well just meet up, play a game, and get it over with before the tournament! Anyhow, the last mission was Free For All. Bill stuck both Nisei platoons on objectives, with his ARP between them.

Early on his Shermans came out swinging and wiped out my SU-85s. Stabilizers for the win! I threw my small T-34/85 company at his M10s, and them combined with the Tankovy of the large blob did manage to wipe them out. Thereafter it was truly a slow, gruelling grind to the objectives. Bill got bold with his Shermans, but lost them in a hail of 85 fire. After that, his artillery continually ranged time on targets on me, which my boys shrugged off like it was merely rain.

Eventually we ground down another Nisei platoon and his ARP with the CO attached, which put him below half. With that I clinched the victory in both the game and the tournament.

5-2 to the reds!

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