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Monday, August 8, 2011

WWPD News From the Front Episode 23

"WWPD Widow"

Steven, Luke, and Dirty Jon talk about Guns of August, and their upcoming 1200 point Flames of War tournament! The fellows go on to talk about "The Devil's Birthday"- a book review by Jon, and talk about being a gaming wife with Lydia. They close out the show by discussing The Plastic Soldier Company 76mm Wet Stowage, Soviet Strelkovy, and the *ahem* RECON rule.

  • 0:00 - Intro- Plugs, AARs, etc
  • 0:40 - Jon's Book Review "The Devil's Birthday"
  • 0:55 - WWPD Widow: Lydia MacLauchlan
  • 1:17 - CONTEST! Try for Second Place!
  • 1:20 - Plastic Soldier Company Review: 76mm Wet Stowage Box
  • 1:26 - Know Your Frenemy: Soviet Strelkovy
  • 1:49 - N00B Zone: recce Recon
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Links discussed in this episode:
Easy Army
Triangle Simulation Society's Southern Front
Heroes of Armageddon
WWPD on Facebook
Wounded Warrior Project
Sergeant Major Miniatures
Z Man Games

Good episode and even better After Hours! I hope you learned something new during the N00b Zone- we all did!


Anatoli said...

Really enjoyed the show

Always love to listen to Jon's reviews of book.
I don't doubt that Sosabowski was perceived as a difficult. The whole Polish force in exile in western service had basically beg to be armed first by the French and then by the British and were always seen as a logistical inconvenience. Also belonging to the nation that fell first probably caused a lot of impatience as the western allies took their time.

There were other stuff in the background as well, the Warsaw uprising which stirred the Poles in the UK and the Polish airborne in particular. Had England actually allowed them to take part I have no doubt they would be wiped out as a fighting unit - on the other hand I also think they would have enjoyed taking part in the combat on their own soil than fighting in foreign land as the goal of any Pole in exile was to fight his way back home. Unfortunately they worked their ass off for nothing as the russkies occupied Poland and made returning impossibility.

And your guys constant nagging about EasyArmy payed off for me at least, I checked it out and I'm sold on it. Now I don't have to worry about making miscalculations in points costs anymore.

Also enjoyed the gaming/boardgame section with Luke and Lydia. I think boardgaming has changed because the boardgames themselves have changed. Boardgames today are highly appealing products - themes and such seem to be broader and not as "nerdy". I had a boardgame day a couple of days ago where I introduced a trio of boardgames to two female friends and they loved the games. I think boardgaming is underappreciated but seems to grow.

If Lydia was OK with Merchants & Marauders then I really think you guys should pick up Battlestar Galactica sometime in the future. It is pretty much on the same level, possibly easier, and offers a fantastic atmosphere of paranoia and hilarity where you all have to work towards the one common goal with 1-2 players being Cylon infiltrators and undermining everything.

Also about Merchants and Marauders, something that I've brought up before on my own blog and some forums is that you can always increase the "deposit gold" Glory point cost to 20gold instead of 10. Merchant players won’t suffer from this as you will still make heaps of money with the Galleon. But this will allow pirate players to catch up and it will also make the game slightly longer to allow you to enjoy those second tier ships a while longer. The other tweak was suggested by one of my friends during the boardgame day we had, she mentioned it was something taken from "Munchkin", that you could not win by buying yourself the last Glory Point but had to earn it. So if you had 5 glory points left you could deposit gold up to the limit of having 1 glory point left to achieve.

Well this turned out rather long but that should show that I enjoy the show enough to come with some feedback on the content :-D

indierockclimber said...

Very glad you enjoyed Jon's book review, and thanks for insights re: The polish divisions itching to get back into the fight.

We definitely plan to pick up BSG sometime soon- we've heard nothing but great things about it, and both Lydia and I are huge BSG fans!

Welcome to Easy Army! I like how you described it as nagging :)

Dirty Jon said...

@Anatoli - Thanks! About Sosabowski... its a shame that they never got to Warsaw -- something that Powell notes in the book.

Also, being difficult doesn't mean wrong -- Sosabowski was quite adamant about the British Market-Garden plan not taking the Germans into account -- they were simply "sprinkled in, to taste" -- for which his views have been vindicated over time.

Chris said...

Dirty Jon, review some books that are available on kindle for a change :)

I have a pretty good idea for the photo contest too.

Steve, I wish there was a way to "subscribe" to after hours via RSS like I can do with the regular podcast.

Dirty Jon said...

@Chris -- Kindle? What is that? =)

Neal Smith said...

BTW, I've been telling Gregg (EasyArmy) he should just charge everyone a $5 one-time fee. Less to track and still makes enough to pay for the costs.

grumpus said...

I just unlocked 90% of the lists on easy army, holy smokes!
This really is tooo cool. The E-mail function was fool-proofedly simple. You guys weren't kidding about how amazing this site is.
Although,until i get an ipad, i will still be scribbling lists on a little memo pad w/a dollar-store calculator in bed while my special lady-friend reads about girls who pee on hornets heads.

nathanfagan said...

Easy Army, what can I say other than I just posted on all of my different wargaming clubs forums about it and I'll re-blog it on my own. As usual great work.

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