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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Königstiger - Dirty Jon Style

Here is a King Tiger I just finished. This will be part of the loot I will have for sale at Fall-In. If you want to know how I painted the camo, see this post. Enjoy!

... and to not let Steven have all the fun, here is a Dreadnaught I painted some time ago for my Sisters of Battle.


locker.wheelie said...

Very nice! There is something primal in me that totally digs that gun.

Looks like that dreadnaught landed on a planet colonized by the french--no wonder it's there to destroy it.

Dirty Jon said...

Its a Sisters of Battle Dreadnought. I made it for some old vehicle construction tournament or something -- some White Dwarf garbage.

BigLee said...

Excellent Konigstiger, very impressive.

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