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Friday, September 30, 2011

What WOULD Patton Do?

As you all have noticed by now, we are no longer found at the address "".  It had been a goal of ours to move to "WWPD.Net" since the very beginning, and we've finally been able to snatch up that URL! which brings us to PHASE II.  Or maybe CASE PURPLE.  Something sinister sounding.

So keep your eyes open as there will be some slight website changes in the future to continually improve the site.  I'll be doing some research into our analytics to see what pages are working and what are not being used much to help drive these decisions, but again I am very much open to suggestion.  After all we wouldn't put as much effort into WWPD as we do if we didn't get great satisfaction from people enjoying the site!  It's a labor of love- and make no mistake it is a labor.  We work hard to make sure our podcast is top quality and our batreps are continually at the forefront! 

Anyhow, moving forward we are no longer "What Would Patton Do" but simply "WWPD".  It's easier to say, easier to type, and sounds a bit like a network callsign which I really like.  I got the idea from KFC who are no longer "Kentucky Fried Chicken" since people don't want to acknowledge that they're eating fried chicken.  As we ramp up our video and audio offerings, this blog will continue to showcase AARs, painting articles, and random musings.  Truly, we hope to be an all-inclusive wargaming media resource!  Which is jargon for "the place we want you to check out".

I am very much open to suggestions.  For example, I have been kicking around the idea of a forum for many months now.  Personally, I hate to see forums underutilized, and we already have comments and a facebook page, but it might be nice to have one centralized meeting place.  The chat room idea is likewise still on the table.  Let me know what you all might be interested in!

We will continue to bring batreps as they happen, and work to continually make them exciting and easy to follow.  We are also venturing into the realm of video, which is an effort in its infancy but will continue to ramp up until we're providing the best quality videos we can bring you!

Thanks again for everyone's generous support, and thanks especially to the guys on the WWPD team who make it happen!  


TLDR: We're now officially "WWPD".  More cool stuff coming.
NOTE: if you have a link to us on your site, please make sure it points to WWPD not WHATWOULDPATTONDO
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Thursday, September 29, 2011

British Rifles vs German Schutzen in Witch's Cauldron

Tom and I played our first game from Hellfire and Back. We decided to try the new mission "Witch's Cauldron".

  • HQ
  • Rifle Platoon w/ Sticky Bombs
  • Rifle Platoon w/ Sticky Bombs
  • Rifle Platoon w/ Sticky Bombs
  • HMG Platoon
  • 3x Matilda II
  • 25 Pounder Battery w/ 4 Guns

  • Schutzen Platoon
  • Schutzen Platoon
  • Schutzen Platoon
  • Panzer III Platoon- 2 Panzer III F, 1 Captured Matilda
  • Light Panzers (3x Panzer IIs, 2x Panzer Is)
  • 10.5cm Battery w/ 2 Guns


The view from the British side. The British start with 2 Rifle Platoons on the board and the 25 pounder battery in immediate ambush.

The first objective is on the rocky hill in the south. The 2nd is in the channel between the ridge lines. The Germans start with the Panzer III unit (just out of frame to the left), the 105s (on the rocky hill in the top left) and the light panzers on the right.


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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Gale Force 9 Desert Terrain Review Video

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Southern Front AAR

To hear about my army list, check out News From the Front episode 25 here.

In short I ran Guards Tankovy with all T-34 85s. one company was massive with tank riders, one was just 5 strong. I then had 2 Decoy panthers and a battery of SU-85s.



HQ: 2 Tiger IE (Rapid Fire + Clever Hans)
2 Tiger IE (Rapid Fire)
2 Tiger IE (Clever Hans)
1 Tiger II (Clever Hans)

We each had to start with half on/half off. I started with all of my T-34s and Chris started with 2 Tiger platoons and his HQ! 6 Tigers vs 16 T-34/85s. Not gonna lie, I was a bit nervous!

Still, when I made the list I decided I would "just go for it" and go for it I did. I slammed my huge tank blob + Battalion HQ hard against Chris' right flank, while my small T-34s were essentially placed in an overwatch position in my center. Chris had his tigers spread pretty thin to cover both objectives, so I was able to essentially mass my 11 T-34s and tankos against just 2 Tigers. By turn 3 I had ran off his 2 tigers at a cost of 3 T-34/85s and 2 tankos, but my tankos were now holding the objective solidly from within concealing terrain. His Tigers could not quite get close enough to contest the objective and my turn 4 started with my holding the objective. I got my SU-85s in from reserve and used them to press the right flank, but they didn't have any impact. Likewise, Chris got in his King Tiger, but she wasn't able to turn the tide.

6-1 to the reds!

My T-34s and Tankos capture the objective in game 1



HQ: 2 Panzer IV H
5 panzer IV H (kamfgrupped 1 with the 2iC to form a 2nd 2-tank platoon)
3 Panthers
Motorcycle recon
Panzer Lehr Panzergrenadier Platoon
I've always found this mission to be particularly difficult on the attacker. A solid aggressive defender can often seize the initiative and counter punch the attacker! Chuck started with his infantry, Panzer IVs, and Panthers on the board. I started with all of my T-34s again. Not gonna lie, I was afraid of the Panthers but I knew if I could just surround them it was all over!

To start the game off, Chuck took a very aggressive stance and came out swinging. He moved his Panzer IVs up through a wood to get the opening volley off on my T-34s. Unfortunately, he underestimated the return fire, and I quickly eliminated the Panzer IVs and company HQ. His Panthers laser beamed a few T-34s, but didn't cause a huge dent. Some double-timing of my SU-85s arriving from reserve saw me starting to get side shots on his Panthers a few turns in. Eventually his 2 tank Panzer IV unit arrived and them combined with the Panthers shot my 5-tank unit down to just 2. Thankfully they were fearless, and fought on! I pulled them off the front line to guard my 1 objective in anticipation of Chuck's recon unit trying to sneak over there.

In the end my massive tank blob combined with SU-85s were able to bring down the Panthers. An assault from the Tanks also ran off the nebelwerfers leaving Chuck below half with no company command. Chuck and I then spent the next hour reminiscing at the bar. Excellent times!

6-1 to the reds!



HQ: +2 Bazooka
Nisei Platoon
Nisei Platoon
Armored Rifle Platoon (CV)
4 Shermans (CV)
M10 Platoon (1 section) (CV)
105 Battery (CV)

Yet again my round 3 was up against Bill Dorais! This is practically a running joke now. Bill and I may as well just meet up, play a game, and get it over with before the tournament! Anyhow, the last mission was Free For All. Bill stuck both Nisei platoons on objectives, with his ARP between them.

Early on his Shermans came out swinging and wiped out my SU-85s. Stabilizers for the win! I threw my small T-34/85 company at his M10s, and them combined with the Tankovy of the large blob did manage to wipe them out. Thereafter it was truly a slow, gruelling grind to the objectives. Bill got bold with his Shermans, but lost them in a hail of 85 fire. After that, his artillery continually ranged time on targets on me, which my boys shrugged off like it was merely rain.

Eventually we ground down another Nisei platoon and his ARP with the CO attached, which put him below half. With that I clinched the victory in both the game and the tournament.

5-2 to the reds!
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Monday, September 26, 2011

Video: Southern Front Post Mortems

I will write a somewhat more in depth AAR of my battles in the next few days, but for now here are post mortems for each round from the 3 musketeers!

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

After Hours Episode 9- Living in a Post BAR world

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After Hours 09- After recording episode 25, Steve, Luke, and Jon discuss "The BAR Nerf of 2011" and general tomfoolishness.

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Luke's M10s and T-34s painted by MG42

Luke just sent me these images from MG-42. Take a look at the bang up job they did for him!


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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

WWPD News From the Front Episode 25

The dudes return! Luke is hot and bothered about the BAR (British Armoured Regiment), and the guys have trouble counting in N00B zone! The fellas talk upcoming tournaments, Infantry Aces (Flames of War infantry-centric campaign system), and painting tips.
  • 0:00 - Intro
  • 0:12 - The British Armoured Regiment Debacle
  • 0:17 - Eastern Front Infantry Aces Discussion
  • 0:27 - NEW CONTEST!
  • 0:33 - N00b ZONE: HQ ASSETS
  • 0:47 - Southern Front/Fall In Lists Discussion
  • 1:08 - Battlefront Discussion: What is Upcoming/Us as Heroes!
  • 1:18 - Panzerwerks Studios RSO Pak 40s review
  • 1:23 - Jon's Book Review: Battle- The Story of the Bulge
  • 1:32 - Dale's FoW European GT
  • 1:41 - Painting Tips with Steve and Jon
Download this week's episode directly:
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Links discussed in this episode:
Muster/Guns of August
Panzerwerks Studio
Gamers For Cures
Game Models
Muster/Guns of August
Easy Army
Triangle Simulation Society's Southern Front
WWPD on Facebook
Wounded Warrior Project
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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Panzer Shower 2011!

As many of you may know, My wife and I are expecting a little one in the next few weeks! So some of the guys and my wife decided it would be cool to have a "Man Shower" which quickly turned to "Panzer Shower". Sean ran with the idea and organized the whole event- a big game hosted at his family's home in picturesque Montpelier VA.

We had 8 players show up- 4 soviets and 4 axis. Ron Bingham, Rob Eubanks, Tom de Mayo (who's crotch you've seen in plenty of battle reports on this site) and I all represented the soviet side. While Sean, my father, Dirty Jon, and Pete Ellis played across the tables as the axis. The boards were set up in a T fashion on Sean's large screened porch and the weather was absolutely perfect.

The guys all brought gift cards for my wife Lydia to help with baby stuff. Lydia showed up a little later with a cake, and we all were well fed due to Sean's grilling and his mom's amazing party food! The game was very laid back, and I think everyone had a good time. Huge thanks to everyone who came out, and especially to Sean and his family and my wife for going above and beyond!


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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

FoWDY K: Wallonian Grenadiers vs a Black Legion Speartip

Tom and I tried out his very good adaptation: FOWDY K. Warhammer 40k models converted to Flames of War rules. This was very much a playtest and as you can see we feel like we over-crammed the board, but overall it was very enjoyable! We will continue to tweak the rules and make them available to anyone interested on the DOWNLOADS PAGE.

212nd Wallonian Grenadier Regiment, A Co, X Battalion
  • HQ: Imperial Officer + 4 Flame Throwers (attached out)
  • 1st Mechanized Guardsmen Platoon w/ 2 Plasmas, 1 melta, Sergeant w/ CCW, and 5 lasrifles + Chimera
  • 2nd Mechanized Guardsmen Platoon w/ 2 Plasmas, 1 melta, Sergeant w/ CCW, and 5 lasrifles + Chimera
  • 3rd Mechanized Guardsmen Platoon w/ 2 Plasmas, 1 melta, Sergeant w/ CCW, and 5 lasrifles + Chimera
  • 4th Mechanized Guardsmen Platoon w/ 2 Plasmas, 1 melta, Sergeant w/ CCW, and 5 lasrifles + Chimera
  • 5th Mechanized Guardsmen Platoon w/ 3 meltas, Sergeant w/ CCW, and 5 lasrifles + Chimera
  • Scout Platoon w/ 3 Sentinels armed with Multi-Lasers
  • Rough Riders w/ 10 Cavalry
  • Leman Russ Squadron w/ 2 Russes and 1 Vanquisher

  • HQ CiC Arnulf, 1 2iC Anubahotep, 2 chaos marines with flamers, 2 chaos marines with plasma pistols, 1 chaos marine with power fist (all attached out)
  • The Iron Talons: 10x Chaos Space Marines w/ 1 champion, 1 plasma pistol, 1 melta gun
  • The Barbed Razors: 10x Chaos Space Marines w/ 1 champion, 2 meltaguns
  • The Stalkers of Baast: 9 Rubric Marines w/ 1 Sorcerer
  • Bringers of Havok: 5 Space marines w/ 4 Missile Launchers
  • Predator Detachment: 1 w/ twin-linked Autocannon, 2 with twin-linked lascannons
  • Scorpion of the Wastes: Defiler with twin-linked autocannon, heavy flamer, dreadnaught ccw

The 212th Wallonian is a veteran unit, and is thus rated Confident Veteran. The supporting armor, rough riders, and Sentinels are Confident Trained.

Antiverdanis IV lies in the far galactic south-east of the Ultima Segmentum, just inside the edge of the
light of the faltering light of the Astronomicon. An arid planet with a single shallow sea, it long bred a
sparse and independent-minded indigenous population, supplemented by large numbers of indentured
workers imported from off-world to service its Promethium industry. Promethium extraction served
as the planet’s major export and industry. Harsh conditions led to a heavy turn-over of its off-world
population. In 990.M42, in response to the growing crises of the region, the Adminstratum drastically
increased the planet’s tithes. Most of the planet’s water reserves were redesignated for industrial
uses, and the resulting mortality and “thirst riots” led to protests and armed uprisings. By 993.M42,
the rebels had overthrown the Imperial governor and declared autonomy. Of particular concern were
reports from Imperial sympathizers that the new government promulgated Xenos-inspired heresy. The
rebel government justified revolt and reforms “for the greater good” of the planet’s population. Tau
Water-caste envoys were seen in many of the towns.

Spurred in part by urgent Inquisitorial concern, the Imperial response followed swiftly. In 996.M42,
a task force of Battlefleet Damocles landed five regiments of Imperial Guard. Initial advances drove
heretical forces out of the industrial centers and into the planet’s vast wastelands. The inappropriately
equipped foot-borne 77th Argonya “Snow Leopards” suffered heavily in the initial invasion. The two
remaining light mechanized regiments, however, proved well-matched the long-ranged fighting over
widely-spaced refineries. With the major refineries secured, an inquisitorial contingent began the task
of screening and purging the remaining population. Repopulation with loyal elements is expected to

Occupation forces currently maintain a long chain of garrison outposts in a cordon around the industrial
centers. The remnants of the 77th Argonya have been employed principally as static garrisons, while
other regiments, such as 212th Wallonian Grenadier, undertake patrols and suppression. With the
withdrawal of most Battlefleet elements, the system cannot be considered secure. Several unknown
landers have escaped interception over the wastes. The insurgents in the wastelands are presumed in
contact with off-worlders. Imperial authorities suspect Rogue Traders seeking to profit by black market
Promethium – the truth is far more deadly and horrifying. The legions of the Ruinous Powers are active
on planet. Soon, they shall be ready to strike.

The 212th Wallonian Grenadier Regiment occupies a defensive outpost, situated in the former
caravanserai town of Lobruk. For three months, they have waited and watched. Auspex and patrol
indicates activity in the desert, but the nature and intention of enemy forces is unclear. They are about
to be severely surprised as Lobruk and its crossroads become the focus of a Black Legion offensive.

The Black Legion force must either seize the town or bypass it to take the crossroads behind. The
Wallonian Grenadiers must hold both the town and the crossroads until their reinforcements arrive.

Standard No Retreat with the Imperial Guard defending. Leman Russ must be placed in reserve. The Scorpion may come on from any board edge, but must be placed in reserve. The Predators are also placed in reserve.

The Imperial Guard starts with 2 platoons of infantry and the sentinels on the board. 5th squad is placed in Ambush, bristling with melta-guns. The Black Legion deploys with the Havocs and The Barbed Razors in the south. In the center are the Stalkers of Baast. In the north are the Iron Talons.

Guardsmen spot the foe, and take to the defenses!


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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Peter Pig PAK 40s - Review and Pictures

While I was at Guns of August, I participated in a raffle they have each year. You buy some tickets and put them in a particular box for the items that you really want to win. I saw a 50 pound gift certificate to Peter Pig and decided that this was the prize for me, and put all my tickets ($15 worth) in that box. I had seen their stuff before and I was very interested in picking up some. I was lucky enough to win! For this review, I will take a look at their PAK 40s and Gun Crews.

As you all know, I am slowly building up my Germans, and I decided that a platoon of PAK 40s was a good investment. They are effective and common in just about every list. I also got on the Peter Pig web site and noticed that they had an option to order 'camouflaged' PAK 40s, so I jumped in! I also ordered Gun Crews in overcoats -- sounded interesting!

The Guns

The guns came with built-in camo draped over the barrels and on the gun shield. First off, I noticed that each gun would be slightly different. There were 2 patterns for the gun barrels and each of the 4 gun shields I got had a different pattern -- this is very cool!

Assembly was very easy with the all-metal parts, but I did have to provide my own bases -- this is the case with all Peter Pig models, as they supply figures for use with a variety of gaming systems.

I was very happy with the amount of detail on the guns and would rate them slightly higher that the same from Battlefront.

The Crews

The crews came as separate packages with 8 per pack. I got 2 packages for my 4 guns. Now, the separate crews sounds like a pain, but it does allow one to get just what you want -- this is especially cool when one wants to get the elusive flamethrowers for your other lists!

The detail on the crew was pretty good on the equipment, but I have to admit that the facial details were fairly poor -- significantly below the Battlefront equivalent.

The shipping charges were pretty high (almost $30 on a $80 purchase), so I think I will probably do other purchases at conventions where I can buy from resellers.

The Painting

I went for a typical LW paint job here, as I will mostly use these with vanilla Grens or with my Hermann Goering Dogs and Devils list. Brian Fuller left me some random scenery bits when he moved to California, so I incorporated some of that foliage on the bases.

I built this brick wall out of Linka stuff I had lying around. An overcoat of white glue makes it pretty rigid. I hope is stays together.

The trees looked like Italian mountain trees or something to me. I went with it. They are wire with foliage glued on. Again, some random bits Brian left me. I was not going for a permanent dug in position, but kind of a hasty deployment. I do not like the models to be completely hidden. Though that may be historically accurate, I don't like it from an aesthetic perspective.


These are fine. The guns look fantastic and I like the camo option. I especially like being able to order individual packs of guys to get exactly what I want. I think the sculpting on the faces is fairly poor, but certainly acceptable for 15mm figures observed from 5 feet. I will use these for gun crews and such, but I would not make my John Dutton Frost figure from these.
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Monday, September 12, 2011

Soviet Strelkovy HQ

Forgive the recent radio silence here, we've been in Pittsburgh attending my Brother In Law's Wedding. We had a smashing good time, but now it's back to the grindstone! With that, I've put the finishing touches on my strelkovy Battalion HQ, as well as started on the second company HQ. Submitted for your approval.

Sometimes I clean up well!
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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Imperial Guard Command Squad

I'm not terribly happy with how the banner turned out, but it was frustrating me so I got it to a happy place and called it a night.  Back to soviet strelkovy hordes now, sorry for the diversion!

The whole squad

Vox and grenade launcher

banner bearer


Special weapons. I didn't realize there was a melta-gun on the sprue. D'oh!

Plasma + vox

The old man
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Monday, September 5, 2011

Soviet Guards Tankovy vs Finn Infantry

Sean and I were able to get in another East Front game. His Finns would be defending against my Guards Tannkovy in a Fighting Withdrawal across a river!

  • HQ- T-34/85
  • 10x T-34/85 + Tank Riders
  • 5x T-34/85
  • 5x SU-85
  • 2x Decoy Panthers

  • HQ
  • Jaakari w/ Lorni Torni
  • Jaakari
  • Pioneers
  • 105 Battery
  • Sturmi Platoon
  • Captured T-34/85 Platoon
  • Captured ISU-152 (The Kraken!)

The mission was fighting withdrawal.


The board. soviets from left to right: 5x T-34. SU-85s. Tank blob + decoy panthers. The Finns from left to right: Sturmi, jakaari, 105s in the swamp, pioneers jakaari with lorni torni. Captured T-34s in ambush. The three objectives are in the center to the left of the T-intersection and just to the right. The 3rd is just above the ford on the right.


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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Königstiger - Dirty Jon Style

Here is a King Tiger I just finished. This will be part of the loot I will have for sale at Fall-In. If you want to know how I painted the camo, see this post. Enjoy!

... and to not let Steven have all the fun, here is a Dreadnaught I painted some time ago for my Sisters of Battle.

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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Imperial Guard Sentinel

More FoW to follow I promise!

I apologize for the dark blue background- I'll try to use a lighter one next time! I used magnets so I can swap it between the Lascannon, Autocannon, and multi-laser!





The squadron

Heavy Stubber added since the first pictures
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