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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Luke's M10s and T-34s painted by MG42

Luke just sent me these images from MG-42. Take a look at the bang up job they did for him!



Kage said...

I don't know if you are looking for a review on these or not, but I'm not that impressed for what he charges. This looks more like my old style before I got into airbrushing. They seem a bit..."churned out" or rushed. And these are good compared to some of the stuff on his site.

having said that, I'm more into the painting then the gaming part, so they are fine just to get on the table. As much as I'd rather be into the gaming, no one where I live plays. and the few that do we have a hard time getting together.

I'm curious how long they took? If he does them super fast, then they are great. Even though I think my painting is better and improving, my great downfall is that I'm insanely slow.

Matt D said...

They look good, but I have to agree with kage. The price listed on the MG-42 site would lead me to expect a much higher standard.

W.DesertForce said...

@ Kage

In general I agree because I'm a painting/hobby person myself. The only reason I hesitate to criticize this style is because as I look around the web at the average standard of painting, it's obvious that most people paint for a gaming standard. By that measure, I'd say that these are above average.

Speaking for myself, I often question the value of setting a high painting standard for myself when I see that some people can have a company painted in the time it takes me to do 3 platoons. Still, I know that the thing that makes me happiest is seeing my force on the table and feeling the pride of a quality job.

Dirty Jon said...

These look good to me. I like the highlights, mud/dust, decals and shading. These are Soviets and US pieces, which suffer a bit from the Green Blob problem -- German stuff is much more interesting from a paint scheme standpoint.

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