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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Imperial Guard Sentinel

More FoW to follow I promise!

I apologize for the dark blue background- I'll try to use a lighter one next time! I used magnets so I can swap it between the Lascannon, Autocannon, and multi-laser!





The squadron

Heavy Stubber added since the first pictures


Brian said...

God help us - Steve's gone to the dark side.

Nice paint job, though. You really get a good 'we've been in the desert for too long' feel to the armor.

Matt D said...

Every time I see another 40k post here I cry a little.

The paint jobs look good though.

JoeGuardsman said...

We're all allowed lapses. I played in a 40k tournament as a favor. It was good to get back to Flames though. Just can't wait for BF to get my a replacement for my missing barrel. I hate using unpainted models.

Pete said...

Honestly, most of my desire to paint GW models stems not from wanting to play the game but to paint some pretty awesome 28mm models. While I really don't play anything beyond FoW anymore I still enjoy painting up some of GW's models.

That, and sometimes I need a break from 15mm :)

Mik said...

Great weathering chief, I'm in the same boat as Pete; I paint a boatload of GW products, but haven't actually played the game in years. Paint what you like, you do it too well to be confined to one genre.

indierockclimber said...

Yeah man, as I put brush to even more 15mm tanks, I decided I needed a break. I've always liked the Imperial Guard so here we are!

Thanks for the kind words dudes.

Yeti's Yell said...

Really nice. You must not play the game since you want to paint a sentinal... I'm the same way. I love the sentinal model and paint for the love. I don't play too much.

The driver is well done too.

JMHahn said...

I'm no seasoned critic, but I've never seen a camo scheme on a vehicle quite like that in 40k, it looks great!

I can't help but think those would perfectly compliment some Tallarn(sp?) ground troops. The Cadian style body armor could just as easily be Tanker's uniforms. That's just what popped to mind anyway.

Pete said...

Yeti : Back when I played (I had 11,500 points of Guard) I used to run 15 sentinels (I owned 25). I ran them because I loved the model, not because of its on field performance. If it looks cool, or if I painted up something neat, or got something new, it would see the table - I couldn't care less about how well it's rules are written.

If it looks cool, it sees the table. Same applies to FoW with me :)

simallet24 said...

Awesome job on both of them, you should post these on a wh40k board. People will think your some kind of freak with your painted models.....

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