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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

After Hours Episode 7- Soft Scores Shmoft Shmores

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After Hours 07- After recording episode 23, Steve, Luke, and Jon discuss "soft scores" like Sportsmanship and painting as they relate to tournament play.


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cbaxter said...

Great show guys

Here are my soft score story

My Dad loves to tell this story, it is in his Book of Grudges.

One year he took his Russians to a tournament and played four games. He had like 3x 6-1s and a 5-2. He was so excited because he never wins with his russians. At the end of the tournament he didn't even place in the top three because of soft scores. He is still pissed about it and talks about it every time we go to a tournament.

Thus the reason for it being in the book of grudges.

I personally like Steve PoV that tournaments should be all inclusive of the hobby, but see luke and jons PoV also. I think having painting, and sportsman ship separate from VPs can help keep the games about play with supporting the other aspects of the hobby.

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