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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Panzer Shower 2011!

As many of you may know, My wife and I are expecting a little one in the next few weeks! So some of the guys and my wife decided it would be cool to have a "Man Shower" which quickly turned to "Panzer Shower". Sean ran with the idea and organized the whole event- a big game hosted at his family's home in picturesque Montpelier VA.

We had 8 players show up- 4 soviets and 4 axis. Ron Bingham, Rob Eubanks, Tom de Mayo (who's crotch you've seen in plenty of battle reports on this site) and I all represented the soviet side. While Sean, my father, Dirty Jon, and Pete Ellis played across the tables as the axis. The boards were set up in a T fashion on Sean's large screened porch and the weather was absolutely perfect.

The guys all brought gift cards for my wife Lydia to help with baby stuff. Lydia showed up a little later with a cake, and we all were well fed due to Sean's grilling and his mom's amazing party food! The game was very laid back, and I think everyone had a good time. Huge thanks to everyone who came out, and especially to Sean and his family and my wife for going above and beyond!


Getting the game set up.

Tom held the soviet left flank, my armor deployed in the center, and to my right was Rob's strelkovy. Ron came a bit late and deployed his infantry behind me.

Dirty Jon and Sean deploy together. In the wheat are some of Pete's grenadiers.

The German right flank.

The German left flank with my father's armor in the large wheat field.

MacLowcho Senior's Panzer IVs.

The battlefield.

The game gets started.

Sean's mom went above and beyond! The artichoke dip blew my mind.

Tom holds Seaningrad.

Lydia's somewhat grusome cake. Note that the dice are trick dice- I swear I won't use em!

Gruesome. The crystals are supposed to be spent shell casings. My wife rules.

Iron Lydia.

My dad's panzers crash into Rob's lines earning wild initial successes!

My T-34s cut a swathe of destruction in the axis lines.

Lydia oversees the axis right flank.

Sean cooks a mean dog.

Dirty Jon does his best dingo impersonation. I am still chewing hamburger. D'oh!


grumpus said...

That cake was pretty awesome! and that DeMayo/crotch ref had me cracking up. BTW: what mission did you guys run?
I wish you all the best with the birth of your daughter:)

Pete said...

I think that the mission was "Run at at each other shooting, and then stab with bayonet."

Hein said...

Great game, Nice food, good looking table and hanging out with friends and loved ones, what else can you wish for.
The cake looks great.

SinSynn said...

Hello friend.
My name is SinSynn (like it says above my comment...heh), nad I'm a writer for The House of Paincakes, a 40k Blog Network.
I've recently taken the plunge into Flames of War, and I'm having quite a good time of it.
Been lurking around here for a bit now, and I just wanted to say:
A) dig the site, man...'tis awesome.
B) for the love of the Emperor, man- keep that Dingo away from the baby! Didn't you ever see that episode of Sienfeld?

locker.wheelie said...

The camo plates and napkins rule! Looks like good times. That is some very cool terrain also.

Itinerant said...

That's a great idea and looks fun. I love the chef with the cig hangin' over the grill - HIGH CLASS!

The Kiwi said...

I live in the Northern Territory of Australia. In the very same City that held the shameful Trial of Lindy Chamberlyn (accused of telling a big fib when she said a Dingo had run of with her baby).
A very shameful time in the history of Australia's law system. After living in this part of the world since 1997 I have no doubt that a Dingo did what she said.
The Dingo is an amazing wild dog though. It has no bark, bur it can howl though. ENOUGH TRIVIA!
Anyhow...awesome Table set up/armys and looks like it was an awesome day...awesome cake and food. Very cool times and thanks for sharing the pics.

Anatoli said...

Haha this post was pure awesomeness! From the guys playing to the battlefield cake and the photo of Sean BBQ'ing like a boss with a cigarette haha. He should use that as a profile picture on facebook or something :D

Very nice idea of a "Man shower", you don't know when you'll be able to get a game going again after the little one pops out :-)

MG-42 Painting said...

Congratulations and best of luck!!
The only advice I have to give regarding babies (my 2yo daughter has managed to survive, somehow), is that the diaper goes on the butt and the pacifier goes in the mouth. Keep these 2 things in order and everything should be fine.

indierockclimber said...

@SinSyn- welcome aboard! I've checked out the IHOP site a few times- kudos!
@locker- seriously, the little confetti pieces had sherman HVSS on them.
@Itinerant- keep it classy, flames of war
@The Kiwi- that is a sad story. Thanks for the kudos!
@Anatoli- Don't google "man Shower". trust me.
@MG- thanks my friend! Great advice, I'll try to keep that straight!

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