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Monday, August 15, 2011

Guns of August Pictures

To see all of the pictures the I-95 guys took, check out this album:

Click here for my AAR:

Matt Lehman and I face off in Italy.


Joe in the background facing off against Eric Turner. Tom de Mayo (my usual opponent on the batreps on this site!) and Chuck Carey in the foreground.

Dirty Jon's Grenadiers in action,

Luke's Soviets face off against Bob Lehman's Finns.

Sean's Finns face Joe Moore's Red Army!

Sean and Joe Moore.

Matt's 25 pounders give my Grenadiers hell.

Joe Mezz's boys in action.

Dirty Jon faces Bill Dorais in round 2.

Luke's soviets in round 2.

Sean and Tom face off in Stalingrad for round 2.

Tom's Stuarts in the ruined city.

My grenadiers form a defensive line.

Checking range to the untermensch.

Joe can't believe his eyes in round 3.

Joe and Tom square off for the 3rd round.

Dirty Jon and Ron Bingham himself square off for the final round.

Luke and Chuck. Soviets vs Italians!

Sean's Finns are deployed to Italy.

Bill Dorais and I facing each other in hellish conditions in the ruined city.


Johnnyutah said...

Pics look great! Again it was a great time with some great new friends.

Braxen said...

thanks for sharing, really good incentive to go out to more games

Matt D said...

Great pictures. I have been on a terrain building kick and there are some great ideas here. Thanks for sharing.

jmezz382 said...

Awesome photos ... great time indeed.

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Great pics and some very cool scenery!


Anatoli said...

Again awesome pics and nice break from all the armor. I think the 4 armored vehicle limit was a cool idea (well alright that is pretty much my Company limit when playing Poles so I myself am used to it LOL).

Pete said...

Awesome photos! Any idea what company(s) those buildings are from?

Neal Smith said...

A lot of the buildings were from JR Miniatures.

The Kiwi said...

Very, very cool. Some great tables there.
Thanks for sharing.

Dirty Jon said...

At least 1/2 the buildings at the tourney (maybe not in these pics) are cast by Eric Lauterbach himself.

WarHighlander said...

I believe the ruined factory in the last photo in the center-left is a HO scale Walthers building, battle damaged of course. I used to have one of those when that was my hobby.

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