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Thursday, August 25, 2011

FEC Goums vs Panzergrenadiers in Italy

  • HQ
  • Full Goum Platoon
  • Full Goum Platoon
  • Full Goum Platoon
  • Goum Weapons Platoon
  • Goum Mortar Platoon
  • US 105s + AOP
  • 3x HMG Nests

  • HQ
  • Full Panzergrenadier Platoon
  • Full Panzergrenadier Platoon
  • Full Panzergrenadier Platoon
  • Panzergrenadier Heavy Platoon (4 HMGs, 2 Mortars)
  • Nebelwerfers
  • Scout Patrol (3 MG teams)
  • 4 HMG nests + 4 barbed wire

Oh boy. Two lists with fortifications, and the mission is Free For All. Welcome to World War I!

Due to the static nature of this game, a full turn by turn AAR would probably be somewhat boring. Instead, I will just post the pictures after a brief summary.


Basically, the battle was a standoff for a long time. Artillery hammered on each other, and we both made feints and pushes up the flanks. My nebelwerfers pinned Tom's 105s, who failed to unpin for 6 or 7 turns, which really allowed my troops to move around unmolested.

Finally, two Panzergrenadier platoons were able to assault Tom's Left Flank guarded by a single Goum platoon plus his artillery. One of the Panzergrenadier units broke, but the 2nd was on fire, passing numerous morale checks! They eventually ran the Goums, and started their turn holding the objective. Each of us lost one unit.

View from the German lines.

German side: objectives are in the bottom left (below the treeline), and the bottom right (on the road).
Goum side: Objectives in the large wood in the top center, and just to the north of the wood on the right side.


Panzergrenadier scouts move out.

The left flank.

The German right.

The German center.

The Goum left.


The vicious goums are ready to move out!

Goums move into a farmhouse.

And are immediately hit by Nebelwerfers!

fire in the sky

105s slam into grenadiers in the open.

Panzergrenadiers take cover behind a stone wall.

The shot that pinned the 105s for the rest of the game!

The goums attempt to advance on the left, but another series of pitiful motivation checks see them staying put. How many times can Tom fail a fearless check?

Nebelwerfers continue to hammer the ridge.

Panzergrenadiers man up and decide that the stalemate must be broken!

The assault is launched!

The grenadiers win, but are whittled down.

But their losses are too severe, and they are forced to fall back.

The second panzergrenadier platoon moves in.

And is succesful

Eventually pushing deep into the goum territory!

And wiping out the goum platoon!

They move to capture the objective. Tom spends a round shooting at them, but he cannot break them.

5-2 to the Panzergrenadiers after a slog!

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