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Friday, August 19, 2011

Infantry Aces!


On Monday night the Central Maryland group got together and threw down 3 games of Infantry Aces as a primer for our upcoming Tournament (on the 27th!), as well as an IA campaign that I'm running. Every person who took part had an outstanding time, and Rob (my opponent) casually remarked that it was one of the most fun games he has ever had.

We each used Cassino/Italy themed lists and ran with one ability at the 500 point mark. Rob, my Opponent, took his Fallshirmjaeger while I squared off with my 3rd I.D (I was in the 3rd, so I'm partial to my guys!).

The game basically came down to a few bloody assaults, and me having to kill every single German Paratrooper on the table. One building in particular saw I think three of four assaults, with the current occupiers getting thrown ouch each time!

All three games came down to the wire, but really only took about an hour and a half to play - including time for BSing and taking photos.

I snuck a few pictures of the game next to me in here, involving British Commandos versus a Grenadierkompanie. Enjoy!



Anatoli said...

Awesome pictures!

Pete said...

Looking back at them now, I am pretty miffed about some of these pictures. I used the same camera (my phone) that I did taking the Historicon ones, but I messed with the settings a little bit before the game.

I don't think they came out as well, but they still get the point across! Man, this was an intense game!

Rob said...

I had a great time, for sure - that last pic says it all. Literally came down to the last stand of my Fallschirmjaeger. I wasn't sure how I'd do, considering 500 points only allows for two partial combat platoons and a couple mortars, but the 2+ morale checks for the Cassino FJ certainly shined this game. My take away from this: I need something with the fire power to pick out those pesky LMGs!

Mik said...

Looks like a blast, and yeah, don't be miffed about the pics...these look great. Awesome tables too!

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