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Sunday, August 28, 2011

WWPD News From the Front Episode 24

"Living in Post-Irene Virginia"
Steven, Luke, and Dirty Jon talk about their Guns of August experiences, Anatoli's Polish Campaign pdf for Flames of War, Fortifications, "That Guy" and Hellfire and Back. "Neither Wind, Nor Rain, nor Acid Blood" can topple the WWPD Media Empire!
  • 0:00 - Intro
  • 0:10 - Guns of August AAR
  • 0:58 - WWPD Infantry Aces
  • 1:06 - The September Campaign by Anatoli
  • 1:12 - N00B ZONE: Fortifications
  • 1:33 - Dealing With That Guy
  • 1:43 - Hellfire And Back Impressions
  • 2:03 - The Value of a Unit's Potential
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Links discussed in this episode:
Muster/Guns of August
Easy Army
Triangle Simulation Society's Southern Front
Heroes of Armageddon
WWPD on Facebook
Wounded Warrior Project
Anatoli's Game Room

This was recorded before lunch! We were all beerless trained.


Anatoli said...
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Anatoli said...

Another enjoyable episode guys. Had some initial problems downloading it, my stationary computer went bonkers because I uninstalled some Apple related software earlier this week. But I got it to download from my laptop.

Luke's tournament experience sounds awful, I know that frustration he went through. Luckily the games I play nowadays don't make me want to swallow razorblades anymore - it was different back when I played WH40k and WHFB (and not even at tournaments but down at the store or at home). People playing those games as a means for compensating their own personal shortcomings can just go fu** themselves.

As to sportsmanship points, yeah I guess that could balance things out, I would personally be ashamed to even be cored a winner knowing everyone hated my guts and thought I was an idiot and that victory being earned by people throwing in the towel.

We had a small 12 player tournament of Secrets of the Third Reich this weekend - and we also had sportsmanship points but only as a positive thing on its own. So after the tournament each player got 10 points to distribute among his 4 opponents and the winner got a price and the honor of being the most enjoyable opponent I guess.

Also, thanks for the kind words about the September Campaign (I LOL'd at the rating Steven used for it), it is as you guys said meant to be more of a historical take on the game and I wrote in the book that things may not be optimal and 100% balanced but they are not supposed to be either. Obviously in a war there is no "point balance". I really like Flames of War on its own, but I also wanted to have something more kind of "story driven" to make things a bit more interesting and focused. You know , to make those victories and defeats count. And I really think FoW can be both games, and do a good job. As you guys said, Early War could potentially be the "play at home" game out of the 3 time periods - could it not be possible it is conceived difficult because historically things were very unbalanced?

And that in the end would make balancing things with points and amount of troops allowed in each list and what type of troops are allowed much more difficult than mid and late war?

Anyways, got to end this text wall so keep up the good job guys. I'm super happy about the Polish train I received from Battlefront and talked with a friend about getting to buy his old train tracks as he is swapping for some of the TSS resin prepainted train tracks. The TSS look damn good IRL but are also very frail and I'm afraid a bit too fragile for the robust and heavy train. So going with plastic or metal railway is probably the sounder choice even though it may not look as good.

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