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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

FoWDY K: Wallonian Grenadiers vs a Black Legion Speartip

Tom and I tried out his very good adaptation: FOWDY K. Warhammer 40k models converted to Flames of War rules. This was very much a playtest and as you can see we feel like we over-crammed the board, but overall it was very enjoyable! We will continue to tweak the rules and make them available to anyone interested on the DOWNLOADS PAGE.

212nd Wallonian Grenadier Regiment, A Co, X Battalion
  • HQ: Imperial Officer + 4 Flame Throwers (attached out)
  • 1st Mechanized Guardsmen Platoon w/ 2 Plasmas, 1 melta, Sergeant w/ CCW, and 5 lasrifles + Chimera
  • 2nd Mechanized Guardsmen Platoon w/ 2 Plasmas, 1 melta, Sergeant w/ CCW, and 5 lasrifles + Chimera
  • 3rd Mechanized Guardsmen Platoon w/ 2 Plasmas, 1 melta, Sergeant w/ CCW, and 5 lasrifles + Chimera
  • 4th Mechanized Guardsmen Platoon w/ 2 Plasmas, 1 melta, Sergeant w/ CCW, and 5 lasrifles + Chimera
  • 5th Mechanized Guardsmen Platoon w/ 3 meltas, Sergeant w/ CCW, and 5 lasrifles + Chimera
  • Scout Platoon w/ 3 Sentinels armed with Multi-Lasers
  • Rough Riders w/ 10 Cavalry
  • Leman Russ Squadron w/ 2 Russes and 1 Vanquisher

  • HQ CiC Arnulf, 1 2iC Anubahotep, 2 chaos marines with flamers, 2 chaos marines with plasma pistols, 1 chaos marine with power fist (all attached out)
  • The Iron Talons: 10x Chaos Space Marines w/ 1 champion, 1 plasma pistol, 1 melta gun
  • The Barbed Razors: 10x Chaos Space Marines w/ 1 champion, 2 meltaguns
  • The Stalkers of Baast: 9 Rubric Marines w/ 1 Sorcerer
  • Bringers of Havok: 5 Space marines w/ 4 Missile Launchers
  • Predator Detachment: 1 w/ twin-linked Autocannon, 2 with twin-linked lascannons
  • Scorpion of the Wastes: Defiler with twin-linked autocannon, heavy flamer, dreadnaught ccw

The 212th Wallonian is a veteran unit, and is thus rated Confident Veteran. The supporting armor, rough riders, and Sentinels are Confident Trained.

Antiverdanis IV lies in the far galactic south-east of the Ultima Segmentum, just inside the edge of the
light of the faltering light of the Astronomicon. An arid planet with a single shallow sea, it long bred a
sparse and independent-minded indigenous population, supplemented by large numbers of indentured
workers imported from off-world to service its Promethium industry. Promethium extraction served
as the planet’s major export and industry. Harsh conditions led to a heavy turn-over of its off-world
population. In 990.M42, in response to the growing crises of the region, the Adminstratum drastically
increased the planet’s tithes. Most of the planet’s water reserves were redesignated for industrial
uses, and the resulting mortality and “thirst riots” led to protests and armed uprisings. By 993.M42,
the rebels had overthrown the Imperial governor and declared autonomy. Of particular concern were
reports from Imperial sympathizers that the new government promulgated Xenos-inspired heresy. The
rebel government justified revolt and reforms “for the greater good” of the planet’s population. Tau
Water-caste envoys were seen in many of the towns.

Spurred in part by urgent Inquisitorial concern, the Imperial response followed swiftly. In 996.M42,
a task force of Battlefleet Damocles landed five regiments of Imperial Guard. Initial advances drove
heretical forces out of the industrial centers and into the planet’s vast wastelands. The inappropriately
equipped foot-borne 77th Argonya “Snow Leopards” suffered heavily in the initial invasion. The two
remaining light mechanized regiments, however, proved well-matched the long-ranged fighting over
widely-spaced refineries. With the major refineries secured, an inquisitorial contingent began the task
of screening and purging the remaining population. Repopulation with loyal elements is expected to

Occupation forces currently maintain a long chain of garrison outposts in a cordon around the industrial
centers. The remnants of the 77th Argonya have been employed principally as static garrisons, while
other regiments, such as 212th Wallonian Grenadier, undertake patrols and suppression. With the
withdrawal of most Battlefleet elements, the system cannot be considered secure. Several unknown
landers have escaped interception over the wastes. The insurgents in the wastelands are presumed in
contact with off-worlders. Imperial authorities suspect Rogue Traders seeking to profit by black market
Promethium – the truth is far more deadly and horrifying. The legions of the Ruinous Powers are active
on planet. Soon, they shall be ready to strike.

The 212th Wallonian Grenadier Regiment occupies a defensive outpost, situated in the former
caravanserai town of Lobruk. For three months, they have waited and watched. Auspex and patrol
indicates activity in the desert, but the nature and intention of enemy forces is unclear. They are about
to be severely surprised as Lobruk and its crossroads become the focus of a Black Legion offensive.

The Black Legion force must either seize the town or bypass it to take the crossroads behind. The
Wallonian Grenadiers must hold both the town and the crossroads until their reinforcements arrive.

Standard No Retreat with the Imperial Guard defending. Leman Russ must be placed in reserve. The Scorpion may come on from any board edge, but must be placed in reserve. The Predators are also placed in reserve.

The Imperial Guard starts with 2 platoons of infantry and the sentinels on the board. 5th squad is placed in Ambush, bristling with melta-guns. The Black Legion deploys with the Havocs and The Barbed Razors in the south. In the center are the Stalkers of Baast. In the north are the Iron Talons.

Guardsmen spot the foe, and take to the defenses!


Chaos Space Marines!

Thousand Sons power armor.

Space Marines move forward.

The expanses of the desert require many dedicated recon forces.

Hold your fire!

The southern Imperial Guard squad and all Chimeras open fire on the Stalkers of Baast. One suit is felled, but the rest lumber on!

The Imperial Guard Company Commander watches from atop his command post.

The Space Marines continue their advance!

Imperial Armor arrives from reserve!

Sentinels redeploy to cover the guardsmen.

The Chimeras keep focusing on the Stalkers, dropping several more of the animated suits.

Space Marines rush forward, guns blazing!

A Chimera is knocked out of action.

Space Marines attempt to assault but are driven back by defensive fire! Keep firing men!

The Besieged city.

The Imperial Guard continue to lay it on thick and heavy!

The Space Marines are beginning to fall in great numbers.

The Scorpion Arrives!

The festering nurgle beast turns the mens' stomachs

Another assault is launched!

The Scorpion knocks out a Sentinel.

A Guard squad is eliminated on the southern flank.

Rough Riders arrive from reserve!

An allied squad from the 919 Arid Expeditionary Corps shows up!

Imperial Armor solidly holds the town.

The Imperial Right holds on.

The Guardsmen have held the line but at heavy cost.

The Sentinels are annihilated.

Guardsmen counter attack and miraculously eliminate the space marines!

Foul Chaos armor arrives from the Imperial flank!

Getting the drop on the Imperial Armor!

Consumed Predator.

A melta gun takes out the defiler.

Two Leman Russes are wiped out before the Chaos Space Marines quit the field.


I *really* like the direction this is taking. I think a lot will need to be done just to tweak and point stuff. The Space Marines fell in higher number than either of us expected (with an infantry save AND an armor of 1 they were destined to be awesome!) But the proliferation of plasma guns and heavy bolters proved to be enough for the guardsmen.

I can't wait for Tom to tweak it and come back with a new scenario!

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