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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Soviet Guards Tankovy vs German (Finns in Disguise) Stugs

  • HQ T-34/85 + Tankos + Cupola
  • 10x Guards T-34/85 + 10x Tankos + Cupolas
  • 5x Guards T-34/85s + Cupolas
  • 5x Red Army SU-85s*
  • Decoy Tanks: 2 Panther Ds

  • HQ 1x Stug G
  • Sturmi Platoon: 3x Stug G
  • Sturmi Platoon: 3x Stug G
  • Sturmi Platoon: 3x Stug G
  • Finnish Pioneers at Full Strength + Panzerfaust
  • pak 40s w/ 2 guns
  • 105s w/ 2 guns
  • Limited Air Support Stuka Ds

*Note: I misread the blurb at the beginning of the support section and didn't realize I couldn't buy Red Army- sorry Sean!

We were anxious for our first LW east front battle! Sean plans to buy Finn stugs, but wanted to try them out first and so ran my German stugs. We decided they were an SS division, but represented by the Finn rules! We rolled for the mission and came up with Hasty Assault. I was an auto-attack force, and so would be attacking but because I did not get the first turn I could not make an infiltration move!


Two objectives on Sean's side: in the small woods in the upper middle, and in front of the hill in the top right. Sean is defending with Stugs in the top right behind the hill, and in the center in the town. Pak 40s are in immediate ambush. Steven has an objective in the bottom left to the left of the swamp. Steven begins with Panthers in upper center (post recon move), and the huge T-34/85 company.


Panthers sneak up!

Soviets prepare to move out!

SS Stugs await their orders.

Stugs on the other side of the board, watch the open ground.

The battle will be here.

Sean, heaving the first turn, sees his air support show up! They go on to show up almost every single turn!

Pak 40s spring their ambush! They open up on the Panthers (oops we forgot to roll to identify!), forcing the panthers to pull back.

The T-34s slowly move forward, firing at the paks at long range, knocking one out!

A gun goes down to massed shells!



Pak 40s: 1 Gun


GERMANS/FINNS: Paks spring their ambush, and force the Panthers back. Air fails to do any damage.
SOVIETS: T-34s inch forward, knocking out a pak 40.


Air continues to hound the Panthers.

Stugs and pak 40s take long range shots on a bogged T-34, knocking out a few tankos.

The Soviets continue moving forward, bogging a few tanks, and missing the paks wildly despite pinning them down.


Large Company: 2 tankos

Pak 40s: 1 Gun


GERMANS/FINNS: Paks and Stugs fire long range shots on the tans, doing little damage.
SOVIETS: T-34s continue to inch forward, as do the panthers. The paks are pinned. No reserves yet.


105s arrive from reserve.

On the German left, Stugs begin to push forward in an attempt to flank the large soviet company.

Planes again harass the panthers.

And this time bail one out!

Many of the tankos dismount. More massed fire from the T-34s sees off the entire pak platoon!

Some of the T-34s direct their fire to the stugs, scoring their first kill! (smoke markers are by Shawn the terrain guy Morris- we love em!)

The Finnish view of the right flank.


Large Company: 2 tankos

"Right" Stugs: 1 Stug


GERMANS/FINNS: 105s arrive from reserve. Shooting is ineffective this turn.
SOVIETS: T-34s continue forward, dismounting tank riders! The company splits fire, knocking out the pak 40s and one stug.


Pioneers arrive from reserve, double timing into a wood (remember- they're Finns)!

On the Finn left, Stugs move up to a wall for concealment.

Planes again show up, targeting the usual suspects!

Artillery also peppers the area!

Knocking out the Decoy platoon's commander!

Finally soviet reserves arrive- everything!

The SU-85s brave the wood, with no one bogging down.

On the left, the horde pushes forward, firing long range at Stugs.

1 Stug on the Finn left burns.

While the remaining Stugs on the Axis right are hammered.

The soviet company continues forward.


Large Company: 2 tankos
Decoy Company: 1 panther

"Right" Stugs: 2 Stugs
"Left" Stugs: 1 Stug


GERMANS/FINNS: Finn Pioneers arrive from reserve. Artillery and planes knock out a panther!
SOVIETS: Reserves arrive spectacularly! Effective fire knocks out 2 stugs across the front.


Planes come in Danger close! Sean risks a bog check on 2 Stugs- if they can't get away the strike will be aborted!

The final reserves arrive. "Reserve Stug Platoon".

Pioneers move forward!

The Stugs get away, just skirting 16"

105s turn to fire.

And slam into the soviets in the wheat.

A Finn flame thrower knocks out the remaining Panther!

The decoy tanks are eliminated.

Stugs begin returning fire on the SU-85s, tearing through their armor.

The planes knock out another SU-85.

The soviets shift left- careful not to move anyone further than 6", but ready to open up on the pioneers.

The last Stug in the "right" platoon is double-bailed. He passes the motivation for being double bailed, but fails the platoon morale check. (Was a platoon morale check required? We played it yes, since the only stipulation is if a team was FORCED TO BAIL OUT. He was most certainly forced to bail out. Were we correct? discuss below!)

Fire from all of the T-34s and SU-85s combined bails the company commander and 2 more Stugs, but can't drive it home!

Then the assault on the pioneers comes- and it's ugly. 3 tanks bog on the way in, with another bailed by the panzerfaust! Still, the Tankos handle themselves very well.

And despite fearless with a re-roll to counter, the Finns are forced back with 3 stands left!


Decoy Company: DESTROYED
Large Company: 5 tankos
SU-85s: 2 Assault Guns

"Right" Stugs: DESTROYED
Pioneers: 5 stands
"Left" Stugs: 1 Stug


GERMANS/FINNS: Finns move up and flame the panther to death! Return fire on the SU-85s knocks two out.
SOVIETS: On the right, fire is ineffective. On the left, the horde assaults the pioneers, nearly losing 4 tanks, but forcing back the fascists.


The Finn pioneers unpin and MUST seize their opportunity!

The shootout heats up on the right!

Another SU-85 burns.

Artillery again slams into the Soviets.

And in a spectacular assault, the finns charge in! Initially, they fail to damage the soviets, but the reds then fail to counter attack! The over-eager pioneers loot the tanks, then set them ablaze before quitting the field. (one team was lost in defensive fire)

The finns disappear into the woods, to strike again another day.

The soviets bring numerous guns to bear on the remaining Stugs, knocking out the platoon, and putting the Axis forces below half.


Decoy Company: DESTROYED
Large Company: 5 tankos, 4 T-34/85s
SU-85s: 3 Assault Guns

"Right" Stugs: DESTROYED
"Left" Stugs: DESTROYED


GERMANS/FINNS: The pioneers wipe out 4 T-34/85s before quitting the field! Another SU-85 is destroyed, but the other two pass morale and fight on.
SOVIETS: Sustained fire on the right finishes off another Stug platoon, putting the finns below half strength.


Facing a rout, the German commander decides discretion is the better part of valor. Despite being fearless, the company breaks and the game is over.

5-2 to the Soviets.

What a great battle! T-34/85s play COMPLETELY differently than T-34s. I was inching them forward to maintain fire!


Blackwolf said...

Awesome AAR as always. Nice to see your T-34/85's in action Steve, especially as they did so well. Inching them forward and maintaining fire seems the way to go.

JMHahn said...

Do Finns get access to Flak 88s? They aren't too bad versus Soviets as they can't smoke. I imagine a few placed on the edge of the woods overlooking that field from the earlier shoot-out would have been pretty epic.

A great AAR on a fairly epic battle. Well done.

cbaxter said...

@ Sean- I am always fight T-34 hordes and I find that pioneer wagon is a must so you can lay mines and dictate movement.

It is easy to get overwhelmed by soviets so locking down part of the board helps. Other wise great job defending the fatherland against the green horde.

@Steve- those T-34s look amazing on the table. I am considering picking up like 20 PSC t-34s to start my soviet horde.

Great AAR. Love the photos as always.

Anatoli said...

What a great battle report, looked like a totally action packed battle judging from the many pictures depicting raw "epic’ness" :D

Btw how exactly does the "decoy" thing work?

indierockclimber said...

@Anatoli- essentially they have to be identified. Before they can be shot at, assuming they haven't shot, someone has to pass a skill check to try to spot em. We actually played them wrong- I thought they were recon as well! Which means they spent the battle being "forced to disengage".

Their big bonus, however, is they let you infiltrate a tank company to right on top of the enemy!

@craig- thanks man! They're a blast!

Anatoli said...

That sounds kind of fun, is the decoy rule used with all "captured armor" or is it specific for some lists?

Tyler said...

Nice battle!
@Sean, as a fellow Finn player, I must say that the Finnish tanks are somewhat under-powered since they cost the same as SS tanks but lose out on the cool special rules (Storm Trooper).
Where Finns really excel is with infantry + artillery. Pioneeri backed by 155s and sporadic stuka Gs can really put the hurt on those Russian hordes. Otherwise, the Finns are hard pressed to compete against Soviet forces.

jmezz382 said...

Comrade Steven, I am glad to see Russian Tanks roll over the huns

Big_Willie said...

I thought that when a tank is bailed and forced to take a motivation check in the event of a "double bail" that if the motivation check is passed the hit is ignored (which could mean no platoon motivation check is required). Last time we had this happen we played it the same way you did.

indierockclimber said...

I think we played it right, and here's why. It doesn't say the hit is ignored, but rather the hit has no effect. But BEFORE that, the rule clearly says: "If a Bailed out or Bogged Down vehicle is forced to Bail Out again (note that Bail Out is capitalized, implying a proper rule), take an immediate motivation test.

So with that in mind, we can agree the vehicle was forced to bail out again- regardless of the outcome of the 2nd bailing.

The stipulation for checking platoon morale states "...had teams Destroyed or Forced to Bail Out during the shooting step."

So I ask this: was the tank forced to bail out? Yes, it clearly was. It was already bailed so it had a slightly different effect than being bailed out for the first time, but it was most certainly forced to bail out!

Thanks for making me take a 2nd look at this, I am now firmly rooted in my interpretation :)

kingnol said...

@ Sean: Where did you get your Finnish tokens/markers? The ones I printed on cardstock and laminated are falling apart, yours seem very durable. I am not crazy about the green ones battlefront is making, and liked the grey I saw in the report. Thanks!

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