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Monday, July 25, 2011

Poland: First to Fight

If you haven't seen Anatoli's EXCELLENT campaign book he made (which is a true labor of love), you are totally missing out! Click here to check it out


pudson said...

Awesome work, Anatoli.

Dirty Jon said...

Ridiculously awesome! I'm stunned. This is great.

Neal Smith said...

WoW! WoW! WoW! I don't know what else to say.

This has to be the single greatest piece of fan work I've seen. Amazing stuff that covers every aspect of the hobby and the topic.

I feel dirty not paying something for it! :)

Anatoli said...

Thanks guys,

@Neal, don't feel dirty - I would feel dirty if I took money for it considering that at least half of the text is compiled from various sources and I don't own any of the historical pictures :-)

I'm just happy if people download it and find some use for it, either for games or just to check it out of curiosity :-)

Tyler said...

Awesome! I just wish more locals played as the Poles so I would have someone to campaign against

Anatoli said...

I heard a few people had problems with the MegaUpload download link I put on my blog. So today I added an alternative download source just below the original one. This way I hope the problems will be solved for most people.

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