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Sunday, July 24, 2011

WWPD News From the Front Episode 22

"Camouflage Shmamouflage"

Steven, Luke, and Dirty Jon talk about Historicon, upcoming events, Hellfire and Back (Early War desert Flames of War book) spoilers, Rotating teams to face, and plenty more! Jon reviews a book, after the fellows sit down with Tim O'Neill- a world renowned expert on camoflauge!


  • 0:00 - Intro- Plugs, AARs, etc
  • 0:29 - Hellfire and Back early spoilers
  • 1:16 - Interview with Tim O'Neill
  • 1:24 - BOOK REVIEW: The Somme
  • 1:37 - Cassino Map Case Review
  • 1:41 - List Discussion for Guns of August
  • 1:49 - Battlefront Dialogue new question and Fortification discussion
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Links discussed in this episode:
Easy Army
Hitpoint Hobbies Tournament
National WWII Museum
Triangle Simulation Society's Southern Front
Heroes of Armageddon
WWPD on Facebook
Wounded Warrior Project
Gamecraft Miniatures
Sergeant Major Miniatures
Fall In

Tim was a great guy to interview, I hope you all enjoyed that as much as we did! This After Hours is gonna be great- Luke and I duke it out over the Armored Regiment!


Johnnyutah said...

Great cast guys! Loved the interview and I'm dying to hear the After Hours.

Jade said...

Yeah great episode again, I am also looking forward to hear the after hours.

Also I would like to comment on the fortifications.

We actually had to ban them completely because it was getting riddiculous.

Basically there are a lot of defensive players here. Even without the forticications there are people who just sit on objectives for the whole time and wait untill you come for them. I had a game recently where we have played for 8 turns where my opponents only actions were to dig in.

Sure, I am playing Polish Armored Recce - So a lot of cromwells and if my oponnent is playing infantry company I expect him to be playing defensively, but I even encountered a Soviet Tank company with 30+tanks doing the same.

Saying that I am usually able tu pull a win as I am able to reposition really fast and basically push with everything on one spot but i was a witness to a realy riddiculous game when there were two infantry companies dug on objectives and just taking artillery pot shots for 15turns!!!

I was watching that for about half and hour and than asked them whether they enjoy game like this.

In this environment, fortifications are just evil.

indierockclimber said...

I've never understood defensive minded players- a lot of people seem to favor defending in FoW. I love being the attacker- it allows me to take and hold the initiative and choose where the engagements occur!

It seems like fortification fervor has really died down around here- I haven't seen any in a tournament in a long while.

Johnnyutah said...

I'm a defensive player in nature but only to set-up the counter attack. I've always played this way in every period I game. Think of it as a bait and switch style of play, although I've only used fortifications with a pio truck so a minefield or some wire has been the extent.

cbaxter said...

great show guys, nothing like ending my weekend with a little wwpd

I like defense so I can take pios with supplies so I can lock down part of the board and force my opponent to attach in one spot, then I can counter attack in another.

plus I am always playing against soviet infantry with a straff company (so they always attack) or tankavoy and if I am playing against other allies they have tanks. since I like to play panzer grens I always end up on the defensive without a choice. this has forced me to this more defensively when building a list and playing. six stands of grenadiers don't last long against 10 x t-70s when not dug in.

Anatoli said...

Excellent episode guys, really enjoyed the interview with the camo expert.

If you like BSG you should really check out the Battlestar Galactica The Boardgame (just the core game not the expansions). It is a great boardgame and works the best if you have 5 players, but can be played with 3-6 people.

Anatoli said...

Oh and I really look forward to hearing your thoughts on the Forged in Battle stuff. I find it really awesome myself, and know a lot of others who do too. I guess the only thing that might rub some people the wrong way are the vehicles coming on integral bases, but I'm a fan of vehicles on bases so it does not bother me :D

indierockclimber said...

Anatoli- I keep hearing excellent things about the BSG boardgame- I do plan to pick it up eventually! I too am looking forward to the FiB stuff, though I will say up front I am completely the opposite on tanks- hate the bases, but it's all a matter of preference :)

Andy said...

So...interesting about Thayer and countershading. Looking around the Intarwebs a bit, you keep seeing this countershading picture from Thayer as an example-- the one bottom right with the visible bird on the left, and an "invisible" bird on the right. I have looked and looked, and am convinced there is no bird there. Anybody see anything? Is this possibly a mislabeled picture?

jmezz382 said...

Great stuff guys !

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